Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/28/17

Pastor Robert Jeffress (photo left) of the First Baptist Church of Dallas mixes religion and patriotism so liberally completely, he would make Jerry Falwell blush. And like Falwell, Jeffress was so eager to enlist conservative Catholics in his political efforts, he threw the Gospel under the bus. See my previous post on how Jeffress caved on ecumenism here.

In addition to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this Tuesday, October 31st, we have Guy Fawkes Day coming up on Sunday, November 5th. The BBC is currently airing “Gunpowder,” a series about the Catholic plot to seize the English monarchy and parliament in 1605. Were Jesuit priests directly involved in the Gunpowder Plot? Conspiracy theories abound but we’ll never know the answer to that question for certain.

Is there any job in America that’s harder than being President Trump’s spokesperson? Whoops! I forgot I’m trying to stay out of politics. Sarah Huckabee is one of those ecumenical, doctrine-lite “evangelicals” who respects her husband’s Catholic “faith” (in salvation by sacramental grace and merit) to the degree that she allowed her three children to be baptized as Catholics and attends Catholic church with her husband every Sunday in addition to an “evangelical” service.

Is there anyone out there who still gives money to prosperity gospel shyster, Benny Hinn? Oh, sure, and not just to Hinn. Gullible souls rack up debt on their credit cards by sending “seed money” to all the TBN televangelist hucksters and then wait for the promised windfall.

Catholics and liberal ELCA Lutherans are throwing joint prayer parties all across the USA this month to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation while traditionalist Catholics like Müller stew over their church honoring heretic #1, Martin Luther. Cardinal Müller and his EWTN allies need to wake up and smell the coffee. Glad handing the Protestant “heretics” as “brothers” has proved to be much more productive than hurling anathemas at them.

Ecumenism between Catholics and Protestants is on the fast track and will continue to accelerate. The one-world church with the pope in the driver’s seat wasn’t in sight fifty years ago, but it certainly is today.

I didn’t know dancing was a sin until I joined an independent fundamental Baptist church in the early 80s, but that was no problem for me. Few things are more ridiculous in my view than standing there and shaking your arms and legs to music in public. Yup, me and our ol’ Baptist pastor were on the same page (at first). By the way, while the pastor regularly blasted dancing from the pulpit, beating the pulp out of someone in an MMA brawl was just fine according to him.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/28/17

  1. Wow, Tom, you have lit my fuse today LOL. Sorry, this may be a mini blog post.

    Robert Jeffries. Never have enjoyed his preaching much. He seems like a big weenie to me. I prefer preachers a bit more tough shelled. I suppose that’s not really relevant to anything, though. However, I stand in complete and total opposition to allowing anyone into a church pulpit who is not there to preach the Word of God. Even when we have a “guest” speak like maybe the Gideons or a missionary, a preaching from that Word is expected. I would walk out if that happened to me. That man had no place in that pulpit; it is for preaching, not politicking.

    I think very little of Mike Hukcabee at all. I will sum up. God calls men to preach. If He called Mike Huckabee, then preaching is what he should be doing, not striving to become a celebrity. I don’t read where God un calls the men He called. There are too many churches without pastors, and one of the reasons is that many men want what they want and not to answer God’s call.

    Finally, dancing. I will lighten the mood a bit now. We are Baptists. We are so bad that if a song mentions dancing, we will cross it out and put singing. I promise that is true. I happen to think that is absurd and speak my opinion on it freely. But, anyway, my funny story. One of my favorite songs our choir sings is “Holy Highway.” One really can’t sing it and not move. One day our choir director told me that was the song for us today. I got excited and did a wiggle. She said, “You can’t DO that!” I said, “Why not?” She said, “Because you are dancing.” I commenced to recounting the story about David dancing as he returned the Ark to the city, and made some minor allusion to people acting like Abigail. She said, “But David didn’t dance like that.” I said, “Like how?” She said,”You moved your hips!” Being the trouble maker I am, I immediately have them a good shake and said, “Like that, you mean?” Good thing she loves me or she might have taken offense.

    I am done!

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    1. Thanks a lot for the input, Wally! I wouldn’t last ten seconds under Jeffress’ preaching let alone his bringing Hannity up on the platform, but I guess his congregation has gotten used to his shtick or enjoys it. I liked your dancing story! I think dancing is silly but I’ve been known to sway back and forth during a catchy CCM worship tune myself!

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    1. Some articles I’ve seen about the series comment on its depiction of the heavy persecution Catholics were enduring in England at the time, which prompted the plot. Once again we’re seeing the media presenting Protestants as the persecutors and Catholics as the victims. In the 27 months I’ve been posting on this blog and paying attention to media articles about Catholicism and Protestantism, I don’t think I’ve seen a single story in which the Catholics were portrayed as the persecutors.

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  2. Excellent weekend roundup, brother! I’ve been so disappointed to see ecumenicism be the biggest celebration of this Reformation anniversary. It should be creating a greater understanding of false gospels and the Truth. There’s a huge Lutheran/Catholic party happening to celebrate the Reformation. So bizarre. Thanks for all you’ve pointed out!

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    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, sister! Yes, Rome is spinning Reformation 500 to its advantage as much as possible. The message from the Vatican is, “OK, maybe a little of the Reformers’ message was necessary, but now that everyone’s got THAT out of their system, let’s put it behind us and get down to the serious business of unification.

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