Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/3/22

Coming out of a worldwide pandemic, common sense would tell you not to touch your lips to a cup shared by hundreds or even tens of people. The Roman Catholic church teaches its priests change bread wafers and wine into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. While the bread correlates to the body and the wine to the blood, the RCC teaches Jesus’ body and blood are present in both “species,” so there’s allegedly no need to consume both wafer and wine. However, practice contradicts doctrine because priests and “eucharistic ministers” do differentiate and say, “The Body of Christ,” when presenting the wafer and, “The Blood of Christ,” when presenting the wine cup to the credulous faithful. A percentage of Catholics think they’re getting “short-changed” if they consume only the Jesus wafer, so they’ll brave a flu or COVID-tainted communal cup to get the “benefit” of consuming both the Jesus wafer and Jesus wine. All of this is based on the RCC’s faulty misinterpretations of John 6 and the Last Supper accounts in the gospels. We are not saved by physically eating Jesus as the RCC teaches, but by trusting in Him as Savior by faith alone.

The secret 2018 Vatican-Beijing accord limited the installation of bishops to those who were members of the Chinese communist government’s quisling Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA). The government convicted and sentenced Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen because he was an outspoken critic of the accord. Progressive pope Francis pragmatically throws conservative Chinese Catholics under the bus in the quest for friendly relations with Beijing.

Nine months after Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, pope Francis has finally cited Russia as the aggressor in the conflict. The pope refused to criticize Putin and Russia all this time in deference to patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox church and also in an attempt to position himself as a potential peace-broker/mediator.

Despite its vow to never ordain women as priests, the day is coming when the RCC will do exactly that. The sacerdotal priesthood and sacrifice for sins were done away with by Jesus Christ and His once-for-all-time sacrifice on Calvary.

Catholics put their hard-earned dollars in the offering plate on Sundays without realizing the money is going to be used as pay-out to survivors of pedophile priests and to purchase a McMansion for the diocesan bishop.

The U.S. Catholic bishops were appalled by 2019 data that showed only 31% of American Catholics believe in transubstantiation, so they rolled out a three-year eucharistic revival to convince U.S. Catholics of the alleged genuineness of the consecrated Jesus wafer and to encourage proper reverence and worship. I see now that Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry (Catholic) has initiated a three-year, 21-city “Jesus Thirsts for America” tour in conjunction with the nationwide eucharistic revival. Imagine getting lathered-up over a bread wafer. The Catholic Inquisitors of yesteryear demanded those suspected of “Protestant heresy” to bow to and worship the Jesus wafer. Refusal led to torture and death.

This “parts of the Bible are no longer appropriate” mindset is gradually going to turn into condemnation of the entire Bible.

17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/3/22

  1. 1. Wow using for million dollars mansions for priests?? SIgh.
    2. Wow it took so long for the pope to be “Prophetic” voice about the war in Ukraine…So much for being prophetic!
    3. It is crazy each week to see more of the alphabet agenda creeping up

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Mansions
      The RCC’s ostentatious display of wealth was always viewed positively until recently. The pope and his bishops claimed dominion over temporal monarchs and rulers therefore they needed to live a lifestyle that at least matched that of royalty. So contrary to their alleged first pope: “But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” – Acts 3:6.
      RE: Francis & Ukraine
      The pope’s refusal to point a finger at Putin and Russia for nine whole months was dastardly. I just googled it and the distance from Rome to Kiev is 1500 miles, the same distance between Rochester and Denver, CO. Such immense devastation relatively close to Rome and Francis wouldn’t call out the aggressors.
      RE: alphabet agenda
      Previously, TV commercials only alluded to S&G intimacy, but last night I saw a commercial on prime time that left nothing to the imagination.

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      1. “Such immense devastation relatively close to Rome and Francis wouldn’t call out the aggressors.” This pope is really one who follow after political wind is certain; he would make a good politiican. Funny how with real evil people he takes such a long time to say anything; but then again we see other Popes do the same kind of thing in history…..

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      2. RE: other Popes do the same kind of thing in history
        In all of my critiques of Francis’ neutrality regarding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine I’ve thought about pope Pius XII neutrality in response to Hitler. Of course, we now know from historian David Kertzer that Pius was less than neutral, he had signed a secret treaty with Hitler prior to the start of WWII.

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  2. Thanks for the update, Tom.

    The Hong Kong article is intriguing. I have a Christian friend who lives in Hong Kong and is in a situation where he cannot leave. During the past several years he has been keeping me up to date on events in Hong Kong related to China’s takeover of just about everything there. Top government “representatives” there are Chinese puppets and anyone who gets in the way of the Chinese takeover can be severely reprimanded and worse. I can imagine that the 2018 Vatican-Beijing accord took its toll on the faith of some. Hopefully, the 400,000 people in Hong Kong who consider themselves Catholic will be jolted by this “accord” enough to come to understand of the true gospel message.

    There are twice as many protestants in Hong Kong as there are Catholics and the latest data that I could find shows over 21% of university students are Protestant compared to the 3.5% that are Catholic.

    Things are “quiet” in Hong Kong for now but as one article put it:

    “All Elections in Hong Kong Are Now Meaningless”

    You can see the article here: https://bitterwinter.org/all-elections-in-hong-kong-are-now-meaningless/

    You are probably aware of the huge protests and demonstrations in Hong Kong during the past several years where millions took to the streets. At this point, the ruthless leaders in Beijing have won the day but there is still a large undercurrent of freedom lovers hiding in the shadows there.

    And now we have the current uprising in China. I’m pretty sure it will end in the same way the protests in Hong Kong ended; the people will be suppressed out of fear of reprisals.

    Now that Pope Francis has finally recognized Russia as the aggressor against Ukraine per the article you shared, maybe he will see how rotten his agreement with China is.

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    1. Thanks, Chris, for the good comments and the article. We all knew Hong Kong was eventually going to lose any shred of autonomy.
      Pope Francis was pragmatically trying to “get the best deal” he could from Beijing to minimize persecution but he allowed Beijing to take the driver’s seat. Of course, we’re fully aware that the RCC doesn’t preach the Gospel, but Francis’ dirty deal is jaw-dropping.

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      1. You’re welcome, Tom. Jaw-dropping is a good term to define it. Pope Francis seems to be more of a political figure to me than any type of religious role model.

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  3. 2.4 million dollar home, and then they close Catholic schools (although that’s not a bad thing) because they have no funds. Such hypocrisy.

    Surprising that Pope Francis acknowledged Russia as aggressor in Ukraine conflict. He surely is not one to speak out for the oppressed. He went to Chiapas Mexico and never said a word about the persecution of Protestants there.

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  4. Good Round-up up Tom, been away from WP and missed so much!
    I believe the Lord exalted Himself even more though the arrest of the UK preacher. What an encouragement to endure and press on!
    “He preaches despite having lost his voice box following throat cancer.”
    He served in special forces, hating people, trained to kill them, now filled with the love of God.
    Instead of shutting him down, God raised him up with greater view.
    Thank you for the articles and highlighting this brother.

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