Update: Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis’ “reforms”

In response to my earlier inquiry regarding the abrupt and drastic changes to a Catholic talk radio show, I received the email below from the station. Below that, I’ve included my reply that I sent out this morning, which will probably be the last of this exchange that I will post.

As I said before, pope Francis has really thrown a monkey wrench into the Catholic system. If your focus is on an institution rather than on Jesus Christ, you’re on the wrong path.

From: Jim Havens
VP of Mission and Communication, The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Sent: Wed, Mar 21, 2018 7:18 am
Subject: Re: Can you please address the abrupt changes made to “The Catholic Current”?

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your email.

Your conclusion that somehow we are stifling honest opinion is simply incorrect and I find it unfortunate that you would make such an accusation.

Since you asked, I am happy to share more with you regarding our recent decision to change the concept and format of The Catholic Current.

First, we ran into an integrity issue with the show as it was being presented as a show where we would “follow the truth wherever it leads,” yet some of the priest hosts were telling me not to ask certain questions, read certain listener emails, mention certain names, etc.

Second, there were also some content concerns as some of the priest hosts were pushing their own speculative opinions (ex. a theory that the universe is only 8,000 years old), one even called the Catechism into question on-air, and I had some other concerns due to a private conversation I had with one of the priest hosts.

We decided to take a break, gather listener feedback, and prayerfully discern the best path forward.

At the conclusion of the process, it was determined to change format in order to best achieve our mission of proclaiming the fullness of Truth with clarity and charity. While the new version of show is less sensational, it is even more firmly centered on rock-solid catechesis and evangelization which are desperately needed in our Church and world today.

God bless you.

Grace and peace,


To: Jim Havens
VP of Mission and Communication, The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Sent: Thu, Mar 22, 2018 12:24 pm
Subject: Re: Can you please address the abrupt changes made to “The Catholic Current”?

Hi Jim, Thank you for your reply and explanations, although I do have several additional thoughts. You categorized my previous concerns as “incorrect” and “unfortunate” “accusations.” But I was simply trying to ascertain what had happened that would have prompted WLOF to announce a new show with great fanfare, especially in regards to its stated mission of confronting the confusion and errors creeping into the church and pursuing the truth “wherever the truth may lead,” and then:

1. Pulling the show following February 6th
2. Reconvening the show on March 12th with new hosts and a drastically changed format without any explanation to the listeners.
3. Expunging all twenty-four episodes dating from Jan. 3 to Feb. 6 from the podcast archives.

I’m sure I’m not the only listener who was very puzzled by such a dramatic turn of events. When an information source that’s trusted by many engages in such arbitrary practices, could anyone blame the audience for asking questions and expressing concern? Yet I am portrayed as the “bad guy” for speaking up?

I’m guessing there was more to the decision to shut down The Catholic Current 1.0 than you are divulging. Conservative Catholic organizations and individual clergy and laypersons are wrestling with how to respond to pope Francis, who is changing dogma once thought to be infallible, such as the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. The Catholic church has always taught that a pope could never lead the church into doctrinal error, but in the eyes of conservatives such as your former priest-hosts, Francis is doing exactly that. Francis presents a very uncomfortable dilemma for conservatives. If the claim that a pope could never lead the church into error is incorrect, conservatives must then ask themselves what other traditions of the church are spurious and without foundation? You write about the station’s mission of “proclaiming the fullness of Truth,” but is the fullness of truth that you refer to the truth of pope Francis or the contrasting truth of cardinal Raymond Burke?

I can appreciate that you and the other members of the staff at WLOF are in a challenging situation. The expectation is that you will present the church to your audience as an institution united behind the pope, but Francis is making that task increasingly difficult for you.

After reading the New Testament for several years as a Catholic, I could no longer reconcile God’s Word with Catholic doctrine. I left the Catholic church and eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith alone. Jesus Christ is my Salvation and my unchanging Rock. I invite you to consider accepting Christ as your Savior by faith alone as well. I am not shaken by the controversies within religious institutions. The Catholic church, as you know from the controversy behind “The Catholic Current” revision, is not what it claims to be.


via Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis’ “reforms”


Topsy turvy Catholicism! Conservative Catholic leaders advising laity to disobey the pope!

