Young Legion: An enjoyable hat tip to the Legion of Super-Heroes of the Silver Age Era

It’s time for some 31st Century frivolity, so let’s climb aboard our time bubble and join the Legion of Super-Heroes for another adventure!

Playing Hooky: A Tale of Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes
Writer: Paul Levitz, Penciler: Kevin Sharpe
Adventure Comics #12, DC Comics, August, 2010

5 Stars


Superboy leaves Ma and Pa Kent a note saying he’s playing hooky from school before he boards a time bubble with Brainiac 5 and travels to 31st Century Metropolis. The Legionnaires welcome the Boy of Steel before he sets out on a series of adventures including 1) delivering an emergency vaccine to Mars by flying in space for the first time, 2) playing a game of softball singlehandedly against the Legionnaires, 3) putting out a fire at the Legion clubhouse, and 4) attending a party welcoming him as the newest member of the Legion. Saturn Girl then returns Superboy to 20th Century Smallville, but not before erasing the details of his 31st Century escapades via mental telepathy. The other Legionnaires featured in this story include Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl, and Triplicate Girl.


Wow! This book was definitely a hat-tip to Jim Shooter’s and Curt Swan’s young Legion of the Silver Age-era. The heroes are actually portrayed as the teenagers that they’re supposed to be and the plotline is refreshingly simple. Superboy’s biggest challenge in his visit to the 31st Century is fending off the advances of the flirtatious female Legionnaires. The naivete/unsophistication of Superboy and the young Legionnaires is in stark contrast to the grizzled, “older” heroes presented in the regular 2010-2013 LSH series that we began. Good stuff! Levitz captures the essence of the Shooter/Swan, Silver Age Legion perfectly. My only criticism is Kevin Sharpe’s pencils. While the artwork is pretty good in some panels, it’s noticeably amateurish in many others. Blond aka Kevin Senft does an excellent job with the colors.

18 thoughts on “Young Legion: An enjoyable hat tip to the Legion of Super-Heroes of the Silver Age Era

  1. Wow will have to read this shortly after my Bible study lessons with the girls! Answering your question: I’m super tired since first of the month is super busy with ministry with couple’s meeting and youth and other sessions. I have a tough writer’s block last night as I wanted to write a book review but I was too sleepy to finish it and therefore couldn’t write a review on the book I got from the publisher. It didn’t help Saturday I had little sleep but was still trying to write a post with many half baked ideas! I’m better today. See you soon…when I read this post!

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    1. Hope you get caught up on your rest! I didn’t sleep well last night. Our son dropped by after I got home from work and he and my wife started arguing politics, which they enjoy doing, but I hate it even when I’m not exhausted. Drama led to more drama so I ended up too frazzled to sleep last night.

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  2. I know the direction of comics lately has been more for adults, with the dark and navel gazing so its great to hear they have Superboy be in the right character; also I enjoy a simple story instead of too much psychological. Thanks for the review. I like the cover. The talk of bringing a vaccine made me check the year of this issue since I was curious if was during the pandemic. Thanks for the review yet again!

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    1. Thanks! The plot of this “throwback” was even simpler than the Jim Shooter-scripted stories of the Silver Age, a nice break from the convoluted, navel gazing plotlines.

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      1. Glad to hear its more direct than the Jim Shooter stories! I was reading a batman story that made me really happy that its a lot of action and good ol’ story telling, something I see newer comics now lack with the narcissism and also the SJW agenda.

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