A popular apologist stands up for the Gospel and calls a lie a lie

As an ex-Catholic who was and is saved by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, I am troubled by evangelical pastors and para-church leaders who succumb to ecumenical pressure and compromise and suggest to their followers that Roman Catholicism teaches a similar Gospel, even though Catholic priests, prelates, and apologists unapologetically proclaim that their church teaches salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

Several of the most popular evangelical apologists – men like Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, and Lee Strobel – blur the irreconcilable differences between Catholicism and Biblical Christianity in an effort to advance ecumenical “unity.” Craig has acknowledged on his website (see here) and in friendly, ecumenical dialogue with Catholic bishop, Robert Barron (see here), that Catholicism teaches a heterodox version of justification, yet he still embraces the RCC as a Christian entity! Mind boggling! On Zacharias’ and Strobel’s websites, you won’t find ANY information critical of the Roman church, but in their books and media messages you will definitely see or hear glowingly favorable references to Roman Catholic saints, clergy, and theologians. The message to their audiences is clear and unmistakable.

When I first heard about J. Warner Wallace (photo above) and his Cold Case Christianity apologetics ministry, I was a little skeptical. I assumed Warner would be following the lead of compromising ecumenists like Craig, Zacharias, and Strobel.  How blessed I was to read the following recent article on Wallace’s web site:

What Does the Bible Say About Purgatory?
By J. Warner Wallace
May 24, 2019

“My mother was a cultural Catholic for many years, and although she was quick to identify herself with Catholicism, she had a limited knowledge of the Church’s teaching. Worse yet, she wasn’t yet a robust Bible reader. When I eventually became a Christian, I found myself examining several claims of Catholicism to see if they were true. Catholics believe in purgatory, ‘a place or condition of temporal punishment for those who, departing this life in God’s grace, are, not entirely free from venial faults, or have not fully paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions.’”

To continue reading this article, see here.

This is an excellent article, my friends. Purgatory is not Biblical, but is an essential component of Catholicism’s salvation system of sacramental grace and merit. I appreciate that Warner has taken an uncompromising stand against Catholicism’s doctrines of Purgatory and merited salvation.

I see that J. Warner Wallace is currently a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Interesting. The Colson Center, like its founder, Chuck Colson, is a strong supporter of ecumenism with Rome. Has the center’s president, John Stonestreet, or anyone else contacted Wallace yet regarding his critical article on Roman Catholicism? I’m curious how Wallace reconciles his Biblical views on Catholicism’s spiritually-deadly doctrinal errors with the Colson Center’s strong support of ecumenism with Rome? Such an incongruity is typical in today’s evangelical church. Let’s pray for J. Warner Wallace that he stays true to the Gospel of grace.

The forces of spiritual accommodation, compromise, and betrayal are all around us brothers and sisters and have even secured many of our pulpits and para-church ministries. We are all called, every one of us, to battle for Truth and fidelity to the genuine Gospel of grace in this era when plurality, tolerance, and relativism are worshiped as idols.

22 thoughts on “A popular apologist stands up for the Gospel and calls a lie a lie

  1. Thank you for this excellent article and the all-important reminder that salvation occurs by God’s grace alone, through faith in Jesus. The false doctrine of purgatory is so devastating, and it’s sickening that popular Christian apologists would support it by cozying up to Catholicism. . . . the whole ecumenical movement is lame, and reveals how ‘wishy-washy’ the teaching is of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s surprising that any thinking person would fall for it. Who would want to be part of a religious system where the core beliefs are constantly changing!???

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    1. Thank you for the good comments, Lisa. The evangelical church is in such a weak and compromised state at this point that most “evangelicals” would judge this post to be offensive.


  2. Wow, it is indeed refreshing and exciting to hear of a ministry standing steadfast! Thank you for sharing this, brother. I needed the encouragement. I will be praying for him, as I pray daily for you, to continue sharing this unpopular message.

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    1. Thank you for you kind words, sister, and for your prayers! I fully expect J. Warner Wallace is going to experience all kinds of pressure to cave and conform because of that article.

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  3. I immensely appreciate Wallace speaking about heretical errors contrary to the Gospel whether it is Romanism, JWs, or Mormonism. That excerpt you provided that is part of his testimony and his mom’s background explains some more about him, thanks.

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  4. Tom…another excellent blog post. Thank you for bringing to our attention an instance of Gospel faithfulness. We need to hear of those occurrences to take encouragement for the battle you speak of. Let none of us be complacent; this is a battle for the truth of God’s word, the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which the enemy loves to twist and distort to the destruction of souls who think they are following Him, but who are actually following another Jesus. As far as I can tell, it’s a raging battle with most of Evangelicalism standing confused and complacent on the sidelines. Keep contending for the one true faith!

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    1. Thank you, Contendia! I appreciate the encouragement. Yes, the watchmen are slumbering and the wolves are entering the church via the front door and pulpit! To voice an objection is to raise the ire of the congregants.


  5. Excellent article Tom, really useful learning more about American church culture and the names, being from a very small corner of the vineyard with less than 2 million people!

    The contradiction in many church leaders’ and theologians’ positions really does seem hard to understand at times. One can only pray God will send a mighty awakening on either side of the Atlantic in our day and generation.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the accommodations and compromises of the ecumenists are beyond comprehension and can only be a explained as spiritual blindness.

      Lord bless your service to the King and the Kingdom! I actually have a post queued up for later this week that’s somewhat connected to the Gospel outreach in the U.K.

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  6. I have a copy of “Born Again Catholics and the Mass” around here somewhere, but haven’t read much of it. I’m interested to hear what you have to say about it.

    By the way, bro, I emailed you a month or two ago, to your AOL address. Not sure if it got lost in a spam filter or if it even went through.

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