LSH Annual – 2011

It’s time for another frivolity break, so let’s board our time bubble and head over to the 31st Century for another adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes in…

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1: Here I Am
Writer: Paul Levitz, Penciler: Keith Giffen
DC Comics, February 2011

3 Stars


On the planet Orando (homeworld of Sensor Girl/Princess Projectra), a desperate young woman, Falyce, flees her tormentors and stumbles into the abode of the Emerald Eye of Elkron, which transforms her into the Emerald Empress. With the aid of the powerful Eye, she quickly subjugates the entire planet.

Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet are passing Orando in their spacecruiser, but the powerful Eye draws the ship down to the planet and the Empress takes them prisoner. Back at Legion headquarters in Metropolis, Gates, Sensor Girl, and Sun Boy receive data indicating their comrades’ ship has crashed. They set out for Orando, but the Empress is expecting them. A series of battles ensue as the Empress and Legionnaires both attempt to gain the upper hand. As part of a calculated plan, Violet shrinks to molecular size, enters the Eye, and proceeds to its core, and then rapidly enlarges, shattering the Eye. Falyce is freed from the domination of the Eye, but is seriously traumatized. As the rest of the Legionnaires return to Earth, Sensor Girl remains on Orando to nurse Falyce and the planet back to health. Meanwhile, the Eye restores itself and escapes Orando to a destination unknown.


DC published yearly “annuals” for its comic franchises including the Legion. This 45-page special issue features this “one-off” story that has only a slight connection to the 2010-2013 “older Legion” plotline. Long-time LSH fans know the first Emerald Empress, Sarya of Venegar, first appeared in Adventure Comics #352 way back in January 1967 as a member of the Fatal Five. Falyce was actually the third Emerald Empress in Legion lore.

Nope, this wasn’t a particularly good story and Giffen’s pencils are mediocre as usual (he was the Legion’s regular artist in the 1980s), however, it was fun to visit again with the Emerald Empress and the Eye. There are cameo appearances by Cosmic Boy, Dawnstar, and Dream Girl.

10 thoughts on “LSH Annual – 2011

  1. I know you are a LSH comic nerd. Why? “Emerald Empress, Sarya of Venegar, first appeared in Adventure Comics #352 way back in January 1967.” That’s an incredible trivial fact you know! Wished this annual had more better connection with the 2013 LSh story. Wished the story was better especially for 40 plus pages for an annual!

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    1. RE: I know you are a LSH comic nerd.
      Guilty as accused. I actually began following LSH with Adventure Comics #350 (November 1966) and the debut of the Emerald Empress and the Fatal Five followed just two issues later. It turned out to be what’s widely regarded as the greatest LSH tale of all time with the Legion and FF improbably teaming up to stop the Sun Eater and included the death of Ferro Lad. I know this sounds more nerdy than Sheldon Cooper.

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      1. RE: read all LSH comics in print???
        Nope, I had collected Adventure Comics (featuring the LSH) #s 350-372 (1966-1968) when I was a kid, but when DC began publishing its hardcover Legion Archived Editions in 1997, I bought the first 9 volumes, which collected all of the Legion’s stories from 1958 to 1970. From 1970 to 2010 I would pick up a Legion comic every once in awhile to see what was going on but that was pretty rare. Then I bought all 80 of the LSH comics from 2010 to 2013 as they were published (multiple titles), but didn’t start reading them until last year when I began the 2010-2013 reviews. So I’m missing about 40 years of Legion lore (from 1970 to 2010 there were several gap periods when the LSH didn’t have a monthly book). Sorry, I reviewed my comments and I see I’m lapsing into Sheldon.

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