Kazan Redux – The Index

I’m not much a movie watcher, but I have studied director Elia Kazan (1909-2003) and his nineteen films for many years. I originally reviewed all of Kazan’s films here at WordPress over the span of December 2016 to December 2017. For some strange reason, I got the unexplainable bug to review Kazan’s movies AGAIN over the interval of January 2020 to August 2021. I never did present an index of those “Kazan Redux” reviews, so I offer that below.

A spate of books were published about Kazan from 2000 to 2016 and in that period half of his films were re-released on Blu-ray. But the last six years have been comparatively quiet, with interest in Kazan apparently waning as time marches forward. Nope, I have no plans to review Kazan’s movies ever again. Been there, done that – twice! But I will be reviewing another book about Kazan next week.

A young girl dreams big dreams in turn-of-the-century (1900) Brooklyn while her family is wracked by alcoholism.

A cattle baron clashes with homesteaders and an unsympathetic wife.

A prosecutor risks political suicide in the search for justice.

A Gentile journalist poses as a Jew in a crusade to expose anti-Semitism.

A mixed-race young woman navigates bigotry in the Deep South.

A public health official contends with criminals in order to stem an epidemic.

A frazzled Southern Belle seeks haven in the wrong place.

A leader of the Mexican Revolution gets in way over his head.

A circus troupe in Soviet Czechoslovakia makes a dash for freedom.

A longshoreman fights his corrupt union.

A rebellious young man seeks the love and approval of his stern father.

A dark comedy of failed dreams and the search for revenge.

The rise and fall of a populist demagogue.

An elderly woman stands in the way of progress.

Two teenagers find love and deep disappointment.

A young Greek dreams of leaving increasingly hostile Turkey and finding freedom in America.

A successful advertising executive wonders what it’s all for.

A Vietnam vet can’t escape the violence of the war.

A successful Hollywood studio exec gets sidetracked by a romantic infatuation.

20 thoughts on “Kazan Redux – The Index

    1. For some strange reason, Kazan’s film adaptation of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” was not released as an individual DVD nor is it available via Amazon Prime video streaming. It was included as a DVD in a collection of most of (15 of 19) Kazan’s movies. Really too bad because it is such a good movie.
      No beach for us this week because of Corinne’s sister convalescing at our house after surgery. We’re doing well, thanks, and hope you and Nathan are as well!

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      1. She had knee surgery and will be leaving tomorrow. She was convalescing at her daughter’s home, but her daughter kicked her out a week early because the two weren’t getting along.

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      2. Thanks, it’s all been good. I get along with her very well, but sisters are sisters.
        The weekend workload is always a mystery until I arrive Friday morning. But thanks! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

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      1. I’m getting older or something; was 30 minutes into it and it gave me too much dark vibes that I will have to finish it later; these days disturbed war vets movies makes me uncomfortable to watch at night; nothing major but just hard with it

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