New Series: Reformanda Initiative Podcasts

I’ve been blogging for…sheesh…seven-plus years now and over that long span the bulk of my 2300+ posts have been devoted to outreach to Roman Catholics and educating evangelicals about Rome’s false gospel and the dangers of ecumenism. In my research, I’ve come across several ministries that address Roman Catholicism. One of the best that I’ve found is the Reformanda Initiative, led by Dr. Leonardo De Chirico. Others associated with Reformanda Initiative include Gregg Allison and Michael Reeves. I respect these three solid theologians and brothers in the Lord very much.

Reformanda Initiative produces blog posts, articles, books, seminars, videos, and podcasts informing both Catholics and evangelicals about Roman Catholicism’s false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit in comparison to the genuine Good News! Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Last week, I presented a couple of interesting RI podcasts that dealt with the topic of “invalid” RC baptisms, a topic I’ve touched upon previously. While preparing that post, I noticed that RI has an archive of 54 podcasts dealing with RC-ism, hopefully with many more to come. It occurred to me that the podcasts would be excellent material for a weekly series. Each Monday, I’ll post a single podcast and also include the introductory notes from the RI staff along with my own short evaluation. We’ll begin the podcasts next Monday.

I’m really excited about this new series! By myself, I’m just one ex-Catholic, born-again, believing blogger with no formal theological education swimming against the rising tide of ecumenical compromise with Rome. What a joy it will be to “team” with a formidable ministry in Christ like the faithful and knowledgeable brethren of the Reformanda Initiative.

Reformanda Initiative website

Next week: Season 1, Episode 1: What is the Reformanda Initiative?

13 thoughts on “New Series: Reformanda Initiative Podcasts

  1. When is your blog anniversary? I keep on forgetting! Seven plus years, wow! Today is my 16 years anniversary on here! Lots have change on WordPress since then!
    Wow 54 podcasts on RC! That’s heavy duty and from a group that has solid guys on the team!

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    1. RE: blog anniversary
      My start-up was July 17, 2015.
      Wow! Big congrats on your 16 year anniversary! Such a long time. I appreciate your faithfulness and excellent content.I know you’ve witnessed a lot here at WordPress over the those years, including a lot of bloggers coming and going.

      RE: Reformanda Initiative podcasts on RC
      Thanks. I’m really looking forward to this series. Yes, the Reformanda Initiative group is such a solid team.

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