Catholics continue to persecute Evangelicals in Mexico

We’ve all heard about Muslims persecuting Christians in the Middle East and Africa butEMEX the ongoing story of Catholics persecuting Evangelicals in Mexico is somehow left out of the evening news.

Here’s the latest sordid episode:

7 evangelical Christians jailed for refusing to convert not to Islam but to Catholicism in Mexico

For my earlier posts on this outrageous situation see here and here.

Catholicism had an ugly history of oppressing Protestants in league with civil governments in countries where it had the majority right up into the 20th-century and this legacy continues in parts of Latin America.

American journalists recently compared Donald Trump’s Muslim-baiting to anti-Catholicism in the U.S. one hundred years ago (see my post here) while Catholic intolerance continues to rear its ugly head just south of the border with no comment.

8 thoughts on “Catholics continue to persecute Evangelicals in Mexico

  1. This is the work of secular authorities, not the Catholic Church. Try to be careful about misrepresenting facts and, for the good of your soul, do stop bearing false witness.

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    1. It’s true Catholic clergymen are not mentioned in the article but it would be unimaginable to assume the persecution of Protestants took place in their jurisdictions without their knowledge. At a minimum, why didn’t the Mexican priests and bishops go to the jails and demand the Evangelicals be released?

      Was the Catholic clergy also ignorant of the persecution of Protestants in Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, Mussolini’s Italy, Pavelic’s Croatia, Petain’s Vichy France, Peron’s Argentina, the Sanacja’s Poland, etc., etc., etc.?

      For the good of your soul, stop wasting your time defending your works-righteousness religion, which proclaims even “good” atheists are going to Heaven, and accept Christ as your Savior.

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      1. When you see God face to face, I think that you will not have forgiveness in your heart. You should seek grace to be able to forgive, even yourself.


      2. Forgiveness? Pope Francis needs to get on the phone to the Mexican bishops and tell them the Catholic militant, imperialistic model is passe and to apologize to the Evangelicals they have persecuted.

        Catholicism is an apostate “church” which currently teaches everyone is going to Heaven, even atheists, if they are “good.” Yet, the Bible says there are NONE who are good, which is why God the Son came to earth and died for our sins to provide salvation to all who accept Him.

        My friend, you can’t presume to tell me anything about God until you have accepted His Son as your Savior. 1 John 2:23

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      3. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have no plea before a Holy God other than the imputed perfect righteousness of my Savior. You might call Jesus “Savior” but you attempt to merit your own salvation by perfectly obeying the Law. Can’t be done. Not even close. Only Jesus perfectly obeyed the Law.

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      4. Again, you presume and judge. The Gospel warns against such attitudes. Your tone is sort of angry – sort of injured. I can understand that. I hope you have a wonderful and efficacious Christmastime.


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