By listing the ministries below, I am not necessarily endorsing all of the information and viewpoints they provide.

What is stopping me from becoming Catholic?

Index to my rebuttals to “The Catholic Verses” (2004) by Dave Armstrong

Index to my rebuttals to “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic” (2018) by Peter Kreeft

Index to my rebuttals to “Meeting the Protestant Challenge” (2019) by Karlo Broussard

101 Bible Verses that Teach Salvation is NOT by Works

Alpha and Omega Ministries (James White)

John Ankerberg

Apprising Ministries

Apologetics Press

The Berean Beacon (Richard Bennett)

The Berean Call (Dave Hunt)

Calvary Ministries to Catholics

Chris Castaldo

Christian Answers of Austin, Texas

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

The Christian Expositor

Christian Resources (William Webster)

A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism (Rob Zins)

The Conversion Center

The Ex-Catholic Journal

Ex-Catholics for Christ

Former Catholics for Christ

Gospel Outreach International to Roman Catholics (Frank Eberhardt)

Got Questions.ORG

Harvest House Publishers

Just for Catholics (Joe Mizzi)

Ligonier Ministries (R.C. Sproul)

Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ sermon, “Roman Catholicism” PDF

Click to access The%20Roman%20Catholic%20Church%20by%20D%20M%20Lloyd-Jones.pdf

James G. McCarthy

Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Mission to Catholics – site was last updated in 2006 but lots of good information

Roger Oakland

Out of His Mouth (Timothy F. Kauffman)

Proclaiming the Gospel (Mike Gendron)

Rational Christian Discernment

Reaching Catholics for Christ

Reasoned Cases for Christ Blog – Roman Catholic Page (Bruce Cooper)

Reformanda Initiative

Ron Rhodes

SO4J (Sold Out For Jesus)

Take Heed Ministries

Vatican Files- Evangelical Theological Perspectives on Roman Catholicism (Leonardo De Chirico)

Wretched Radio (Todd Friel)


23 thoughts on “Links

    1. Thanks! By the way, you might be interested to know I received some passionate rebukes from some hardcore Arminians maybe a year ago saying I had too many Calvinists on the list. 😁

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      1. They were going on and on about Calvin being the unrepentant murderer of Servetus and I lost my cool, ended up deleting the entire discussion.

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      2. Gotcha; the issue with Servetus wasn’t the highest point for Calvin. Personally I think the name Calvinist is unfortunate since I think its based not so much on Calvin himself since there were guys that held his view even before him.

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      3. I’m not scandalized by the early Reformers continuing to follow Catholicism’s example in regards to eliminating heretics via the civil magistrates. The church-state symbiosis was deeply ingrained and would take another 100 years to begin to unravel.

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      4. Right. To condemn the early Reformers because they established semi-theocracies that punished dissenters is judging 16th century society according to 21st century standards, very naive.

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  1. Hi Tom…once upon a time you gave me your email but I can’t seem to find it. I have something I thought you might like to check out. I’ll leave it here and you can if you want…or not. I just don’t know anything about this source and don’t currently have the time or opportunity to research it. BUT…I think it would make for some interesting topics of discussion regarding Catholicism. It was an article a fellow Christian friend posted on FB and like I said, I’m not sure of the author’s authenticity so I don’t want to “like” or repost yet. Would love your feedback should you choose to look into it.

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    1. Hi Jackie. Sorry for not responding sooner, but your comments went into my spam file for some reason. Thanks for the good article! It’s important information and very revealing. Pope Francis made these remarks in a sermon in September 2014. Although Francis is very liberal when it comes to some Catholic doctrines, he still holds strongly to Mariolatry.

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      1. Oh my! I’m never sure when I read outrageous things like that. Don’t want to spread false info but want to make others aware when it’s true. Thanks Tom

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  2. Greetings Tom,

    You might want to add my blog to your links selection:

    It has general apologetics articles as well as plenty of material addressing Roman Catholicism. Here is another reputable blog which is authored by an ex-Roman Catholic:

    That author is very humble and loving toward Roman Catholics and others. I hope that you enjoy the suggestions that I have provided here.

    God bless.

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