Are Catholics Considered Christians?

I ran across the 8-minute video below from Allen Parr of “The Beat” YouTube Channel that does an excellent job of explaining some of the major differences between Roman Catholicism and Gospel Christianity. After 7:45 minutes of examining seven anti-Biblical aspects of RC theology, Allen states the following:

“So the original question was this, ‘Are Catholics Christians?’ Well, let me just go on record and say this, it is not my job nor is it your job to go around and decide who is a Christian and who is not. That is God’s business, not ours. But what we can do and what we are called to do is assess whether someone’s belief lines up with a Christian belief so we are able to confidently say, ‘I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not, but what you believe in is not a Christian belief.”

Hmm. That’s a bit of a weak landing after an excellent 7:45 minutes. It seems to me that Parr is trying to be non-offensive to a fault. Wishy-washiness doesn’t help anyone. The Apostle Paul didn’t hold back from pointing out false teachers/false Christians in his epistles. While there may be some individual Roman Catholics who have genuinely trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone and are in the process of being led out of the RCC by the Holy Spirit, we can confidently say that Roman Catholics, who by definition adhere to their church’s false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit, are not Christians. Roman Catholics aren’t Christian. Mormons aren’t Christian. Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t Christian. Christian Scientists aren’t Christian. It’s patently obvious that followers of pseudo-Christian sects are not Christians because they do not hold to orthodox Christian beliefs, especially regarding how a person is saved.

In contrast to Parr’s wishy-washiness, I can say to a Roman Catholic, “I know you are not a Christian because meriting salvation in any form or fashion is not the genuine Gospel and is not genuine Christianity.”

Weak ending aside, this is a pretty good video.

18 thoughts on “Are Catholics Considered Christians?

  1. Good post, Tom. I have watched several of Allen Parr’s videos, and he really does do a good job in quite a few areas. However, as you said, he can be wishy-washy. For instance, when discussing some NAR pastors such as Steven Furtick, he would not come right out and say they were heretics. He went as far as to say some of their teaching were heretical, but that doesn’t mean everything they teach was heretical.

    Very disappointing for someone who knows the Word and teaches it well. I believe he’s a good guy who doesn’t want to offend, but really should call things as they are!

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    1. Thanks, David. It’s regrettable that brother Parr left the issue somewhat open-ended at the conclusion of this video on Catholicism. It’s not surprising then that he did the same thing with Furtick and the NAR. Being wishy-washy leaves the door open for people to continue to trust in their false gospels. I noticed in his video on Mormonism that Parr didn’t conclude with open-endedness like he did in this Catholic video.

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  2. It is true God decides who is truly saved; yet that does not mean we shouldnot be discerning. The video is very good, Bible based and factual and not inflammatory. I pray God uses this

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    1. Thanks for listening and weighing in. Right, I’m not presuming to take the place of God by deciding who is truly saved, “but” the evangelical church has gradually accorded far too much unwarranted leeway in the case of Roman Catholicism in comparison to, say, Mormonism or the Watchtower. Parr doesn’t include an open-ended conclusion in his video devoted to Mormonism as he does with this RC video. If a Roman Catholic is saved (and I’m guessing there are some) it is because they’ve somehow (through the Holy Spirit and God’s Word) abandoned their church’s false gospel of salvation by sacramental and merit and trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone. They are thus Roman Catholics in name only. It has to be incredibly difficult for a saved person who still identifies as Roman Catholic to sit through mass every Sunday because the typical homily and especially the liturgy contain so many references to meriting salvation.

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  3. Thanks for the review, Tom. I appreciate your feedback on stuff like this as a former Catholic.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I was almost done with a lengthy reply to the comment you left on my tree post when I must have hit something wrong and not only did my comment go to trash but so did yours! It gave me an “UNDO” so I clicked on that and no undoing got done. I checked my comments and both yours and mine were gone. Sorry about that and sorry to hear about your oaks. I’ve lost a couple of those myself over the years but not to caterpillars.

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  4. Hey, i’m familiar with that channel and I agree with you, that’s a week start. I believe being christ like is exactly what the Bible says. But if no one reads to interpret, they will never truly understand what Christ meant by being like him… Many Christians are religiously crippled by ignorance. As for Catholics, they base their faith on the traditions of men not scripture whitch is wrong. They know that to.

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