2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #4

Week #3 in the 2021 Leaf Campaign saw my tarp total reach 28, about 47% of the projected grand total of 60 tarps. How did things go this past week #4?

After my three-day work-weekend, I woke up Monday morning to a backyard full of leaves. I strapped on my trusty Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and corralled all of the leaves into two large piles and ended up dragging 7 tarpfulls to the curb. I could have dragged more, but I didn’t want to overtax myself as I had the previous Monday.

I woke up Tuesday morning to a couple of inches of snow covering the yard, definitely not good circumstances for leaf removal. Good thing I had a couple of leaf piles leftover from Monday, enabling me to drag 4 tarpfulls to the curb.

Snow still covered the ground Wednesday morning, but a high of 48F was predicted. By 3PM, most of the snow in the backyard had melted. I fired up my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower, corralled all of the backyard leaves, and hauled 7 tarpfulls top the curb, once again purposely limiting myself.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, but family wasn’t coming over for dinner until 4PM, so I was able to hit the leaves pretty hard. I raked up the leaves that inevitably gather near the front of the house, taking 2 full tarpfulls to the curb. I then cleaned up the mound of leaves in the backyard leftover from Wednesday, hauling 2 more tarps to the road. I hadn’t cleaned up the front yard in awhile and it had a healthy accumulation of leaves, so I started up my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and blew all of those leaves to the curb.

Friday was a work holiday and I had intended to get some rest, but the morning was perfect for leaf duty so I fired up the Husqvarna and cleaned up the backyard and both side yards. The result? 4 more tarps to the curb.

Wow! Week #4 was very productive! I hauled 26 tarps to the curb in five days, bringing my total tarp tally for the 2021 Leaf Campaign to 54 tarps. As you can see from the above photo right, probably around 10%-15% of the leaves are still on the trees. Can we finally put this campaign to bed in week #5?

26 thoughts on “2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #4

    1. Ha! Yup, I get it, Lisa Beth. But after dragging 54 tarps to the curb, I’m VERY attuned to the change in the amount of leaves on the trees from week to week. There’s a fine line between “very attuned” and obsessed. Have a great week, sister!

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    1. Thanks! The campaign’s almost over! There’s currently snow on the ground so I need one more (relatively) warm spell to gather up the last of the leaves and clean out the gutters.

      Hope you had a good Sunday! We had 3 days of work packed into 2 this past weekend. I checked my steps just for yesterday after I got home = 30,000!

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      1. I told my wife last night I was probably the only 65YO in the entire county who walked 30,000 steps yesterday. Well, there’s probably a few ultra-fit, health nut steppers out there. A couple of weeks ago, my boss mentioned dedicating someone strictly to helping me out…I hope that happens.

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      2. Thanks! I don’t enjoy shopping. Went to Staples and they had very few to choose from. Then went to Target and they had a good one on sale. Done in 30 minutes.

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      3. 🤜 🤛
        Our oldest son loves to shop (like his mother) and will do research for days and go to ten different stores to get the best deal. Our younger son is like me, get the misery over with as quickly as possible without paying an exorbitant price.

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