Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/27/21

Last weekend, I had speculated that Marcus Lamb, prosperity Gospeler, outspoken anti-vaxxer, and co-owner of the Daystar cable network with wife, Joni (photo above), had contracted COVID-19. The Lambs’ social media accounts were predictably hush-hush regarding his illness, however, I did some research and found a post from fellow-prosperity shyster, Perry Stone, on his Facebook account, asking for prayers for Marcus:

“November 18 – URGENT PRAYER REQUEST! I am asking all of you who believe in the power of prayer to pray for my very close friend, Marcus Lamb, the founder of the Daystar Television Network. He is presently being treated for a severe case of COVID. His oxygen has been low…” (click on the hyper-link for Stone’s FB post).

Two things: 1) I thought prosperity-gospelers weren’t supposed to get sick. Marcus must not have enough faith. But why didn’t one of his faith-healer buddies go to the hospital and heal him? 2) I wonder what anti-vaxxers, Marcus and Joni Lamb, think of C-19 vaccines now? Shame on them. How many credulous viewers got sick or even died because of the Lambs’ anti-vax hokum?

The election of Roman Catholic and abortion-supporter, Joe Biden, roiled conservative American Catholic bishops and sparked a year-long “wafer wars.” The conservative prelates insisted that Democratic Party politicians who supported pro-abortion legislation be barred from receiving the Jesus wafer and the other RCC sacraments. Church moderates and progressives (including pope Francis) were opposed to the ban. The bishops met back in June and official sanctions against Biden and other pro-abortion politicians were in the works, but the Jesus wafer guidelines approved at last week’s follow-up meeting included only a mild, non-specific slap on the wrist for pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Bergoglio and the progressives had won this particular battle and the “wafer wars” appear to be over.

American Catholics like to portray themselves as victims of American Protestant sectarianism and defenders of religious freedom, but purposely fail to mention the larger historical context involving the severe persecution of Protestants in Catholic-controlled European and Latin American countries.

Last weekend, we included a story about the platform speakers of the Christian nationalist, “Reawaken America Tour,” whipping the crowd at Cornerstone Church of San Antonio into a frenzied chant of “Let’s Go Brandon,” a euphemism for an expletive directed at POTUS, Joe Biden. Pastor Matt Hagee has apologized for the outburst and disavowed any affiliation with the “Reawaken America Tour.” I wouldn’t step foot in the Hagees’ church because of the heterodox theology, but I give them credit for the apology.

The above article is three-years-old, but serves as a helpful resource in this discussion. Last Sunday, November 21st, I was driving home from work listening to the Catholic Answers talk radio show and the hosts were mentioning that the day was the celebration of the “Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple” on the RCC liturgical calendar. The alleged event is an apocryphal tale involving Mary’s parents (allegedly named Joachim and Anna) presenting the young girl at the Jerusalem temple for consecration. Untethered from Scripture, Roman Catholicism is filled with similar “sacred tradition” bogus fables and myths.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/27/21

  1. Re. Your first article Tom, I’ve encountered this “hush hush” reaction from anti-vaxxers everywhere when they succumb to the virus. Surely honesty is the best policy? My brother-in-law (fully vaccinated but late 60’s) recently caught it but thankfully avoided having to be hospitalised. He took himself off to their little holiday house by the sea and isolated alone for a week. No one else in the family got it. People who are refusing to be vaccinated here for no good reason are placing an extra strain on an already burdened health service, resulting in cancellations for urgent medical procedures for cancer patient etc…. many of them children.

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Glad you brother-in-law recovered. Alll good points. Evangelicals are leading the charge of the anti-vax movement and that is a very poor testimony. Publishing anti-anti-vax posts no doubt alienates a number of evangelical bloggers here at WordPress.

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  2. 1. Covid has really crashed the Prosperity Gospel theology and preachers; oh man there’s so much irony. God’s in the business of exposing the hypocrisy and lies of health and wealth preachers.

