Throwback Thursday: Pilgrimage from Rome: The True Story of a Roman Catholic Priest’s Search for the Truth

Welcome to this week’s “Throwback Thursday” installment. Today, we’re going to revisit a post that was originally published back on December 30, 2015 and has been revised.


Pilgrimage from Rome: The True Story of a Roman Catholic Priest’s Search for the
By Bartholomew F. Brewer
Bob Jones University Press, 1982, 164 pp.

5 Stars

The years tend to blend together at this stage of my life, but I stopped attending Catholic mass around 1981 and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith alone in 1983. Very shortly after my conversion, I discovered the Mission to Catholics ministry led by ex-Carmelite Catholic priest, Bart Brewer.

Mission to Catholics was the type of “old-school” ministry that’s becoming increasingly hard to find these days. Bart and his wife traveled the country speaking in churches and debating Catholic apologists. He offered a very large assortment of tracts, pamphlets, and books dealing with Roman Catholicism and its false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit. In my early years as an ex-Catholic Christian, I was very grateful to have a resource like Mission to Catholics available.

In “Pilgrimage from Rome,” Bart gives an informative and heartfelt account of why he left Roman Catholicism. Bart was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1953, but began to struggle with the doctrines of the church in comparison to what he read in the Bible. He left the church in 1963 and eventually trusted in Jesus Christ as his Savior by faith alone. Bart founded Mission to Catholics in 1973 and faithfully delivered God’s Good News! to Roman Catholics until he went home to be with the Lord in 2005.

Inexpensive used copies of “Pilgrimage from Rome” are available from here.

The Mission to Catholics website has recently been updated and is a good resource. See here.

Postscript: I wonder what ecumenical evangelical Judases would say to an ex-Catholic priest like Bart Brewer or Richard Bennett who knew the Roman Catholic church intimately and knew that it does not teach the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone? What would they do with the testimony of a Brewer or a Bennett? The Gospel betrayers cannot allow inconvenient truth to derail their march towards unity with Rome.

35 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Pilgrimage from Rome: The True Story of a Roman Catholic Priest’s Search for the Truth

      1. This will be a good site, Tom, just like your blog, to recommend to friends who might not be happy anymore in the RC; those in transition. Your blog and this site are the proofs that there are those who have left RCism.

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      2. Thank you too, Tom! I will definitely utilize those resources eventually, in GOD’s perfect timing, that an opportunity of openess arises. The first and only encounter I had with an RC friend was a push back, for now. Now, I have the canons; thanks, Tom!

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    1. 👋🏼 Hope your day’s going well! Just got done writing the Friday rebuttal for two weeks from tomorrow (phew!) and now it’s time to eat KFC leftovers and then (sigh) couch duty.

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      1. If I was working full time at a demanding job (unlike my last one), I’d probably post just two or three times a week instead of being three weeks ahead.

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      2. Thanks. Well, I’m inching closer to retirement age. Hard to believe I was laid off seven months ago. I know the pandemic has devastated families, but the unemployment payout boost was a huge help.

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    1. These kinds of books are regrettably becoming fewer and farther between as the compromise increases. In the book about MLJ that I’m currently reading, there’s a favorable comment about Roman Catholicism in the introduction written by a widely-respected evangelical (I’ll be writing about that in my review). MLJ would definitely not have been pleased.

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      1. Looking forward to that review; that reminds me of our discussion of the book I just recently reviewed in which the author said his favorite Christian was the pope (sigh).

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      2. That book was super disappointing; it might be the worst book I read in 2020; let’s see how the publishers react to my review. I would still like to review books from them, sometimes they have good books but it seems they are pumping out books that’s questionable these days.

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      3. Yeah, that they offer so many books promoting ecumenism is disappointing as well as publishing a couple of Catholic bishop Barron’s books. That’s really bad. It’s the same situation with all of the biggest “Christian” publishers these days.

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      4. Yeah, unfathomable how they can embrace Catholic religionists who are quite upfront and unapologetic about their belief in works-righteousness/merit.

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