5 Reasons I’m Not Catholic

I appreciate the good article below that was published on The Christian Post web site apf few days ago.

5 Reasons I’m Not Catholic
By Shane Idleman
The Christian Post

I recently had the privilege of meeting a priest of a large parish in Southern California. The purpose of our conversation was to discuss the role of tradition in light of Scripture. Granted, some tradition is beneficial if it lines up with Scripture.

I have Catholic friends who are devoted to God — they are pillars in our community. I attended a Catholic High School and loved the faculty. I desire peace with all men, but the Bible also encourages me to boldly and confidently present a scriptural basis for truth.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Not Catholic

  1. Wow good for Christian Post for sharing that. Just when I thought no Christian publication would ever share the Evangelical and historical Protestant view of Catholicism, this one was a pleasant surprise!

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    1. Yes, very shocking to see this article in The Christian Post. I’ve seen maybe two or three other articles in CT critical of Catholicism in the last 18 months and they were all by Shane Idleman.

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