Reformanda Initiative Podcast #4: The Christ-Church Interconnection

Welcome to the fourth installment of our weekly Reformanda Initiative podcast series! I’m excited to present the ministry of Dr. Leonardo De Chirico and his associates at Reformanda Initiative as they examine Roman Catholic theology in order to inform and equip evangelicals.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Christ-Church Interconnection

Show Notes

The second pillar/cog of the Roman Catholic church is called the Christ-Church Interconnection. What is it and what does it mean? Simply put, it refers to the Roman Catholicism’s understanding of itself as the continuation of the incarnation of Jesus Christ on earth. In this episode, we will discuss how the Christ-Church Interconnection is related to the previously discussed pillar, the Nature-Grace Interdependence, while describing some clear theological implications of this pillar. We also identify specific theological doctrines and practices in which the outworking of this pillar can be seen.

My Comments

Last week, the Reformanda Initiative guys looked at the first of the two basic constructs undergirding RC theology, the Nature-Grace Interdependence. This week, they examine the second construct, the Christ-Church Interconnection. This might seem like theological gobbledygook at first take, but it’s succinctly descriptive and accurate. The RCC presents itself as THE mediator between Nature and Grace, between man and God. It presumes to stand in the place of Jesus Christ in redeeming its followers through its priests and sacraments. The RCC doesn’t say it’s just another denomination, but claims itself to be the ONLY legitimate and authorized church. By presuming the offices and prerogatives of Christ, it presents itself as the ipso facto prolongation of the incarnation.

These two constructs drive the Catholic theological engine. All secondary doctrines derive from these two basic constructs. Grasp these two concepts and it’s easy to understand RC-ism as a system. Excellent discussion and insights from the Reformanda Initiative team.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Christ-Church Interconnection
Featuring Leonardo De Chirico, Reid Karr, and Clay Kannard
October 12, 2019 – 39 minutes

Next week: Season 1, Episode 5: Time Distinctions Meet Theology, Part 1

13 thoughts on “Reformanda Initiative Podcast #4: The Christ-Church Interconnection

  1. Good post! Once more a good discussion on Grace/Nature divide. I do appreciate the worldview approach of the whole system of RC and not piecemeal. I think where it helps is to say to those who say “But RC just have some differences” one can say it is all whack from even the theological presuppositions and precommitments

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    1. Thanks! Yes, applying the two constructs, the Nature-Grace Interdependence and the Christ-Church Interconnection, helps me to examine the RCC more systemically. Ecumenists get into trouble by misguidedly embracing the RCC as a Christian entity albeit with a “few minor quirks.”

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