Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/7/22

On his return trip to the Vatican after a week-long “penitential pilgrimage” to Canada, pope Francis staged one of his impromptu jetliner press conferences in which he left the door open to the eventual lifting of the RCC’s ban on non-abortifacient artificial contraception and the possibility of retirement à la pope Benedict XVI.

This headline gets it wrong. My research revealed drag queen, Brita Filter aka Jesse Havea, performed at Grace Church School (independent Episcopalian) in downtown Manhattan. Evidently the “drag queen” can’t differentiate one stained glassed edifice from another. The short video is an eye-opener. The Sodom-Gomorrah steamroller is making great strides.

I ordered a copy of “Are We Together?: A Roman Catholic Analyzes Evangelical Protestants” and will be reviewing it down the road. Roman Catholicism has many heterodox doctrines, but its prime apostate teaching is its false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

With their rule of celibacy, Catholic seminaries were/are magnets and incubators of sexual deviancy.

The RCC teaches baptismal regeneration, a false gospel. While the RCC rule book still bars same-sex couples from having their children baptized, progressive priests have been accommodating same-sex parents on the QT.

This past Tuesday, Catholics living in the Los Angeles area were encouraged to visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels to “venerate” (aka worship) a relic of St. Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes, France. Bernadette claimed the “Virgin Mary” appeared to her 18 times in 1858 at the Lourdes grotto. Millions make the pilgrimage to Lourdes each year seeking a healing miracle. The relic, a fragment of one of Bernadette’s ribs, is “touring” the United States for the first time, ending in California after visiting 40 Catholic sites in the last four months. The RCC ascribes miraculous powers to the relics of saints. Catholics throng to exhibitions of relics hoping for a healing miracle. See my 2019 post here on the fraudulence of the Lourdes apparition.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/7/22

  1. Unbelievable what’s happening worldwide now re what you accurately describe, Tom, as “the Sodom & Gomorrah steamroller.” My husband and I recently used “booking.com” and now in their advertisements to us they’re pushing this agenda and there are other companies too from which I’ve bought products which are doing the same thing. But if you say anything you can be prosecuted for hate speech… but we must take a stand in these last days. Thanks for an interesting line-up.

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. The video of the drag queen prancing down the church aisle is disconcerting. Yes, those who don’t acquiesce to the steamroller will be vilified.

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  2. One story is worse than the other! 😵 But the celebrated drag queen says it all. All churches, no matter their name, that turn away from the true Gospel are open sores for every spiritual disease. We must, in the midst of this depravity, stand stronger to honor and exalt our Savior and true salvation.
    Press on brothet!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa Beth. Yes, the “drag queen in church” video is disconcerting. The pressure to acquiesce will increase and we must stay true to God’s Word and the Gospel.

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    1. Thanks, Beth! A genuine born-again believer has no desire to get in their car and drive to an alleged “church” to venerate a fragment of a dead person’s rib. Soooooo superstitious.


  3. Good morning, Tom. I know you don’t have many weeks left of work and I’m hoping they go quickly.

    I saw the videos of both stories mentioned in the article about Drag queens in churches. I think I saw them on Facebook. The worst part about the one at Grace Church School was the reception the drag queen got. There was an arousing introduction and then a pretty substantial applause among what looked like quite a few high schoolers as he/she pranced down the long middle isle in the church. I didn’t even know how to react so many different things were going through my mind.

    Then there was the pastor who dressed up in drag for a church service. The whole thing made no sense. The “pastor” is lost and anyone staying in that church is obviously lost. I believe the whole thing meant to express support to the LG……… community. It is so sad on so many levels.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Yup, I will have 12 more weekends after this one. Hard for me to believe.
      Regarding the video you mentioned of a pastor dressing in drag, I searched YouTube and I see there are several examples. Another thing that’s hard to believe. Yes, sad to see this rapid decline.

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  4. 1. The Drag queen can’t tell difference between “the churches” is because both trans churches are no longer binary but have crazy theology…
    2. I never heard of this “former Calvinist” before; I doubt anyone who claim to be any kind of Born again Christian becoming RC if they understood the Gospel to begin with. I look forward to the book review from you
    3. If pope approves of birth control, that shows more issues with Romanism authority

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: drag queen in church
      Just about all old mainline Protestant denominations have gone apostate and Episcopalianism is in the lead.

      RE: “former Calvinist”
      Right. He wasn’t born-again. It will be “interesting” to read his criticisms.

      RE: pope and birth control
      He really needs to rescind the ban on contraceptives because no one obeys it, BUT he realizes the huge questions that will raise about authority/consistency.

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      1. RE: Episcopagans
        I wonder what convert to Episcopalianism, Rachel Held Evans, would have thought of a drag queen sashaying down the aisle of an Episcopal church? I’m sure she would have been fine with it.

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      2. Yeah I think Evans would be cool with it; her friends who are living seems cool with it too, and a bird of a feather flock together for worse or for better…

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  5. “The Sodom-Gomorrah steamroller is making great strides.” That’s for sure. Anyone can add the word “church” to their organization, but that means absolutely nothing.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. That’s right. Most so-called “churches” don’t preach the genuine Gospel. The old mainline Protestant denominations went into apostasy long ago. But I have to be careful. I was once chastised by an Australian reader for writing the Anglican/Episcopalian “church” has fallen into complete apostasy. There are still solid pastors in Australian Anglicanism, but they’re battling with progressives within the denomination.

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