False teachers and huck$ter$ run amuck on TBN!


Here’s an excellent 28-minute clip from Justin Peters and Sold Out 4 Jesus regarding all the false teachers and huck$ter$ featured on TBN.

Turn off TBN. Get off the couch and attend and support a godly evangelical fellowship in your area where the pastor preaches God’s Word without compromise. READ AND STUDY YOUR BIBLE. Don’t get your theology from TBN.

6 thoughts on “False teachers and huck$ter$ run amuck on TBN!

      1. ” It baffles me how believers get sucked into the TBN trap.” It baffles me too! Some of those clips from TBN preachers said some things that were really really out there…

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      2. They say that the health and wealth prosperity churches are spreading like wild fire in South America – the promise of earthly riches naturally appeals to the large populations of poor down there. But how long can that continue before people start scratching their heads and saying, So when am I getting mine???

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