Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/4/21

Last weekend, I confirmed that anti-vaxxer, Marcus Lamb (photo above), had been hospitalized with a bad case of COVID-19. The media announced that Lamb died from the virus this past Tuesday. Lamb and his wife, Joni, determinedly promulgated anti-vax disinformation to their credulous Daystar cable channel audience. It’s regrettable that so-called “evangelicals” are at the forefront of the anti-vaccine movement. My county declared a state of emergency this past Tuesday due to the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. Lamb led many trusting souls astray with his “health and wealth” prosperity false gospel and with his anti-vax conspiracy hokum. He will have much to answer for.

Roman Catholic progressives have a long history of turning celebrated “victims” of pet causes into “crucified Christs.”

Fifty years ago, Ireland was the “most Catholic” country in the world. I’m amazed by its rapid secularization, brought about mainly by negative public reaction to RC church scandals.

Protestant literature of the 19th century included many “convent escape narratives,” which Catholic spokespersons dismissed as anti-Catholic fables. Given the headlines of the last twenty years, few are challenging claims of abuse within convents today. With the RCC’s rule of mandatory celibacy for its clergy, Catholic seminaries, rectories, and convents were/are magnets and incubators of fornication, deviancy, and abuse.

While the rest of the world is enamored with smiling “papa” Francis, many conservative Catholics despise him for pragmatically “bending” their cherished doctrines.

Medjugorje is an interesting case. Six “visionairies” claim Mary began appearing to them in 1981 and continues up to the present time. But some of the apparition’s messages were critical of the local bishop, so the RCC withholds its official endorsement while simultaneously encouraging pilgrimages to the money-making site.

The Roman Catholic church operates according to its liturgical calendar, with set “Solemnities, Feasts, and Memorials.” These set calendar events are extremely important to Catholics who can’t imagine “religious life” without them. After coming out of Catholicism and being born-again, I realize these “holidays” can be a pitfall (Galatians 4:8-11). One day in the Lord is the same as the next. But believers can use these calendar events to spread the Gospel.

This article is an eye-opening look at what Americans believe about Heaven and Hell. Note that 68% percent of surveyed Catholics believe atheists can go to Heaven. The other 32% who disagree don’t know their church’s doctrine because that is exactly what the RCC teaches.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/4/21

  1. Very interesting line-up Tom. Terrible that this man Lamb you spoke about last week has now died but even more terrible if his rhetoric was the result of other deaths. Yes, the clerical scandals are ongoing here in Ireland, with further revelations also of how nuns treated women and their babies in “Magdalene Laundries.” Re. the Advent article, I agree that we can use certain calendar dates in outreach to those around us. While no one knows exactly when Jesus was born, I think it’s good to use the season, without succumbing to either the materialism of the world – or “religious” solemnities. We like to get a supply of colourful calendars, with the gospel message on them, to distribute in our area with the approach of another new year.

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    1. Thanks for the comments, Elizabeth! Daystar boasts that it’s available in every country in the world via cable and/or satellite. So many false gospels and bad information being preached to lost souls and undiscerning believers in the name of Christ.
      Lord bless your calendar outreach! That’s a great idea!

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  2. All interesting stories, Tom.

    I wish people, including evangelicals and Catholics, would get back to reading the Bible. So many look to men like Francis and Marcus as their authority. It is a huge mistake.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. Did you see my latest post answering Catholic apologist Peter Kreeft that I published yesterday? In the latest chapter I reviewed, Kreeft both praised the Bible for being infallible, but then brushed it aside, claiming it was full of errors and contradictions.

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      1. I didn’t. I will have to look at that. The only thing I’ve ever read by Kreeft is one of his first efforts called “Between Heaven and Hell” (1982) — A Dialog with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley
        It was a pretty creative work if I remember correctly.
        For someone as prolific and popular as he has been he sounds very confused.

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      2. I just finished reading your post, Tom. Unfortunately for Mr. Kreeft, your response is reality (and well put too).