Lost Shepherd: How Francis is Misleading His Flock
By Philip Lawler
Regenery Gateway, 2018, 203 pages

Roman Catholicism had a huge problem on its hands. One of the church’s doctrines is that Catholics who are divorced and remarried without having their first marriage annulled by the church, are considered to be living in an open state of adultery and are barred from receiving communion at mass. The church states that the mass is its most important and sacred act of worship. In an era when divorce is rampant, remarried Catholics felt like second-class citizens and many stopped attending mass altogether. Progressives in the church saw the need for change.

In 2016, pope Francis issued “Amoris Laetitia” a post-synodal apostolic exhortation, and buried deep within the document, in a footnote no less, was a statement which allowed remarried divorcees access to communion based upon their parish priest’s pastoral guidance and discretion. Conservative clerics and laypersons were shocked beyond measure! The banning of communion to remarried divorcees was considered to be infallible doctrine, and yet the pope had guilefully subverted it. The controversy over “Amoris Laetitia” has been escalating for two years with conservative outrage growing stronger and bolder with each passing month.

The author of this book, Philip Lawler, is the editor of Catholic World News, a conservative source of Catholic news and commentary. In “Lost Shepherd: How Francis is Misleading His Flock,” Lawler describes in detail the behind-the-scenes political maneuverings and manipulations at the extraordinary and ordinary assemblies of bishops in 2014 and 2015 that wrestled with, among other things, the question of communion for remarried divorcees. The subsequent publication of the exhortation and the reaction from conservatives, especially the Five Dubia (questions) sent to Francis by four conservative cardinals asking him to clarify the document, are then discussed. Lawler fills in many blanks for those of us who have been following the “Amoris Laetitia” crisis for almost two years.

Francis no doubt views “Amoris” as a pragmatic step that sacrifices dogma in an attempt to retain members. But Lawler and other conservatives can’t imagine a Catholic church in which once-infallible dogma is rendered transitory. For centuries, Roman Catholics have proudly boasted to Protestants that their church alone was guided by the infallible “Vicar of Christ” and that the Holy Spirit would prevent any pope from leading the church into doctrinal error.

“Providential guidance of God will see to it that the Pope shall never lead the Church into error in any matter of religion.” – The Month, Vol. 135, 1920, p. 485

Conservative Catholic pundits now have the impossible job of defending this claim in light of Francis’ artifice.

Lawler stops short of actually labeling Francis a “heretic,” but infers as much. He also briefly calls into question Francis’ psychological health. Lawler counsels his fellow conservatives to ignore the pope and remain faithful to bishops who uphold the centuries-old teachings of the church regarding the ban on communion for adults living in “irregular marriages.” Schism is not discussed…yet. But make no mistake, “Amoris” is just the beachhead. Francis and his progressive allies are currently floating additional changes to church dogma (e.g., shared communion with Protestants, blessing same-sex marriages, etc.).

This book is an absolutely incredible resource for evangelicals like myself who scrutinize the Roman Catholic church and have been observing this ongoing “Amoris” controversy. I read the entire book in only two sittings. We have not witnessed a similar crisis in our lifetime, as conservative Catholic clerics and lay leaders are absolutely bewildered by their pope and advising the laity to disobey him. My prayer is that this crisis will lead many Catholics to question the false claims once routinely made about their pope and the other man-made traditions of their church and to seek out the unchangeable Savior who offers them the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

“Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.” – Jeremiah 17:5

“Lost Shepherd: How Francis is Misleading His Flock” is absolutely MUST reading for evangelical Vatican-watchers.

Postscript: Many of the priests I’ve listened to recently on conservative Catholic talk radio have, like Lawler, advised their listeners to disobey Francis’ “innovations.” However, one conservative Catholic apologist, Dave Armstrong, has taken Lawler to task for airing Catholicism’s “dirty laundry” in public.

Catholic radio priest admits “250 popes were wrong about union of church and state and religious intolerance”

I’ve mentioned several times that I like to listen to Catholic talk radio every work day just to stay current with what’s going on within Catholicism, but it’s often frustrating because of the blatant contradictions and anti-Biblical errors. As just one example, priest hosts often boast about their absolute support of religious freedom, as if that was always Catholic teaching. But in actuality, it wasn’t all that long ago when popes formally condemned separation of church and state and religious freedom. Such hypocrisy!

Yesterday, I was listening to the 1/8/18 podcast of “The Catholic Current,” a new show on the local Catholic talk radio station (The Station of the Cross, WLOF (Our Lady of Fatima) 101.7 FM, Buffalo, New York). The show used to be named, “Calling All Catholics,” but they changed the name and format to deal with all the “confusion” that’s currently being propagated within the church (mainly by pope Francis).

