Assessing the 2021 San Diego Padres at the All-Star Break

Last night was the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in some sports frivolity and check in with the San Diego Padres at the half-way point of the baseball season.

Well, the Friars are off to a “decent” start. Their 53-40 (.570) record puts them ahead of 22 of the other 29 teams in MLB, BUT with the surprising 57-32 San Francisco Giants and 56-35 World Champion L.A. Dodgers sharing the NL West, the Padres’ playoff hopes are definitely not secure.

The Padres’ infield of Eric Hosmer (1B), Jake Cronenworth (2B), Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS) and Manny Machado (3B) continues as arguably one of the overall best in the entire MLB. Victor Caratini (C) does a decent job behind the plate. The outfield of Tommy Pham (LF), Trent Grisham (CF), and Wil Meyers (RF) is better than average, but there’s not much depth. Subs Jurickson Profar’s and Ha-Seong Kim’s bats have been anemic. The Padres rank in the top 6 in the NL in AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS. Padres’ pitching is #3 in the NL with a team ERA of 3.41, trailing only behind, you guessed it, the Dodgers (3.14) and Giants (3.26). But the three-month team ERA stat is deceptive. Padres pitching has definitely gone soft the last 30 days (4.58 team ERA). Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove have anchored the starting rotation. Free agent pickup ace, Blake Snell, has been disappointing (4.99 ERA) and former team ace, Dinelson Lamet, continues to battle injuries. Once-promising Chris Paddack (5.38 ERA) can’t find his way out of his two-year funk. When the season started, there was a question on who the Padres’ closer would be, but Mark Melancon has answered the call and then some with an MLB-leading 27 saves at the break.

The Padres led all of MLB with a very impressive 34-19 (.642) record at the May 29th mark, but have been playing mediocre, 19-21 (.475) baseball since then. The Friars’ pitching staff will need to right the ship for the team to have any chance of overtaking the Giants and Dodgers.


  • The Padres were the only MLB franchise without a no-hitter in team history, until Joe Musgrove no-noed the Texas Rangers on April 9th.
  • The Padres are a big draw at Petco Park and on the road with baseball’s most exciting young star in Fernando Tatis Jr. At the break, “El Niño” is #1 in the NL home run derby with 28 dingers and #1 in stolen bases with 20.
  • The rapid development of 2nd baseman, Jake Cronenworth, is noteworthy.
  • Tatis, Cronenworth, and Machado (late addition) were selected as 2021 All-Stars along with pitching staff ace, Yu Darvish, and closer Mark Melancon. The last year the Padres had five All-Stars was 1992.

16 thoughts on “Assessing the 2021 San Diego Padres at the All-Star Break

  1. I didn’t even bother to watch. Padres are definitely in a tough division. I know some folks who have picked the Giants and they are exceeding their expectations. Maybe they will have a cooling off in the second half? The All-Star break can be a horrific curse to some teams and a major blessing to others. The home run derby does more to hurt players swings than it does to help, at least in the case of the Phillies such as Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard. Pat Burrell ALWAYS guaranteed slump after the AS break. Anyway, enough about this! Are you getting horrific storms in ROC? God’s power is on full display here!!! Love and blessings to you and Corinne!!!!

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    1. Thanks for indulging my Padres frivolity! The Giants are such a surprise as many prognosticators had them at #3 or #4 in the division with a sub-.500 record. I hope they falter for the Pad’ sake. It’s interesting how streaks (good and bad) start. A team can collectively play way over its head given the right circumstances and the fostering of a winning mentality/swagger. I only watched a few innings to catch Tatis’ unproductive at-bats. The kid is fun to watch.

      We had some intermittent t-storms last night, but nothing crazy. I heard on the radio this morning that other parts of the county were hit hard. Hope you guys weather the storms OK with no power outages! Thank you and love and blessings to you and Nathan!

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      1. Thanks! Any damage for you guys?

        RE: sisters

        Thanks for asking. I know I previously mentioned that three of my sisters lived together in my 3rd-oldest sister’s house in Florida. It was a bit of a hornet’s nest. Sister #1 went to Arizona to be with her daughter who gave birth at the same time sister #2 with dementia moved to Florida. Now she said she going to stay in Arizona permanently, which leaves sister #3 to take care of #2 with dementia. Sister #4 is not much help because she’s a major alcoholic. I feel bad for #3. We traded some texts today. She took care of our mother with Alzheimer’s and it really wore her out. She was a nurse in a hospital surgical unit but doesn’t have a nursing/caregiver temperament. Ach! Sorry for the long spiel!

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      2. Don’t be sorry! I genuinely care and I will be praying for sister #3. If I may ask, how long has it been since she took care of your mom? I don’t know why I was thinking #2 was going to a personal care/assisted living place. Maybe after her house sells she can look into a place, God knows FL has no shortages of places.

        No we haven’t had any damage praise God. We have lost power. I don’t ever remember being able to see lightening at night from 30+ miles away.

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      3. Thanks for your prayers! My mom died in 2014, my dad the following year. Sister #3 was the caregiver for both starting maybe six years prior to that. Unsuited for the task personality-wise, couldn’t deal sweetly with a person with Alzheimer’s. Angry, always frustrated.

        Sister #2 did move into a senior living facility only a couple of miles from the beehive. She’s in an independent living unit right now, but they also have assisted and memory care units. She’s getting much more assistance from #3 & #4 than she would from the facility in an assisted unit, but the assistance comes with a lot of barking and scolding. #2 has the same hoarding/uncleanliness tendencies she had in Rochester.

        Ach! Sorry you lost power! I know what that’s like. Hope it comes back soon!

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      4. I was pretty positive she was at a place in FL, sad to hear about the hoarding but not surprised (no offense). Everyone should have to care for a memory impaired person for a time. It will humble and reveal things about their character, good and bad, whether they want it to or not.

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      5. RE: hoarding

        Well, I did wrongly assume she was going to curb some of her hoarding behaviors given she was in a spanking clean environment with a lot less stuff. The facility will cancel her lease if the situation gets bad. Staff comes in once per week to do light cleaning. They will report back to management. No easy solution.

        Sister #3 definitely didn’t want the responsibility again. She asked that #2 stay in Rochester, but the Florida facility was twice as nice at about the same price and we all thought #1 would be around to share the load. Argh. Too many details. You kindly asked how my sisters were doing and I’ve written a magazine article!

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    1. Lol. I give you credit for wading through this B-201 post. I know just enough about baseball to be dangerous. There’s plenty of Baseball-401 guys out there who turn it into rocket science.

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