San Diego Padres at the All-Star Break

Above from L to R: Manny Machado (3B), Jake Cronenworth (2B), and Joe Musgrove (P) represented the San Diego Padres in the MLB 2022 All-Star Game. Cronenworth had a slow start this year, but a recent hitting surge meant a last-minute call-up to the All-Star Game as a replacement player.


Yesterday was the MLB All-Star Game, so how are the San Diego Padres doing at the break?

The Padres’ season started out on a low note with 23YO phenom, Fernando Tatis Jr., on the long-term injured list due to breaking his left wrist in the off-season. But Manny Machado carried the Padres to a very impressive 45-28 record at the June 24 mark. However, since then the Padres’ bats have gone cold and they’ve lost 14 of their last 21 games for a 52-42 record, 10 games behind the Dodgers. This disappointing stretch brings to mind the Padres’ complete collapse last year after the 2021 All-Star Game.

In past All-Star break reports, I’ve posted a lot of detail about the starters, but I haven’t been paying as much attention this year. Suffice to say the Padres have a .689 team OPS which ranks them at #11 in the NL. That’s pathetic. There’s a lot of blame to go around, but Luke Voit (DH), and Trent Grisham (CF) have been particularly ineffective at the plate. Some of the few bright spots besides Machado and a surging Cronenworth are journeyman outfielder, Nomar Mazara, signed by the Pads to a minor league contract in the offseason and promoted on June 2nd, and new #2 catcher, Jorge Alfaro. The Padres’ team ERA 3.77 ranks them at #6 in the NL, meaning the pitching has been decent, but not outstanding (aside from Musgrove that is).

There’s still a lot of baseball left to play, including the long-awaited return of Tatis, but it’s becoming evident that this current high-priced roster assembled by GM A.J. Preller is incapable of delivering an NL West pennant to San Diego. Preller’s had 8 seasons at the helm to figure this out. How much longer do the owners give him?

12 thoughts on “San Diego Padres at the All-Star Break

  1. And complicating things is the Dodgers, who continue to play outrageous ball, and the Giants, who are capable of knocking the Padres out of the wildcard race. Very similar to the Rays with the behemoth Yankees, and the Sox and Jays who could surpass them in the playoff race. I feel your pain!

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  2. The All-Star Break makes and breaks seasons!!!!! From the home run derby (destroying players batting swings) to the almost week long breaks, hot teams often cool off and the cold teams get life. Baseball truly is a marathon sport not a sprint! I was so frustrated right before the break Phillies announcers and commentators/writers talking about Wild Card. I said, “there’s half a season to go!” Like the Padres when the Phillies go into the break hot they have a dry stretch and when they are tepid, the break gives them a chance to get healthy and come alive.

    Did you happen to see the adult male Padres fan who pushed some kids out of the way to get a blue Jay players autograph?! I’m so glad the guy didn’t have on a Phillies hat!!!! 😜😜😜

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    1. The Padres’ complete collapse after last year’s All-Star break was so bad it was almost as if it was choreographed by the Dodgers. No MLB team lost as many games after the 2021 break as the Padres. The team gave up on themselves. The Pad’s roster can’t match up with the Dodgers’ quite yet.
      Hope your Phillies can give the Mets a good run. I only watched one inning of the game, saw Machado hit into a double play. Just watched the video of the old guy pushing kids aside for an autograph. He’s definitely not a Padres fan, probably a crafty Dodgers fan who stole the cap to disparage the brown and gold.

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  3. Wow didn’t know they weren’t doing so good; don’t follow baseball other than your post! Speaking of Dodgers, on Tuesday they had a game and some military jets flew all over our area very loudly getting ready to make a fly over for the Dodgers Stadium with the national anthem…that was cool

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    1. Yup, the Dodgers were actually hosting the MLB All-Star Game at Dodgers Stadium Tuesday night. Those fly-overs are cool. Did you see Top Gun 2 yet? I may write about it for a future post.

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