Anyway, this particular show’s topic was immigration. Unlike pope Francis, who is a liberal champion of political and religious refugees and immigrants, priest-host, David Nix, advised a much more cautious approach, more in line with President Trump. He cited media information, which showed that a large percentage of the Muslim population in various countries were in favor of Sharia Law. He stated that the religious fundamentalism of many of the immigrants was incompatible with Western society and its principles of separation of church and state and religious freedom.

At the 37:00 mark, Matthew, a Catholic listener from Buffalo, N.Y., called into the show with an objection. He commented that while the Catholic church currently presents itself as a champion of religious freedom, popes as late as the closing years of the 19th century condemned separation of church and state and religious freedom. Matthew cited an encyclical from pope Leo XIII, although he didn’t provide any details (leave that to me below). So Matthew’s argument was that it was somewhat hypocritical for Nix to criticize Muslims for their opposition to Western freedoms when Catholic popes propagated the very same beliefs only one-hundred years ago.

It should be noted that pope Pius IX condemned separation of church and state and freedom of religion in his “Syllabus of Errors” encyclical of 1864 (see here) as did pope Leo XIII in his “Testem benevolentiae nostrae” (Witness to Our Goodwill) encyclical of 1899, which specifically condemned the “heresy of Americanism” (see here).

In response, priest David surprisingly conceded that Matthew was correct and that “250 popes”* were wrong about the symbiosis of church and state and the denial of religious freedom.

Wow! A priest who actually admits that pope after “infallible” pope was wrong about such fundamental spiritual and moral issues!


Of course, this begs the question, if 250 infallible popes were wrong about the doctrines of church-state symbiosis and religious intolerance, what else were they wrong about?

*Catholic apologists contend they can trace their alleged unbroken line of papal successors back to the apostle Peter. Francis is claimed to be the 266th pope. The official list of popes has been amended several times over the centuries and is fraught with conjecture and error. At one point in history, three different popes ruled concurrently, all claiming to be the legitimate pontiff. Other popes condemned and excommunicated previous popes.

Another devout Catholic comes out publicly against the pope

Those who are involved in reaching out to Roman Catholics with the Gospel are very familiar with the name of Karl Keating (photo left).

Forty years ago, Keating was a lawyer and conservative Catholic who was very troubled by the fact that many Catholics were leaving the church and joining evangelical and fundamentalist Christian churches. He created the Catholic apologetics organization, Catholic Answers, in 1979 and wrote his attack on Biblical Christianity, “Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on ‘Romanism’ by ‘Bible Christians'” (photo middle), in 1988. The book lumped together responsible ministries to Roman Catholics, such as Bart Brewer’s Mission to Catholics and Bill Jackson’s Christians Evangelizing Catholics, with disreputable individuals and groups like Chick Publications, the Alamo Christian Foundation, and Peter Ruckman.

Since 1979, Catholic Answers has spearheaded Catholic apologetics in America via print, the internet, lectures, and debates with evangelical Christian apologists. Unlike Judas evangelicals such as Billy Graham and Rick Warren, Karl Keating is under no delusion that Catholicism’s gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit is similar to the evangelical Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Sixty-seven-year-old Keating retired from Catholic Answers last year, but he’s still a highly respected voice in conservative Catholic circles.

The reason I wrote all of the above was as a preliminary to the following:

I was perusing through Catholic news last night, as is my habit, and I came across the article below. I had mentioned a few months ago that I’m looking forward to a book from conservative Catholic, Philip Lawer, “Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock” (due out 2/28), that’s extremely critical of pope Francis. In the article below, Keating communicates his enthusiastic approval of the book.

When Francis began his tenure as pope in 2013, conservative Catholic apologists attributed his radical, off-the-cuff remarks to media misrepresentation. Over the last almost-five years, conservative Catholics have had to grudgingly face the reality that Francis is on a crusade to overturn many of their cherished traditions. His guileful lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees via a footnote in “Amoris Laetitia” was the last straw. An increasing number of conservative Catholics are reluctantly labeling Francis as a heretic. It’s an amazing thing to witness. Catholics have always boasted that their pope was divinely guided and could never lead their church into error.

For Karl Keating to publicly throw his hat into the ring with Francis’s opponents is significant. Will the folks at EWTN and National Catholic Register be calling Francis a heretic down the road as well? The tension within the Catholic church increases.

Bible Christian, what has all of this got to do with you? Make no mistake that the betrayal of the Gospel through ecumenism with Rome will probably make inroads into your church if it hasn’t already.

