Roman Catholicism: What You Need to Know

Roman Catholicism: What You Need to KnowRCW

By James G. McCarthy

Harvest House Publishers, 1995

Harvest House Publishers came out with a series of “What You Need to Know” Quick Reference Guide pamphlets on a variety of interesting subjects. In this pamphlet, Evangelical minister and former Catholic, James G. McCarthy, succinctly compares Roman Catholicism with God’s Word. Outlined topics include salvation, the mass, Mary, authority, and justification.

This is a valuable primer for anyone interested in the basics of Roman Catholicism and is available at McCarthy has written several books on Catholicism including The Gospel According to Rome (Harvest House, 1995, 408 pages).

Additional titles in the “What You Need to Know” series include:

Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Masonic Lodge, Five Views on the Rapture, Christian Views of War, Is America in Bible Prophecy?, Creation vs. Evolution, Bible Translations, Intelligent Design, Archaelogy and the Bible, Homosexuality, Bible Prophecy, Islam, Angels, and Believing in Jesus.

To purchase materials on Catholicism directly from Harvest House click here.


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