Above: Former member of the Byrds and full-time tweeter, David Crosby, reacts to the news that the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.

Huh, David? You’re holding to a blatant incongruity. If you believe all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, what about the pre-born’s right to life? Apologize to all of the women in this country? How about apologizing to the 30 million pre-born baby girls (and 30 million pre-born baby boys) killed in abortions in the U.S. since 1973?

Pro-abortionists must work very hard to ignore and/or deny the blatantly obvious, that a pre-born baby is a living, human being.

27 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Hi Tom. Some of the negative feedback I have seen on this recent decision has been truly mind boggling and demonstrates the depth of depravity some have reached. A distant relative of mine stated yesterday that she had no problem “killing” the fetus within her and having it “sucked” out of her. Can’t even begin to respond to that one. But, until the heart is changed, morality for others cannot be legislated when you are dealing with a deeply divided country where more are in favour of abortion than against it. A symptom is not the same as the cause and until the root cause is addressed and changed, you are banging your head against a brick wall. Personal conviction that abortion is wrong is one thing, and no one can force someone to have an abortion if they do not agree with it, but forcing no abortions on those who do not hold the same conviction as us, only causes more division, which I suspect is the goal of our accuser, and it appears to be working quite well. Abortion is a symptom of warped heart, it’s like trying to fix a hole in a paper canoe when the real problem is the canoe is made of paper. The problem will not be resolved until we get rid of paper canoes and expect opposition from those who are used to and like paper canoes. Our society is NOT primarily Christian, why do we keep ignoring that? Maybe if we spent more time on the Great Commission we would not be dealing with this problem as we now are. My two cents. Blessings!

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    1. Thanks, Bruce. As you know from my many past posts and comments, I’m not one for mixing faith and politics. I agree that “legislating morality” is surely not the same as evangelizing. We should never be surprised that unbelievers think and act like unbelievers. However, I couldn’t help but point out the incongruity of the pro-abortion, “all of us have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” mindset after reading Crosby’s tweet yesterday. I also can’t help but be pleased with the SCOTUS decision.

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  2. Where a person stands on this subject speaks volumes about their worldview about life. Huh? is right, Tom. He feels he personally has to apologize to all the women in this country? Does that mean that he will take credit for the abortions that have occurred? He is treading in dangerous waters.

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    1. RE: Does that mean that he will take credit for the abortions that have occurred?

      Good question, Chris. Crosby is a proud atheist, but takes “moral” stands on a wide variety of issues, all of which is an incongruency. Upon what standard/s does he base his morality? He’s his own “god.”

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      1. Lots of “gods” like him in our world today. It’s so unfortunate and I suppose they need our prayers as much as anyone else because they have built there houses on sand.

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  3. Going to read this; my Sunday was exhausting mroe than normal, after chruch and prayer meeting I preached at another church and then after that we had membership meeting with lots to talk about so we went over time. The AC at church had some problems so with suit and tie I was super drained!

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      1. Huh?!?! Never heard of them?!?! King of Queens ran from 98 to 07 and Diners began in 06 and is still going strong. When I come home from work on Fridays and Saturdays I always eat dinner while watching Diners.

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      2. Understandable that you haven’t heard of them. The King of Queens was before your time. Diners just makes the viewer hungry. My wife doesn’t understand why I like it. The host, Guy Fieri, is very entertaining.

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  4. Sad to hear this about the Byrds. I feel so many debates online from the other side don’t acknowledge that the baby is a human life. You are right how a bout apologizing all those who are murdred? I wish those who pass crazy slogans would consider th Science

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    1. RE: I wish those who pass crazy slogans would consider the Science

      Yup, atheist Crosby boasts that he goes strictly by science, yet as an abortion supporter he must believe the myth that a pre-born becomes a life only at the moment he/she exits the birth canal. Well, it’s been documented that some pregnant women have gone to abortion clinics and end up birthing the unwanted baby and he/she is left to die (or worse), so even birth doesn’t define life for the abortion supporter.

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