Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views -12/22/18

The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England on September 6, 1620 with 102 Pilgrim Puritans and a crew of 30 aboard and arrived in New Plymouth Harbor in late-December, 1620 (the actual disembarkation date varies). The Pilgrim Puritans proclaimed Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace. Will there be any trace of the Gospel in these mostly-secular celebrations in 2020? The word, “Puritan,” has become a pejorative in today’s culture. While the Puritans did attempt to set up a theocracy, which sometimes tended to religious excess, they did proclaim the Good News of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. It’s sad to consider that New England is now one of the most secularized regions of the country.

As the attorney generals of thirteen individual states and the F.B.I. continue their investigations into the celibate pedophile priests and cover-up scandal, many more predators will be revealed than the Catholic church had voluntarily divulged previously. This scandal is going to gnaw at Roman Catholicism for years to come.

The Catholic hierarchy’s plea for the laity to trust them to resolve the clerical sexual abuse and cover-up is akin to asking the chickens to trust the fox with the key to the hen house.

Ecumenical evangelicals turn a blind eye to Catholicism’s unabashed teaching that everyone of all religions and even atheists can merit Heaven if they follow their conscience and are “good.”

Catholics must try to reconcile their infallible popes of the past who strongly approved of the death penalty and had Protestants burnt at the stake, with pope Francis who says those popes were wrong and that capital punishment is “inadmissible under any circumstances.”

Pope Francis’ crafty lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees was buried in a footnote in his 2016 Amoris Laetitia encyclical and is slowly trickling down into practice at parishes. Conservative Catholics are so bludgeoned by Francis’ “reforms” and the current scandal tsunami that they barely have the energy to protest.

Miss Universe Pageant Embroiled In Controversy As All Losers Identify As Winners (satire)

  • I don’t endorse beauty pageants, but I thought this article from the Babylon Bee was a good satire of the irrationality of trending secular liberalism.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views -12/22/18

  1. HI Tom. Check this out. We are actually eligible for inclusion in the organizations of the Mayflower Society. Years ago, a distant cousin did a full genealogy of my grandmother’s family, and the results were fascinating. Francis Cooke and Thomas Rogers were ancestors of mine that I can actually trace all the way back to the Mayflower. I represented the 14th generation on these shores. In fact, and this is a little hazier, but pretty conclusive. Way back during the early Reformation days, some relative of mine was actually burned at the stake as a heretic for being involved in some Bible printing or something. I wish I had paid attention to that, but back then I didn’t even understand what the big deal was. I still have a fascination diary of a woman, Emily Holden Richmomd who migrated from the east coast to Memphis in the very early 1800s when that was actually a true pioneer trek.We still have Holdens in the family to this day. My family are historically Cumberland Presbyterians, which is an offshoot of the main church who mostly settled in the regions around Tennessee and Kentucky.

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    1. That’s some pretty interesting family history, Wally! My wife has a connection to one of the early founders of Rhode Island. I would like to pursue studying our family’s genealogy but I know with my personality it would consume all my time. We’re peasant immigrant stock on my father’s Polish side and my mother’s German ancestors came over around the time of the Civil War so no deep American roots for me.


  2. 1.) I wonder if they would talk about Puritan beliefs too with the celebration…

    2.) “LA bishop resigns 13 years after church learned of sex abuse claim”
    Wow that one hits close to home since its in state where I live.

    3.) “Roman Catholic Bishop Tells Jewish Host Ben Shapiro: Those ‘Outside of the Explicit Christian Faith Can Be Saved’”
    It’s such a contrast with MacArthur on the show a few weeks ago

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    1. 1. I’m guessing that references to the Puritans’ beliefs will be minimal, right?

      2. More and more bishops are going to be implicated as the multiple investigations move forward.

      3. Thanks for the heads up re: J Mac’s appearance! I bookmarked the YouTube video.

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