Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/23/22

Last Sunday, all major news sources reported on the “celebration” of Easter mass by pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, the first time since 2019 because of the pandemic. The Vatican estimated 100,000 people were in attendance. Roman Catholics and others take solace in this Easter mass, alleged to mark the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but the theology of the Catholic mass contradicts the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone on many levels, i.e., the sacerdotal priesthood, transubstantiation, perpetual sacrifice for sin, source of graces, etc. The Roman Catholic church “celebrates” Christ’s resurrection, but usurps Christ’s offices as Redeemer and Mediator and insists people must merit their salvation.

The “wafer wars” reached fever pitch after the 2020 election of Joe Biden to POTUS. Many conservative American Catholic prelates and laypersons called for Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all other Catholic Democrat politicians who support pro-abortion legislation to be banned from receiving the Jesus wafer and the other sacraments. Pope Francis stepped in and vouched for Biden and Pelosi and warned conservative prelates not to turn the Jesus wafer into a political weapon. The conservative bishops backed down and have concentrated their efforts on the upcoming three-year-long “eucharistic revival” campaign.

The above is an interesting article on Roman Catholicism’s infatuation with relic veneration/worship.

Some conservative Catholics have been whispering schism since 2016 when pope Francis guilefully lifted the ban on sacraments for remarried divorcees and co-habitators in the footnotes of his Amoris Laetitia encyclical. Conservatives are handcuffed by their own ultramontanist belief in absolute fealty to the papacy, but another major “reform” could force their hand.

Evangelical pastor and street preacher, John Sherwood, was charged with hate speech in April 2021 after preaching against same-sex marriage near a London subway station. The charges against 71YO Sherwood have been dropped, but the L*** steamroller continues to advance.

I’ve previously read that people were buying Bibles in record numbers during the distressful pandemic. Now we’re reading about a huge drop in Bible reading. Which is it? Perhaps people buy Bibles with “good intentions,” but end up watching Netflix.

Marky Mark Whalberg’s pro-priest propaganda piece, “Father Stu,” earned an estimated $8 million in its first five days in theaters, but it’s a bit too worldly and too pro-conservative/traditionalist for the taste of the parish-priest writer of this article. Whalberg conceived of this project as an effort to rehabilitate the tarnished image of priests following twenty years of pedophilia scandals. The sacerdotal priesthood was done away with by Jesus Christ.

In counter-point to Marky Mark’s “Father Stu” propaganda piece is this news headline out of New Jersey. Here in Western New York, the survivors of priest sexual abuse are still waiting for reparations from the dioceses of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. All three dioceses declared bankruptcy to minimize forthcoming payouts to the former victims.

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/23/22

  1. It’s a very interesting group of topics, Tom. You outdid yourself this week. I had to read the one that affects them all to some degree. The report by the American Bible Society is discouraging but not surprising.

    Our country is fading and many people have no idea it is happening. They like just about anything but the only thing that will make them well. They will gather en mass at St. Peter’s Square looking for hope, they will kill their unborn children for convenience, they will worship an old piece of history to find fulfillment, they will pretend everything is okay when their conscience bothers them because they don’t want to face reality, they will support the L*** agenda because it is the popular thing to do, they will put what a priest says before what the Bible says because they don’t know what the Bible says, and it goes on and on.

    Most who can see how messed up things are, who can see that our country is in the worst condition that it’s ever been in, know the reason. It is found in the Christian Post article you’ve shared. A large majority of Americans know little about God because they really don’t care enough to try and learn a bit about Him.

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    1. Thanks for the good comments, Chris! The increasing secularization of the country and the downward spiral in “morality” puts to rest the notion of America as a “Christian nation.” That popular paradigm had several downsides, fostering ecumenism and quasi-Christian American civil religion. Genuine believers can now concentrate on the Gospel rather than defending a problematic paradigm (like Jerry Falwell and his “Moral Majority” attempted to do).

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  2. 1. I wished the Pope would go on longer without outdoor Mass, or any maass for that matter =)
    2. Nancy Pelsoi joke is more sick when one realize we are talking murdering preborns.
    3. ” survivors of priest sexual abuse are still waiting for reparations from the dioceses of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.” So much for the Pope virtue signaling of social justice, he can’t even get his organization to do rightful reparation.
    4. Sad to read the drop with Bible reading

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Easter mass
      It’s telling and regrettable that the world is interested in these holiday masses at the Vatican.

