Spotlight on Saturn Girl

It’s time again to board our time bubble and travel to the future for another adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st Century. In the previous installment of Adventure Comics’ “young Legion” storyline, we witnessed the origin of the Legion and its three founding members, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl. In this issue, we’ll follow the fledgling team on its first crime-fighting adventure.

The Legion of Super-Heroes in “Saturn Rising”
Writer: Paul Levitz, Pencillers: Kevin Sharpe and Marlo Alquiza
Adventure Comics 517, DC Comics, October 2010

4 Stars


Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) engages in a strenuous workout at the Science Police gymnasium while the Legion’s clubhouse is being constructed. The Titan native is hoping to bolster her physical fighting abilities to compensate for her less-flashy super power (mental telepathy). She’s soon joined by the Legion’s other founding members, Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) and Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz). The trio accompanies Science Police Sergeant Esquivel on a training mission. We learn that offworlder Zaryan is raiding robot manufacturing sites and the Science Police are attempting to apprehend the criminal. The heroes stake out a facility and, sure enough, Zaryan’s robo-flunkies arrive at the scene. The novice heroes attempt to stop the heist, but are largely ineffective. The Science Police end up thwarting the robbery. Saturn Girl receives some additional training from Sgt. Esquivel and the two females and Cosmic Boy stake out the next suspected robbery site in Taiwan. One of Zaryan’s raider ships appears and the trio engages. The ship’s captain kills Esquivel when she is momentarily distracted by Saturn Girl. After the crime scene is secured, the Legion regroups. Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) of Colu (who’s not yet a Legionnaire) contacts the Legion and informs them that his experimental time bubble is operational and ready to transport the heroes to the 20th Century to attempt to recruit Superboy.


This was a decent tale of the fledgling Legion’s first crime-fighting adventure. Levitz did a good job of presenting the teens as well-meaning, but bumbling novices.

11 thoughts on “Spotlight on Saturn Girl

  1. Answering your question: Sunday was emotionally draining! Man there’s a lot going on, not all is fun and happy. We also had someone that was in the ethnic congregation whose life was cut short with a horrible accident…going to sleep now and read this tomorrow

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  2. Answering today’s comment on my blog: My day is well so far for my rest day, talked to another pastor for an hour who is growing tremendously in apologetics and theology whom I have been discipling. Thanks to the wonder of the internet. Taught my kids today and looking forward to reading and taking it slowly! Going to read this post!

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  3. Appreciate this review! Fascinating that there’s Science Police and even police ranks. Glad the story telling was decent. I love stories of new novice age of established super heroes where you go back to when its new for them and they are trying to be a hero. Good stuff!

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    1. Thanks, Jimmy! Yup, I appreciated seeing the nouveau heroes bumbling their way through a mission. The “science police” label is an awkward holdover from the Legion’s 1950s origins. Such a designation was cool back then, but is hokey today.

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