No Need for Caution: God is at Work!

My wife and I accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ, as our Savior and began attendinggaw church with our two sons when they were very young; ages 8 and 4 at the time. Although they sat through four children’s church services a week for eight years and heard the Gospel more times than you can count, they never accepted Christ. While in their teens they both became devoted disciples of radio shock jock, Howard Stern, and adopted his philosophy of raging atheism. I can’t blame it all on Howard because I certainly wasn’t a good witness for the Lord after having walked away from Him for a long stretch. We went through some rough times as a family but both boys eventually joined the Air Force. Our oldest son took an early leave but our youngest has racked up 16 years of service and will retire in 4 more years.

Our two boys are now middle-aged men at 42 and 38. We pray daily for their salvation and ask the Lord to put people and circumstances in their lives that will cause them to think about Him. We mention the Lord to them whenever a good opportunity comes up. I’m also grateful for the prayers many of you have offered. Our oldest son is an easygoing softy, like me 🙂 and seems to ponder spiritual matters more readily, especially with all the rancor going on in the world. The younger son is a LOT more hardnosed and cynical.

Well, the youngest called the other day to shoot the breeze. He’s stationed down at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls, Texas. He told us he was selected to be a member of the base’s honor guard squad in addition to his regular duties, which is a nice accomplishment. The honor guard serves at ceremonies at the base and at funerals of deceased veterans in the area. He’s already gone through a lot of the training. Then a light went on in my head and it occurred to me that my son is going to be at a LOT of funerals and will be hearing a LOT of graveside Gospel from born-again ministers. Remember, this is TEXAS we’re talking about. I told my son to pay attention to all the born-again ministers preaching at the gravesides and ignore the others.

So, our son is going to hear a LOT of Gospel as well as witnessing a steady stream of mortality. Praise the Lord for answering prayer!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

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