      RE: Pelosi
      Hard to fathom how these abortion supporters can justify the murder of preborns. Many would go nuts if they saw a dog in a parked car on a hot day.

      RE: Pope and reparations
      Although the RC prelates give lip service to the victims, their real allegiances and sympathies go to the priests.

      RE: drop in Bible reading
      One would think it would have gone up during the pandemic.

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      1. Good point! “It’s telling and regrettable that the world is interested in these holiday masses at the Vatican.” Very telling.
        The pope might be virtue signaling but the institution he leads is still vice sinning with the abuse scandal

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  3. You’re welcome, Tom. There is talk about the Supreme Court ridding us of the Row v. Wade court decision that put an okay stamp on what the culture had already approved of to a large degree in 1973. It can be argued, quite convincingly, that we lost any title of “Christian nation” then. The Obergefell decision of seven years ago cemented our current situation. It was another decision that was a reflection of our spiritual condition as a whole. I am glad to see people fighting for the rights of the unborn as several states, including mine, have severely limited the procedure. I am certainly not holding my breath for any high court decision reversing the legalization of abortion. Our courts are only a reflection of society for the most part and we know where society is today primarily because of the reason found in the Christian Post article.

    Jerry Falwell was an interesting guy. I haven’t studied his life in depth but I know a few things. He did preach the Gospel from his pulpit, he wasn’t afraid to preach the entire word of God and he got in trouble with the homosexual community for doing so, I don’t know his intentions with the “Moral Majority” but by the name alone we can see that it wasn’t going to last. He may have been much better off focusing on his own congregation but I think God used him to teach us a few things with his activism. Many Christians were probably encouraged to think that activism could be the mechanism for change only to learn that real change only comes through the Gospel message. I am not against activism, but I am well aware that it cannot change a heart. Only God’s great love and a full Gospel message can do that. Like we all do at times, Falwell Sr. made statements that were outside of scripture and got him in trouble. Some were real zingers. At the same time, I’ve read that he did have a lasting positive spiritual effect on many of the students that attended the college that he started. Most of the major problems there happened after he died.

    Anyway, forming a Moral Majority with Catholics, Mormons, and others who disagree with your theology even though they hold to some of your moral views takes one from the Christian pulpit into a problematic world. The Moral Majority was hardly “Satanic” as Bob Jones University stated. On the other hand, it vanished because some of the good things it went for can only be agreed upon by regenerate Christians and we aren’t even sure the majority of the Moral Majority were made up of them.

    The Holman Bible dictionary defines regeneration as ” The radical spiritual change in which God brings an individual from a condition of spiritual defeat and death to a renewed condition of holiness and life.” It is the Gospel message that keeps us from the problematic paradigms you’ve mentioned. The report from the American Bible Society explains why Americans are so far from understanding the things of God and why American society is faltering.

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    1. Amen to all of your good comments, Chris. I especially appreciated “forming a Moral Majority with Catholics, Mormons, and others who disagree with your theology even though they hold to some of your moral views takes one from the Christian pulpit into a problematic world.” Yes, Falwell and his fellow crusaders put the emphasis on “morality” rather than the Gospel (although Falwell continued to preach the Gospel in certain venues, as you mentioned). The IFB church we attended back in the 80s tried to pattern itself after Falwell and Thomas Road Baptist Church and the pastor became heavily involved in politics and preaching right-wing politics from the pulpit. Many services were more like a political rally than a worship service.

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      1. You’re welcome, Tom. I enjoy the “discussion.” I’m sure you probably eventually left that church unless you had nowhere else to go.
        A worship service is just that.
        I have had a pastor who put out voter’s guides so that people were aware of the issues and where candidates stood. It was a voter’s guide you could find almost anywhere because it had just the facts. (I’m sure you remember the dead pan face and straightforward words of Joe Friday asking “Just the facts ma’am.”) He also encouraged people to get registered to vote. I think those are good things particularly in this pastor’s case as the service was never even remotely close to anything like a political rally.
        God’s blessings…

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