Karl Keating on Phil Lawler’s Pope book


Just one example of how conservative Catholics are mobilizing against pope Francis’ heresy

Roman Catholicism is somewhat in crisis mode with pope Francis’ abrogation of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees in his “Amoris Laetitia” document. Pragmatic Francis was obviously trying to make the church more welcoming to divorcees, but his overturning of doctrine previously held to be infallible has conservative Catholics in an uproar. They object to this pope retracting a dogmatic teaching of the church. Catholics have always boasted that their popes were incapable of leading the church into doctrinal error, but Francis has defied that foundational belief by guilefully changing an infallible dogma previously taught by infallible popes via a footnote.

Several Catholics have written to this blog attempting to portray this crisis as “no big deal,” but they belie the increasingly outspoken defiance and desperation of Francis’ conservative critics.

Today, I was listening to the 12/21/17 podcast of the “Calling All Catholics” talk radio show (The Station of the Cross, 101.7 FM, Buffalo, NY) and moderator, Steve Quebral, announced that as of January 3rd, 2018, the show would take on a new format with a new name; “The Catholic Current.” The mission of the new show is described as “to bring the power of faith and reason to the confusion of the day.” The station’s website offers even more details:

“The Catholic Current will focus on facing contemporary areas of confusion, presenting current events that manifest that confusion, and proclaiming the truth that alleviates that confusion and brings life. Our moderator, Jim Havens, and our Priest Hosts present the timeless truths of Divine Revelation in a compelling way to further form and fortify the audience in the exact areas where truth is currently under the greatest assault and to offer a model for thinking and speaking the truth in love to those who hold popular errors. We will also stay up-to-date on points of confusion expressed by our listeners (via surveys) and keep these concerns in mind, speaking to these concerns consistently and appropriately, as we address various topics.”

I realize the show won’t be limited to rebutting Francis every day, but it’s clear that the conservative, EWTN-types are mobilizing to counter the pragmatic “reforms” of the pope and his supporters. It’s amazing to watch Catholic conservatives having to scramble to counteract the heresy of a sitting pope!

Stay tuned as we watch this mounting crisis unfold.

Catholic friend, there is an unchanging Rock to place your faith and trust in and His name is Jesus Christ!

Priest accuses pope Francis of feeding Catholics metaphorical “rat poison”

The reverberations over pope Francis’ recent invocation of “authentic magisterium” (i.e., correct and binding teaching) in regards to his lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees are shaking the Catholic church at its very foundations. Where is all this leading to?

The other day, I was listening to the 12/8/17 podcast of the “Calling All Catholics” talk radio show (The Station of the Cross, WLOF – Our Lady of Fatima, 101.7 FM, Buffalo, NY) featuring moderator, Jim Havens, and priest-host, Ronan Murphy. The two spent a lengthy amount of time wringing their hands over the pope’s latest chess move in the “Amoris Laetitia” controversy. While Murphy refrained from calling Francis a heretic directly, he had no problem saying Francis’ actions are spreading error and heresy within the church.

The distraught priest became more passionate the longer he spoke:

“(Amoris Laetitia’s) very beautiful. I’ve read some of it, but sorry to say, rat poison is ninety-percent nutritious and ten-percent poison. It’s the ten-percent poison that gets you and that’s the, that ambiguity there in chapter eight (allowing communion to remarried divorcees) is the poison, especially if it’s interpreted in a heterodox way. If John the Baptist were alive today, I’m really sure that he would walk up the steps of the Vatican and rip that document up in front of the holy father and say, ‘I was the first martyr for the indissolubility of marriage.’”

Interesting. So now we have a parish priest telling Catholics the pope is feeding them metaphorical rat poison! Just like the remarks from a different radio priest that I posted previously (see here), Murphy suggests that priests are not obligated to obey the pope regarding allowing remarried divorcees to receive communion, even though Francis has invoked “authentic magisterium.” But in his invocation of “correct and binding teaching,” Francis preempted any further debate or challenges by also declaring “there is no other interpretation” of Amoris Laetitia other than that which allows for communion to remarried divorcees. In other words, “Case closed!”

My! We are certainly living in unusual times when parish priests are advising people to disobey the pope. The Lord is showing the entire world through this controversy that papal infallibility and Catholicism’s other man-made, anti-Biblical traditions are all bogus.

Catholicism’s “three-legged stool” – Broken for all the world to see!

