2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #3

As I reported last Monday, the leaves on our oak trees were finally beginning to turn color and drop in earnest. How did week #3 in the leaf campaign go?

Monday’s forecast called for rain and snow, but the leaf campaign doesn’t stop for weather. At 11AM, I strapped on my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and blew all of the leaves that had fallen in the backyard over the weekend into two very large piles. I then commenced raking the leaves onto the tarp and dragging the tarp to the front and dumping them along the curb. Because of the drizzle and snow, the leaves and the tarp were wet and heavy. The wet grass did not facilitate dragging the tarp, either. I finished at 3PM, totally exhausted. I ended up dragging 12 tarpfulls to the curb. I believe my record haul for a single day is 13 tarps. Needless to say, I was semi-comatose the rest of the afternoon and evening until I finally hit the sack.

Unlike Monday, Tuesday was a nice, sunny day. While the leaves continued to fall, there wasn’t a huge accumulation overnight. I leafblowed the east side of the backyard and collected and dragged 3 tarpfulls to the curb, a relative and much-needed respite compared to the previous day. I also blew the leaves in the front yard to the curb and mowed the front lawn for the last time this season.

Wednesday was an overcast day, but no rain. I leafblowed the west side of the backyard, collecting and dragging 2 tarpfulls to the curb. I also mowed the backyard west side for the last time of the season.

Rain was forecast for Thursday and at the crack of dawn I could see the leaves coming down fast as the low-pressure system moved in and the wind picked up. Then the rain started. Would Thursday be a wash out? The campaign doesn’t stop for a little wet weather! I strapped on my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and collected all of the leaves in the backyard into two big mounds. Just like Monday, the leaves were heavy from the rain and I quit after 5 tarpfulls, leaving the second mound of leaves for Monday.

The 22 tarps I collected in week #3 was a very decent haul. That gives me a total of 28 tarps so far in the campaign, 47% of the projected 60 tarp goal. I have a long way to go.

Huh? Hang on a second, folks.

“What’s that, dear? The to-do list? Sorry, the to-do list is on-ice until January!”

Looking out the sliding glass doors at our backyard this morning, I see that a lot of leaves fell over the course of my work-weekend. I definitely have my work cut out for me for week #4.

Monday, November 22nd, 8AM

25 thoughts on “2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #3

  1. Wow, from backyard pic, thats a lot of work! We’ll be in the burbs tomorrow for long Thanksgiving break. I’m sure there’ll be lots of leaves there!
    Have a great week brother and a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🍃🍂🍂🍁🍃🦃

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    1. My gas-powered leafblower does a great job of corralling all of the leaves. The tough part is hauling them to the front curb.

      Thanks and have a great week and Thanksgiving Thursday yourself!


    1. Thanks, Marla. If I didn’t collect the leaves they would kill the grass and the dead leaf layer would just get thicker and thicker. I imagine a concerned neighbor would call the town and I would be penalized until the leaves were cleaned up.

      Knowing what I know now, I never would have bought the property 17 years ago.

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      1. One or two trees is fine. But a property with 15 oaks and several of the neighbors’ oaks also leaning over yard is a giant red flag to buy a different house. Yeah, the homes down the road have many spruces and the amount of needles is incredible (although not as bad as the oak leaves).

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      2. I had two mounds of leaves leftover from yesterday so I was able to drag 4 tarpfulls to the curb today. The neighbor lady was shaking her head thinking I was raking through the snow.

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  2. Time you are a lot like me you are into statistics. It is so interesting to see how much leaves could fall off the trees in New York. My wife swept our roof last week when I went to visit our member and there’s no way my wife and I can do what you do even together!

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    1. As I’m dragging tarps I’m always thinking in terms of…this is tarp #X, so therefore I have Y% of the leaves done. Why couldn’t I have been that analytical when we looked at this property? It was soooo shortsighted of me when we bought this property to not anticipate the massive amount of leaves that would be involved.

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      1. Thanks, brother! Dragging the tarps is getting to be too difficult for an old guy. Next spring or summer I’ll definitely be purchasing a rider mower that can drag the tarp and/or mulch up the leaves into a container.

        ROC got a couple of inches of snow overnight, which will slow down the campaign.

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