Legion #8: “The Shape of Death”

Let’s board our time bubble once again and head to the 31st Century for another adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes in…

Legion of Super-Heroes #8: The Shape of Death
Writer: Paul Levitz, Pencilers: Yildiray Cinar & Daniel HDR
DC Comics, February 2011

5 Stars


At the sprawling Brande Estate on Earth, Colossal Boy and Dream Girl console Pheebs, private secretary of R.J. Brande, who blames himself for the assassination of the philanthropist and Legion benefactor and the circumstances leading to the Durlan attack, when the trio is suddenly confronted by shapeshifters. The Durlans are determined to murder Pheebs who they view as a traitor. Earth-Man and Shadow Lass join the fray and an epic battle ensues. The heroes escape harm, but Pheebs is killed. Concurrently, Tellus and Wildfire assist an injured Dawnstar after a Durlan attack on Weber’s World. At Legion Headquarters, Legion leader, Cosmic Boy monitors the multi-site Durlan chaos as well as the…huh?…incoming votes for the new Legion leader. Cos meets with Zendek to discuss the Durlan attacks, but the Science Police Chief reveals he is a Durlan shapeshifter in disguise and is convinced CB was complicit in Brande’s death. A fight ensues, but Element Lad arrives and subdues the would-be assassin. During a short pause in the Durlan attack upon the United Planets, it’s revealed that the Legionnaires elected Mon-El as the next leader. Other Legionnaires playing small roles in this issue include Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid, and Phantom Girl. Brainy had advised Cosmic Boy to get his hands on a supply of “Cancelite” stored in the Legion’s lab prior to his encounter with the ersatz Zendeck, but Cos was prevented from doing so. Cancelite is a gas created by Supergirl and perfected by Brainy which can negate a Durlan’s ability to transform.


This was an excellent issue with lots of whiz-bang action as Levitz gets deeper into the Durlan assault. The panels at the end of the book illustrating the election results override my previous speculations and solidify the official 26-member Legion roster below:

  1. Brainiac 5
  2. Chameleon Boy
  3. Colossal Boy
  4. Cosmic Boy
  5. Dawnstar
  6. Dream Girl
  7. Earth-Man
  8. Element Lad
  9. Gates
  10. Invisible Kid
  11. Lightning Lad
  12. Lightning Lass
  13. Mon-El
  14. Phantom Girl
  15. Polar Boy
  16. Quislet
  17. Saturn Girl
  18. Sensor Girl
  19. Shadow Lass
  20. Shrinking Violet
  21. Sun Boy
  22. Tellus
  23. Timber Wolf
  24. Tyroc
  25. Ultra Boy
  26. Wildfire

It’s been just a little disconcerting juggling the 2010-2013 Legion roster with the Legion roster of the 2022 JL vs. LSH mini-series.

It did seem a bit silly for the Legion election to take place simultaneously with the deadly Durlan onslaught. How is Mon-El’s election as the Legion’s next leader going to work with his selection as the next Green Lantern?

13 thoughts on “Legion #8: “The Shape of Death”

  1. Wow 26 characters in the roster! That’s a lot of characters! Are the shapeshifters aliens that are partly invisible? I think I saw that in another DC comic. Sad to hear Pheebs died…and it sounds like a lot was jam packed in this issue!

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    1. Yeah, 26 characters is a dramatically unwieldy roster for a comic. The Durlans can transform/mimic any form, living or non-living, but they’re not partly invisible. Could a Durlan transform into Invisible Kid? Interesting thought. Chameleon Boy is actually a Durlan and his name signifies his ability to change form. Yup, lots of action in this issue.

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      1. That’s so much more than some of the new batman issues that has so few action in the issues and they turned it into a 2 volume of many issues romance graphic novel of Batman with Catwoman…sigh

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