Reformanda Initiative Podcast #10: Wrestling with the contradictions of Vatican II

Welcome to the tenth installment of our weekly Reformanda Initiative podcast series! I’m excited to present the ministry of Dr. Leonardo De Chirico and his associates at Reformanda Initiative as they examine Roman Catholic theology in order to inform and equip evangelicals.

Season 1, Episode 10: Wrestling with the contradictions of Vatican II

Show Notes

This episode follows up a conversation that began in episode 9, “Why Vatican II is essential to understanding present-day Roman Catholicism.” In this episode, we discuss the “development” of Roman Catholic theology, a development that evangelicals claim is contradictory to the previous doctrines put forth by previous church councils. Listen as we discuss how Vatican II seems to clearly contradict not only past councils but also (and more subtly) its own documents. How should Evangelicals understand such contradictions? Listen to find out.

My Comments

The Second Vatican Council aka Vatican II didn’t change any of the RCC’s core doctrines, but it did change how the church viewed Protestants and non-Catholic religionists such as Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, and even atheists. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) consigned all non-Catholics to hell, but 400 years later Vatican II (1962-1965) allowed that it was possible for all religionists and even atheists to merit Heaven. The RCC has never disavowed the declarations of Trent, so how can the RCC hold two contradictory positions simultaneously? That is the thrust of this excellent discussion by the Reformanda Initiative team. In their analysis, the RI guys refer repeatedly to the sixteenth paragraph of the Vatican II document, Lumen Gentium (“Light for the Nations”), which can be referenced here. This is a fascinating discussion, folks. Your jaw will drop at the blatant incongruity of the RCC and its false gospel.

Season 1, Episode 10: Wrestling with the contradictions of Vatican II
Featuring Leonardo De Chirico, Reid Karr, and Clay Kannard
December 23, 2019 – 43 minutes

Next week: Season 1, Episode 11: Missiological Implications of Vatican II Theology

17 thoughts on “Reformanda Initiative Podcast #10: Wrestling with the contradictions of Vatican II

  1. Good post on the contradiction of Vatican II. Good point about Vatican 2 contradicting other confessions and contradiction with itself. I like that breakdown in the show.
    Thought it was interesting that with Vatican 2 there are shades of spectrums of being in the church as before it was more clear.
    Fascinating to also learn that V2 doesn’t have any anthemas; rather different than Trent!

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    1. Thanks brother! I’m really enjoying these examinations of RC-ism from a more academic view. Yes, Vatican 2 is a blatant contradiction of Trent, but the RCC sells it as a “development” rather than the contradiction that it is.

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      1. I too am glad that there’s a more academic driven resource on RC…and they are available for free! This has been an educational dive for me. Thanks Tom for having this as a weekly feature!

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      2. I appreciate your support and encouragement, Jimmy! I realize many/most are not drawn to these types of academic, theological discussions. If it were another topic, I (Tom T-101) would probably have a hard time, but I have enough of a foundation re: RC-ism to be able to follow along easily.

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    1. Thanks, brother. After six months of down-time, I see the Reformanda Initiative guys are back with more podcasts. There’s currently 45 additional episodes waiting in the queue.

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