Judas “evangelical” mega-church pastor should send all his members to Catholic churches

Judas “pastor” Rick Warren (left) searching for unity with cardinal Sean O’Malley

Ecumenical “evangelical” mega-church pastor, Rick Warren, makes it his business to praise pope Francis and the Catholic church whenever possible. Just this past Friday, Warren pushed Evangelical-Catholic ecumenism at his closing keynote address at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, sponsored by the Vatican.

Faithful Evangelicals proclaim the Good News of salvation by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ alone. In sharp contrast, the Catholic church teaches salvation by sacramental grace and merit. There are many “evangelical” pastors, like Warren, who dismiss the critical doctrines regarding justification for the sake of “unity” and embrace works-righteousness Catholicism as Christian (“Although we have some differences, we all love Jesus Christ”).

My advice to Judas pastor Warren is to put his blood money where his mouth is and shutter the windows and lock the doors of the ten churches of his $addleback empire in California and lead all of his “separated brethren” lemmings to local parishes of the “one true” Catholic church that he admires so much. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen (otherwise known as $$$$$). Plus, the Vatican is ecstatic over Warren’s ecumenical accommodation (aka betrayal of the Gospel) and wants him to remain right where he is, doing what he’s doing.


World Meeting of Families ends with appeal to “minimize our differences”

By Emily McFarlan Miller

September 26, 2015


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