JL vs. LSH #5

It’s time once again to board our time bubble and journey to the 31st century for another adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes as they tag-team the formidable Great Darkness in tandem with the Justice League.

Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes: The Gold Lantern Saga, #5 of 6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Penciller: Scott Godlewski
DC Comics, August 2022

4 Stars


The story opens with Ultra Boy, leader of the Legion, advising all inhabitants of New Earth to evacuate the planet because of the encroaching Great Darkness. The Legionnaires and Justice Leaguers huddle together in 21st Century Metropolis trying to figure out a solution to the Great Darkness crisis that’s happening in both time eras. The JL-ers repeat that they had been forewarned of a time-space continuum disaster linked to a Gold Lantern ring and Batman and the rest of the JL-ers demand Gold Lantern hand over his ring for examination. After much cajoling, GL reluctantly concedes. The Caped Crusader begins an investigation, gathering multiple clues. The tag-team collectively determines “someone” is attempting to manipulate the time-space continuum in order to “destroy the age of heroes,” past and future. In the final panels, that “someone” is revealed to be none other than…gulp, take a seat…mega-villain, Vandal Savage!


Ah, after four tediously mundane installments, we’re finally getting to some resolution regarding the mysterious Great Darkness. My last experience with Vandal Savage was in the LSH-Star Trek crossover series (see my 2019 review here). Although Gold Lantern is featured prominently in this issue for his reluctance to surrender his ring, there’s still very little basis for sub-titling this series as “The Gold Lantern Saga.” Perhaps Bendis is saving that for the final issue?

Additional Legionnaires featured in this issue include Blok, Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Dawnstar, Doctor Fate, Dream Girl, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Karate Kid, Lightning Lass, Lightning Lad, Matter-Eater Lad, Mon-El, Monster Boy, Princess Projectra, Rose Forrest, Saturn Girl, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, Timber Wolf, Triplicate Girl, White Witch, Wildfire, and X-Ray Girl. I didn’t spot Phantom Girl, Star Boy, or Ferro Lad, who has yet to make an appearance in this limited series.

8 thoughts on “JL vs. LSH #5

  1. Wow trying to stop an age of heroes in two different realms! I love that Batman is on the investigation…I love it when Batman is a detective. Also amazing how many characters fit in this issue!

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