6 thoughts on “The Gospel preached by Paul Washer vs. the “gospel” preached by Joel Osteen

  1. These are great videos, and they show such a contrast! Thanks for sharing them here! I had a little time this afternoon to look at another of his videos on YouTube, and that was titled “Do You TRULY Know The Lord.” One of the things that he said was something like “You don’t know God, and God doesn’t know you.” I understood the first part, but was unsure what he meant by “God doesn’t know you.” Any thoughts? (And if not, that’s okay! I’m just appreciative that you shared this with us!) Thanks!

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    1. Thanks a lot, John. I have listened to that particular video also although it’s been awhile. I’ll have to listen again tomorrow. But I’m guessing Washer is referring to Matthew 7:23 where Jesus remarks he will say to some who profess Him, “I never knew you.”

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      1. Sure John. One of Washer’s main themes is a call to the people in the pews to examine themselves. Many profess Christ but there’s zero fruit. Such messages obviously aren’t popular these days.

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