Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/11/22

Catholics have long-defended pope Pius XII’s absolute silence in the face Nazi-German fascist aggression and especially in regards to the genocide of six-million European Jews in the Holocaust. Historian David I. Kertzer examined the Vatican’s only-recently unsealed archives to discover that Pius XII conducted secret negotiations with Adolf Hitler and a “dirty deal” accord was reached. Kertzer concludes from the archival evidence that Pius XII, the alleged “Vicar of Christ,” pragmatically colluded with Hitler to preserve the church for a future with Nazi Germany as the dominant power in Europe.

There’s a lot of speculation in Catholic media that 85-year-old pope Francis may be considering retirement. Fueling the rumors is Francis’ increasing loss of mobility (he now gets around in a wheelchair due to knee pain), his recent appointment of 21 (mostly progressive) cardinals in order to “stack the deck” in the election of his successor, and his upcoming visit in August to the Basilica of Santa Maria de Collemaggio in the central Italian city of L’Aquila, which hosts the tomb of Celestine V, a hermit pope who resigned after five months in 1294 because he was overwhelmed by the job. The papacy is anti-Biblical on multiple levels and history unflinchingly records its shameful record of avarice, corruption, tyranny, and endorsed bloodshed.

A new chapter in the “wafer wars” was written when San Francisco archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, barred abortion supporter, Nancy Pelosi, from receiving the Jesus wafer in her home diocese. But a recent survey reveals a preponderance of Roman Catholics disagree with Cordileone and the other conservative bishops. The majority of Catholics believe abortion should be legal, favor greater inclusion of LGBT people, and oppose the denial of Jesus wafers for politicians who support abortion rights,

These so-called “Reformed” liberal denominations no longer hold to the genuine Gospel and easily embrace Roman Catholicism as a (c)hristian entity.

Los Angeles auxiliary bishop, Robert Barron, is one of the most recognizable U.S. Catholic clerics with his “Word on Fire” proselytization ministry. Pope Francis recently “promoted” Barron to the office of bishop of out-of-the-way Winona-Rochester in Minnesota. Who did Barron offend? Is the transfer the result of the recent sexual scandal at “Word on Fire”? We recall when evangelical apologist and ecumenical compromiser, William Lane Craig, appeared with Barron as fellow “brothers in Christ” (see here).

This article has some interesting information on how Catholic media conglomerate EWTN has become the bastion of anti-Francis Catholic conservatives.

The term, “evangelical,” has largely lost its meaning.

Rick Warren adopted the church-growth methods of marketing guru, Peter Drucker, and along with Bill Hybels launched the multi-campus, seeker mega-church movement. Lots of shallow preaching at Saddleback and other seeker mega-churches. Warren, known as “America’s Pastor” back in his “purpose driven” heyday, is an enthusiastic friend of Roman Catholicism. Warren has given seminars at many RC dioceses across the country, advising bishops and priests with their false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit on how to retain and grow their congregations.

Tom’s retirement countdown – 20 more weekends to go!

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/11/22

  1. All of this compromise, religious hypocrisy and evangelical apostasy are the big mixers readying a one world religion. Not sure if we’ll still be here to see it all culminate, but the mix is in.
    Have a good weekend brother! 😎

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  2. I haven’t gotten past your first entry here, Tom. I’m assuming pope Pious XII wrote or spoke words considered infallible (or as Archie Bunker would say, “inflammable”) at times. The collusion with Hitler kinda takes a wrecking ball to all “moral” statements this pope ever made.

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    1. Hey Chris. The only alleged “infallible” statement by Pius XII was his declaration on the supposed assumption of Mary directly into Heaven, issued in 1950. This discovery of Pius’ collusion with Hitler is a big story with big ramifications as you allude to, but with so much calamity in the headlines these days and a declining interest in religious matters, it sadly just gets an “Oh well” from most. Funny about Archie!

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  3. Answering your question my day is going well I’m now going to read this as I have been on the road driving for a 12 hour trip back to Colorado from Iowa. My wife is on the wheels now and I am taking a break as a passenger reading this

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  4. Well, hit the wrong something right in the middle of that comment. I was just going to ask if Francis has issued any statements that are considered “God’s Word?”
    It seems like a pretty big deal to me, too. This pope only seems to make the news when he does something to tickle the ears of the liberals and leftists.

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    1. Nope, Francis has not issued an “infallible” declaration. Catholic theologians can only agree that three papal declarations were infallible: the dogma of the immaculate conception of Mary (1854), papal infallibility (1870), and the previously mentioned assumption of Mary (1950). So what good is alleged papal infallibility when it is almost never exercised?


      1. That was exactly what I was going to ask you. I guess it is three strikes and they are already out. There is no such thing as a forth strike but, if it happens, it’s going to be a doozy.
        The doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary would be enough to send me packing from the Catholic church. May God open the eyes of those being taught such things.

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      2. Thanks, Chris. As would be expected, Francis is not a big fan of papal infallibility and defining dogma and has made several critical speeches, which has added to the conservative Catholics’ dislike for him. Yes, we pray for Catholics, they’re in desperate need of the genuine Gospel.

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      1. I’m glad you see the resemblance, too. I know if means nothing but they both welded a bit of power. Some think Ramses the Great was the pharaoh in Exodus. I think it was Thutmose the III but it really doesn’t matter I suppose. What we do know about Ramses the Great would make him a much braver man than Pius XII.

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  5. 1.) “Kertzer concludes from the archival evidence that Pius XII, the alleged “Vicar of Christ,” pragmatically colluded with Hitler to preserve the church for a future with Nazi Germany as the dominant power in Europe.”
    So crazy. The compromises with Romanism is so many…

    2. The UCC is extremely liberal. So no surprise concerning

    3. “evangelical apologist and ecumenical compromiser, William Lane Craig, appeared with Barron as fellow “brothers in Christ”
    Sad to see what these classical apologists would do to court Romanism.

    4. I can’t stand Rick Warren’s teachings

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Romanism compromises
      Pope Pius XII’s secret deal with Hitler explains his silence throughout WWII. This revelation “should” have been bigger news, but the RCC marches on.

      RE: UCC extremely liberal
      Yup, all of the “reformed” denominations mentioned went apostate generations ago.

      RE: Craig and Barron
      The moment in the dialogue when Barron asked WLC why he won’t convert to RC-ism and WLC responded that the RCC is wrong among other things about justification, but he still embraces the RCC as a Christian entity was a jaw-dropping incongruity. I need to watch that moment again.

      RE: Rick Warren
      Like Billy Graham, highly admired within evangelicalism, but such a bad influence in many ways.

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  6. Thanks Tom, for another informative roundup.

    It’s amazing how Graham and Warren are so popular. Where has all the discernment gone. You can do or say almost anything in church today and no one will even blink an eye.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy.

      RE: You can do or say almost anything in church today and no one will even blink an eye.

      Sadly true. They could bring in a Catholic priest guest speaker at any “evangelical” mega-church and the majority of congregants would be fine with it.

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    1. Thanks, Beth! Hard to believe I’ve already put in 75 weekends…not that I’m counting. 😊

      Have a blessed day and stay cool!


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