Reblog: AfterThought Episode 6 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 1 — Biblical Beginnings

I’ve had the blessing of dialoguing with sister Lauren at Biblical Beginnings for quite a long time. Her postings and friendship have been a true blessing in my life.

Lauren has started a podcast in conjunction with her blog and she recently offered me the opportunity to speak about evangelical outreach to Roman Catholics and the dangers of ecumenism with Rome. She posted part one of our interview this past Monday and part two will follow tomorrow. The link to part one of the interview is below:

I’m very grateful to Lauren for giving me the opportunity to speak on these topics that are so important and very dear to my heart. I encourage everyone to check out Lauren’s blog, Biblical Beginnings, and her podcasts. She already has six episodes completed. Lauren does an excellent job using this new podcast technology and she was an excellent interviewer.

Thank you, Lauren, for all that you do in serving the Lord!


Today, dear ones, I dropped episode 6 of Afterthought! I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to interview Tom from ExCatholic4Christ. In this first part of this two part interview Tom shares his testimony, and explains the difference between Roman Catholicism and Christianity. He also details how ecumenism began, and progressed, in the mid […]

via AfterThought Episode 6 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 1 — Biblical Beginnings

37 thoughts on “Reblog: AfterThought Episode 6 – Interview with Tom from ExCatholic4Christ: Part 1 — Biblical Beginnings

  1. Brother, thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for your support. You’ve taught me so much about this area, I’m excited for the next part of the interview tomorrow so that others can glean from your knowledge. My husband, for example, has a hard time reading anything. His eyes are all kinds of wonky, ones near sighted, the others far and both are essentially blind. Even with glasses, he gets a headache if he strains too long reading. He listened to the interview and was so excited about what he learned! I hope others who struggle with reading will likewise be blessed by our conversation, and more believers will be encouraged to share the Gospel with RC’s.

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    1. Thanks, sister! I’ve been a nerdy reader for all of my life, so I sometimes forget that others like your husband don’t always relish picking up their information that way. I’m glad he benefited from the interview and I’m excited that your podcasts are able to reach those who would never consider regularly reading through a bunch of 500 word blog postings.

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      1. Thanks and Happy Friday, Wally! Just about to brew my first cup of joe. Always a good moment. BTW, I listened to Zack’s sermon on the drive home yesterday via my iPhone and the blue tooth in my car’s stereo system. I’ve had the the iPhone since December, but it just occurred to me to start using the car’s blue tooth a couple of weeks ago. The neatest thing.


      2. My wife has a Bose smart speaker like that. My son set it up for her but I have to figure out how to link to it, not readily apparent like my car stereo or wireless ear pods.


      3. I’m so thrilled with my wireless ear pods! I use them every day on my long walks and listen to JMac’s sermons and a smattering of others including Begg and our blogging brother Slim Jim. Went into Best Buy with no clue but told the kid I didn’t want to spend a fortune. He directed me to a set from JLAB. Only $25. Has the wire behind the head but that’s fine with me as opposed to paying 3X to 4X for the completely wireless kind.

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      4. People living in/near New York City are known for their New York/Brooklyn accent but there’s none of that up here. We are said to have a Rochester accent which is a variation of the Great Lakes Region accent, very nasally and an unusual handling of As and Os and Rs. Many people have also commented that I’m a “slow-talker” but that’s only because I’m a slow-thinker! 🙂

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      5. Slow talker..that’s funny. Down here I get called the Token Yankee. Even though I am Arkansas born and bred I have lived so many places that I have lost my Souther Accent in large part. That’s an issue for me when I speak, as my mouth sometimes outruns my listener’s ears!

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      6. No, I din’t detect much of a Southern accent when I listened to your sermons. You’d fit in up here in Yankee-land!

        RE: my mouth sometimes outruns my listener’s ears!

        I don’t think anyone ever accused “slow-talking” me of outrunning my listener’s ears with my mouth!

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