For 500 years, Roman Catholics have boasted that their church alone was blessed with divine authority. Not only did Catholics have Holy Scripture to guide them, they also had “sacred” tradition AND the allegedly infallible teaching magisterium of the pope and his bishops.

Catholics often suggested that their church was like a sturdy, three-legged stool, supported by Scripture, Tradition, and the magisterium, and able to withstand every wind of doctrinal confusion and heresy. As a young child in parochial grammar school, the priests and nuns often used the three-legged stool as a symbol for Catholicism’s unshakeable authority. It was claimed the Holy Spirit would never allow a pope to lead the church into error.

I’ve posted MANY times over the last twenty months regarding the mounting controversy in the Catholic church over pope Francis’ lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees in his “Amoris Laetitia” (Joy of Love) post-synodal apostolic exhortation released in April 2016. The pope and his allies have been engaged in a chess match with church conservatives over this abrogation of doctrine, previously held to be infallible, ever since. This week, it was revealed the pope, in essence, shouted “Check!” (or even “Checkmate!”) to his conservative chessmates by invoking “authentic magisterium” for his doctrinal change. Conservatives aren’t convinced. What will be their next move?

This morning, I was listening to the 12/5/17 podcast of the “Calling All Catholics” talk radio show, and conservative Jesuit priest, Robert McTeigue, spoke dismissively about the pope’s invocation of “authentic magisterium” to support his repeal of infallible doctrine:

“Is it magisterial by nature or magisterial by name only?,” McTeigue half-heartedly conjectured, already quite convinced of the answer. In closing, he remarked, “I just think we need to read the best scholars and look for direction from the bishops and the cardinals to do the right thing.” Unspoken in the priest’s advice, but well understood by the listener, is that only conservative scholars, bishops, and cardinals should be heeded on this issue, not the pope or his allies.

So what we have here is a church being led by a heretical pope. At this point, conservative bishops and priests are still reluctant to call Francis a heretic outright, but they are basically advising Catholics to disobey him. What does that say for Catholicism’s unassailable three-legged stool when one of the legs is broken? If an entire religious system is built upon lies, like the infallibility of popes, what is a Catholic to do?

Catholic friend, turn from your institutional church, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith alone! Then ask the Lord to lead you to an evangelical church in your area that preaches God’s Word without compromise. It’s ALL about the Lord, Jesus Christ, not about a proven-to-be-fallible religious institution. The Lord is using this “Amoris Laetitia” controversy to expose Rome’s fallacious claims for all the world to see.

Critical moment for Catholicism as pope Francis moves from “confusion” to heresy by invoking “authentic magisterium”

The Catholic church was thrown into turmoil in April 2016 when pope Francis released his “Amoris Laetitia” (Joy of Love) post-synodal apostolic exhortation, which seemed to allow communion for remarried divorcees, an apparent abrogation of doctrine previously held to be infallible. It was obvious that pragmatic Francis was intending to “bend the rules” in order to make the church more welcoming for divorcees, but conservatives and traditionalists were aghast at this change in “unchangeable” doctrine. Conservative cardinals sent their “dubia” (formal questions) to the pope, requesting that he “clarify” (i.e., reverse)  the exhortation, but no reply was forthcoming. An increasing number of conservatives joined the chorus charging Francis with “bringing confusion into the church,” but stopped short of directly accusing him of heresy.

Yesterday, conservative Catholic web sites were abuzz (see stories below) as pope Francis has done the unimaginable and has thrown the weight of “authentic magisterium” behind his lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. It’s no longer a matter of the pope causing “confusion” and uncertainty, the pope has now clarified his position and made it official dogma by invoking “authentic magisterium.”

Francis has thrown down the gauntlet. How will conservative and traditionalist Catholics respond? Will they now have the courage, honesty, and integrity to pronounce the pope a heretic? But how can they remain faithful to a heretical pope? Catholics have always boasted that the Holy Spirit would guide their pope from leading the church into doctrinal error. How do they explain this? Since the dogma of papal infallibility has been shown to be spurious, what does that say about all the other man-made Catholic traditions that have no basis in Scripture?

Catholic friend, you need to put emotions aside and objectively examine the crumbling foundations of your institutional church. Forsake the legalistic chains of Roman Catholicism and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith alone. Accept Christ and ask the Lord to lead you to an evangelical church in your area that preaches the Word of God without compromise.

When the bottom drops out: What’s a Catholic to do when their pope is a heretic?

…A wife happens to pick up her husband’s smart phone and discovers hundreds of romantic texts he sent to her best friend.