    2. ALWAYS love this point: “American Catholics like to portray themselves as victims of American Protestant sectarianism and defenders of religious freedom, but purposely fail to mention the larger historical context involving the severe persecution of Protestants in Catholic-controlled European and Latin American countries.”

    3. Just like COvid is the thorn on Prosperity GOspel side, Biden and the Pope is the thorn of hard core literal Conservative Catholics

    4. Mary Presentation RE: More proof of paganism

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: COVID crashed prosperity gospel theology
      Yes it has!

      RE: Catholics and religious freedom
      It always riles me to see Catholics try to portray the RCC as the champion of religious freedom.

      RE: Conservative RC-ers vs. pope & Biden
      It’s fascinating to observe this growing internal struggle within RC-ism.

      RE: Mary presentation
      Many/most Catholic scholars know this event is strictly a myth (like other Catholic extra-biblical apocryphal tales), but play along.

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      1. “ It always riles me to see Catholics try to portray the RCC as the champion of religious freedom.” few are like you; Big Eva today sadly has a revisionary history that Rome gave us modern religious freedom…sigh

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      2. Yup, it’s ironic that “saint” Thomas More is RC-isms champion of religious freedom when he actively persecuted and executed Protestants as Lord High Chancellor prior to Henry VIII’s break with Rome.

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  3. I haven’t watched the Lamb’s for quite some time but I am well aware of the “name it – claim it” philosophy that runs rampant there. I always thought Joni Lamb seemed normal compared to so many others on the network. Still, she has a part in the leadership of the place and I’ve seen some very odd things there.
    One wonders why preachers featured on Daystar TV don’t spend many more hours at the hospital as one would think their claims of great faith over illness would rub off on others. The sad truth is that they are just claims.
    I believe in God’s healing power but I don’t believe we can twist God’s arm and use His Word to force God to heal anybody.
    The last presidential election and Covid-19 have shown the false teachers and prophets to be just what they are, a bunch of fakes that mislead many.
    Thanks for sharing, Tom.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. Marcus’ coming down with COVID is a problem for the Lambs in that it contradicts their “health and wealth” prosperity gospel. Certainly God heals, but all of these Pentecostal faith healers have been proven to be shysters. Despite the glaring contradiction, the credulous and undiscerning will keep tuning in and sending their money.

      Joni more than Marcus has been pushing the anti-vax conspiracy hysteria at Daystar. I wonder what she’s thinking now?

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      1. Joni has always seemed like the more stable of the two but she will do as she has always done. There must have been dozens of times when reality didn’t match with the goofy theology of the “health and wealth gospel.” To this point she has continued on and has made no corrections. I don’t see that changing now even though I pray that it does.
        I wonder what would happen to Marcus’ and Joni’s relationship if Joni suddenly came to a correct understanding? Wouldn’t it be great to have a real Christian broadcasting network?
        Alas, it doesn’t appear that it will happen anytime soon. God doesn’t need a television network as you well know. However, I’m sure He does mind that people like these sell their wares in His name.
        I always appreciate your replies, Tom.

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      2. RE: Wouldn’t it be great to have a real Christian broadcasting network?

        Yes, it would!

        Thanks for all of your good comments, Chris!


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I just added the news to the upcoming roundup. It’s sadly ironic. Yes, I hope it’s a wake up call for at least some of the Lambs’ credulous viewers. I also think of the hospital staff who are needlessly endangered and tasked beyond the limit because of anti-vaxxers like Lamb.

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      1. I have had a really difficult time offering condolences and saying prayers for the militantly hostile anti-vaxx community. I know that isn’t right but I am tired of hearing about how this is the Mark of the Beast, it changes our DNA, keeps us from worshiping God and then there is the fetal cells issue. Hearts and churches are being exposed like never before!

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      2. I hear you, Mandy. Prosperity gospelers like the Lambs are big-bucks grifters and their anti-vax hokum is one more thing they’ll have to answer for, leading so many astray with their name-it-and-claim-it false gospel and their vaccine disinformation.

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