Odds and Ends during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I’ve accumulated a few “odds and ends” that pertain specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic that I wanted to share:

  • John MacArthur sermon on the pandemic and the believer’s response

This past Monday and Tuesday, Grace to You presented a sermon in two parts that was originally delivered last Sunday by John MacArthur that addresses the believer’s response to the pandemic. There’s all types of information swirling around out there regarding the current health crisis, but my wife and I were abundantly blessed by this sermon:

The Promise of Peace in a Worried World – Matthew 6:25-34 – Part One

The Promise of Peace in a Worried World – Matthew 6:25-34 – Part Two

  • Marriages in trouble during the pandemic

I have heard reports in the media that divorce attorneys are keeping extremely busy during this crisis. Divorce lawyers in some locales are reporting that business is up as high as 50%. Why? The lockdown is forcing husbands and wives to interact together much, MUCH more than they normally would. The prolonged, close proximity along with the other various life-challenges that are part of this pandemic are putting a strain on marriages, especially those that are already in trouble. My wife and I are polar opposites personality wise, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to her 46 years ago. But personality differences can also lead to annoyance, frustration, and conflict. When we both became mostly house-bound last September, there were some immediate interpersonal challenges because of our new circumstances. Our anchor was/is the Lord and our daily “Jesus time” devotion together really kept us on track. If you’re experiencing some marriage tensions because of the lockdown/quarantine, my advice is to begin a daily praise and devotional time dedicated to the Lord with your spouse, beginning yesterday.

Divorce rates jumping in corona-quarantined couples

  • Coronavirus spiking in Louisiana

Louisiana is reporting rapid escalation of COVID-19 contagion compared to other states in the Southeast. Many are speculating that the virus was spread quickly during the extremely congested and unrestrained Mardis Gras festivities in New Orleans on February 25th. Mardis Gras (French: Fat Tuesday) is Catholic society’s celebration of excess and indulgence prior to the rigors of Lent.

Coronavirus cases skyrocket in New Orleans, Mardi Gras likely to blame