…A mother answers the doorbell and gasps at the sight of a policeman standing there. He notifies her that her teenage son was just killed in a motor vehicle accident.

…An employee of twenty-five years is called into his boss’s office and is told that the company is trimming costs and he is being let go immediately.

…A person has some abdominal pain and his doctor arranges for x-rays. The following day, the doctor calls and asks him to come to the office to discuss the results.

If you haven’t been confronted with these kinds of life-changing circumstances yet, your time is coming. We live in a fallen world and bitter disappointment, pain, sorrow, and death are a part of living in this world.

But there is Hope!

This week, I’ve written quite a bit about the growing controversy within the Roman Catholic church regarding pope Francis’ ambiguous lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. By this change, Francis is de facto nullifying a teaching that has been considered unchangeable for one-thousand years. While this is all dry information to disinterested observers, it has shaken conservative Catholics to the core. They have always believed, as their church has always claimed, that a pope could never lead their church into error, and yet this is precisely what has happened.

Yesterday, I visited a number of blogs belonging to conservative Catholics, which feature posts and commentary discussing this controversy. These poor souls are extremely upset. Their pope is propagating heresy. Their pope is leading the church into error. They are confused. They are hurt. They are angry. They don’t know what to do next. The one thing they thought they could always count on in this life, the Catholic church, has betrayed them. The bottom has dropped out from beneath them. My heart goes out to these hurting people.

But my message to these confused souls is that there is a Rock who will never change and never disappoint. Catholicism took the simple, saving faith of the early Christian church and transformed it into a religious system that would be unrecognizable to the apostles. The Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone devolved into a complicated system of rituals and legalism administered by an increasingly authoritative and powerful hierarchy.

Come to Christ my Catholic friend. He is the Rock, not the pope, not the Vatican. He never changes. He never disappoints. The Lord is exposing the corrupt Catholic system for exactly what it is with this controversy. The church’s unscriptural claims and boasts are empty words as this scandal clearly demonstrates. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and ask Him to lead you to an evangelical church in your area that teaches God’s Word without compromise.

What does it mean that God is the Rock of salvation?

Catholics voting on whether the “Vicar of Christ” is a heretic

A few days ago, I posted that sixty-two conservative Catholic clerics and theologians had recently sent a formal petition, what they term a “filial correction,” to pope Francis, accusing him of spreading heresy in the church, especially in regards to his allowing communion to remarried divorcees. See here.

There’s a few recent developments to this escalating “crisis”:

  • Francis’ allies immediately ridiculed the signatories as being a bunch of ecclesiastical second-stringers, but retired bishop, René Henry Gracida, a friend of pope John Paul II and mother Angelica, has added his name to the document. See here. Additional signatories are adding their names daily. The current number is 146. See here.
  • One of Francis’ close supporters, Vatican Secretary of State, cardinal Pietro Parolin, has expressed his desire that the progressive, pro-Francis wing of the church hierarchy should dialogue with the dissenters. See here.
  • In response to the attack by church conservatives and traditionalists, Francis’ liberal friends have launched their own website where Catholics can register their support of the pope. See here. Evidently, these folks are not bothered by the fact that Francis has changed a doctrine that had been considered infallible for the last 1000-years.

So, first we had the “Five Dubia” letter sent to Francis by the four conservative cardinals asking him to clarify his lifting of the ban on communion to remarried divorcees, and now we have this petition outright accusing the pope of heresy. Can the pope continue his silence as the dissenters grow in number and boldness?

The average U.S. Catholic who still bothers to attend church on Sunday may not even be aware of this conflict. They mechanically attend the rote rituals and ceremonies oblivious to the crisis. But if a pope can change doctrine previously held to be infallible, then what does that say about Catholicism’s boastings of the infallibility of its magisterium, and what does it say about the entire Catholic system?

Friends, salvation is not in a denomination or an institution. Salvation is in a Person, Jesus Christ. Pray to Him. Repent of your sins and ask Him to save you. Your religious institution is built on sinking sand.

Postscript: I was listening to the “Calling All Catholics” talk radio show (The Station of the Cross, 101.7 FM, Buffalo, NY) on my drive home from work today and for the first fifteen minutes of the program, priest-host Paul McDonald spoke cautiously about the “filial correction” and “Amoris Laetitia.” McDonald avoided directly criticizing the pope, but stated that if the ban on communion to remarried divorcees is lifted, “the whole thing (i.e., the Catholic system) falls apart.”