        I know that Wiki can be politically biased but I think this statement about Kreeft found there is probably true:

        “The ‘central and deciding’ factor for his conversion was ‘the Church’s claim to be the one Church historically founded by Christ.’ He reportedly applied C. S. Lewis’s trilemma (either Jesus is Lunatic, Liar, or Lord): ‘I thought, just as Jesus made a claim about His identity that forces us into one of only two camps … so the Catholic Church’s claim to be the one true Church, the Church Christ founded, forces us to say either that this is the most arrogant, blasphemous and wicked claim imaginable, if it is not true, or else that she is just what she claims to be.'”

        Even though this statement seems illogical to me, the Lewis trilemma has always seemed logical.

        I don’t pretend that Christianity has to always be “logical” to be true. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the truth of a Holy Trinity but there it is. I bow to the authority of God’s Word which clearly teaches that our got is Triune in nature.

        At the same time, a man who attempts to use logic to prove his points has me baffled by this statement of yours:

        “Kreeft then pulls the rug out from beneath his own argument by parroting the dichotomous, modern RC view that the Bible is both infallible and fallible.”

        It is one or the other. Logically, it can’t be both.

        If he is one of the RCC’s top apologists, the Catholic Church is in trouble. The question is: “Just how many types of trouble can a religious people get themselves into?”

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      3. Thanks for the comments, Chris.

        Yes, the RCC view that the Bible is both infallible and fallible is impossibly incongruent, just like the Catholic view that baptism is essential to salvation/all unbaptized religionists and atheists can allegedly merit salvation.

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  3. Christian TV is such an oxymoron at this point as there’s nothing Biblically sound about it! Like everyone else I hope this Lamb situation will open peoples heart and minds to what’s happening but will most likely get glossed over as God’s will. How’s work going?

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    1. Thanks, Mandy. Yup, people will continue to tune into Daystar (and TBN) despite the glaring incongruities (e.g., preach health and wealth, but die from COVID-19).

      RE: work
      Thanks! I was way over my head yesterday, but things got better today. Tomorrow should be good. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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      1. Thanks, Mandy! They actually did designate a person to help me and he’s a pretty good worker. He’s still semi-training somebody on his old job and doing some other things so he ends up helping me about 50% of his day. He’s a big help and I hope he can wean away from the other things.

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      2. Thanks, Mandy! Having a designated helper is huge. I previously had to ask the other guys to help and it was always an intrusion on their conversation and smart phone time.

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  4. 1. Wow Marcus Lamb died! Surreal! You were just posting about him last week!
    2. “With the RCC’s rule of mandatory celibacy for its clergy, Catholic seminaries, rectories, and convents were/are magnets and incubators of fornication, deviancy, and abuse.” RE: Can’t imagine what sickness is going on…
    3. ” smiling “papa” Francis, ” You know what’s ironic? I see him frown with an ugly face more than any other recent pope. I mean Francis stink face is quite his signature…have you seen it, do you know what i”m talking about?

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1. Yeah, Marcus Lamb’s death “should be” a wake up call for people following the health and wealth, prosperity false gospel, but of course it will just keep rolling along.

      2. I read a few accounts from Catholic ex-seminarians who said the atmosphere at the schools was like that of a gay bar.

      3. Oh yes, I’ve seen Francis’ scowl many times, especially when he’s speaking about conservative clerics. Vatican “insiders” say he has a temper and can be quite rude to “subordinates.” In spite of that, his manufactured/manipulated public image is that of the smiling, “down-to-earth,” loving papa.

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      1. “Vatican “insiders” say he has a temper and can be quite rude to “subordinates.” “
        RE: if there’s something that reveals what is one’s true character it’s how one treat subordinates…tells us a lot about this Pope

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      2. Yup, he’s all smiles for the cameras, but no tolerance behind closed doors. Remember Francis’ scowl the day Trump visited the Vatican? That was a hoot!

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