Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/28/22

San Francisco Catholic archbishop, Salvatore J. Cordileone (above photo, right), issued a statement on Friday, May 20th saying that he had barred U.S. Congressional House Speaker and self-described “devout” Catholic, Nancy Pelosi, from receiving the Jesus wafer in her home-diocese because of her enthusiastic support for pro-abortion legislation. Catholics are instructed in their catechism that eating the Jesus wafer is the “source and summit of Christian spirituality.” The wafer wars began in early-2020 after pro-abortion Catholic, Joe Biden, was elected POTUS and conservative Catholic prelates began proposing that all pro-abortion Catholic politicians be barred from communion. Pope Francis quelled the uproar by publicly affirming both Biden and Pelosi. The bishops quietly countered by planning a three-year “eucharistic revival campaign” aimed at educating Catholics about proper Jesus wafer etiquette/reverence, including the requirement of being in a sinless “state of grace” (impossible!) when consuming the wafer. Although he denies it, it’s highly probable that the recent news of the leaked SCOTUS draft indicating the forthcoming overturning of Roe vs. Wade, and Biden’s and Pelosi’s passionate vows to defend “reproductive rights,” emboldened Cordileone to defy Francis and bar Pelosi. The Speaker will be allowed to consume the Jesus wafer in Washington, D.C. where the liberal archbishop, Wilton Gregory, has jurisdiction. The wafer wars continue, no genuine Gospel in sight.

It’s been three months since mass murderer, Vladimir Putin, ordered the Russian military to invade Ukraine and yet pragmatic pope Francis has still not condemned Putin by name. Francis has even shifted some of the onus for the invasion from Putin to NATO, accusing the strictly-defensive alliance of “barking…at Russia’s door.”

Last week, the bankrupt Rochester Catholic diocese offered $148 million to the 475 survivors of priest sexual abuse and diocesan cover-up. A lawyer representing many of the claimants said the proposed settlement was woefully insufficient. A judge will rule on the offer.

Sweeping sexual abuse under the rug to protect the “reputation” of an institution at the expense of the victims was standard procedure throughout society. The SBC must now face up to past failures in this regard. It’s ironic that at the same time that safeguards/protocols are being increasingly mandated to protect children from sexual abuse, the L*** steamroller increasingly recruits children to its agenda via public school and popular entertainment with society’s approval.

Dallas Jenkins, the alleged evangelical steering “The Chosen” trainwreck, has defended Mormon involvement in the production, saying, why, of course he doesn’t believe “all” LDS are genuine Christians, just like he doesn’t believe all evangelicals are Christians or all Catholics are Christians. Huh? There’s little discernment within big tent evangelicalism these days.

Pope Francis has named 20th-century Filipino archbishop Teofilo Bastida Camomot “venerable”—the third of the required eleven steps in canonizing a “saint.” Catholics claim Camomot was able to levitate and bilocate (be in two places at one time), like several of the Catholic saints. I don’t know if it’s myth or fact, but levitating and bilocating are witchcraft. Catholicism’s notion of sainthood, super-good people who merited salvation and now act as heavenly intercessors/mediators, is blatantly anti-Biblical on several levels.

Josh Duggar was raised in a loving and strict Christian family. The Duggars are members of the independent fundamental Baptist movement. What went wrong? In some cases, the outside of the cup may appear clean, but the inside is filthy.

Why is it that in this country a very troubled 18-year-old is able to walk into a gun store and easily purchase two military-style AR-15 semi-automatic rifles? There have been 27 school shootings so far this year. The culture has descended into blatant sin and violence.

Tom’s retirement countdown – 22 more weekends to go!

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/28/22

  1. All of these are indicative of the lack of discernment and outright apostasy in so much of the “church” today.

    The 18-year-old who massacred those little children and the two teachers also was allowed to buy 350 pounds of ammunition. I have never been a big gun guy but I am a strong 2nd amendment supporter. At the same time, when a kid like this, showing signs of violence online for all to see, is allowed to buy this much potential for violence without question, there is a serious problem.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I don’t believe the shooter would have made it through a background check IF there were background checks. It’s inexcusable that there aren’t at least background checks given the propensity of these mass shootings.

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  2. 1. Yay to 22 more weeks of work!
    2. Its crazy to see the pope and Catholic bishops respond differently to Nancy Pelose and leftist Catholic poiticians for abortion.
    3. Sad SBC has these abuses and coverup. So sad.
    4. The Dallas dude with Chosen is being snakey sneaky

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: 22 weeks
      Thanks! Just about to officially reach 5 more months.

      RE: Catholic vs. Catholic re: abortion
      I thought the “wafer wars” had come to an end but the SF bishop won’t be denied. However, no Catholic, including bishop Cordileone, can ever be in a sinless “state of grace” as the RCC insists a person must be to receive the Jesus wafer.
      RE: SBC
      Very sad that Christians covered up (enabled) abuse to “protect” the church’s reputation.

      RE: Dallas Jenkins
      While many “evangelicals” caved to the ecumenical betrayal and accepted Catholicism as Christian, they held the line at Mormonism and the Watchtower. But that line is now giving way.

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  3. Dallas Jenkins – There is no clarity in his clarification!

    Texas shooting – “The culture has descended into blatant sin and violence.” That sums it up.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy.

      RE: Dallas Jenkins
      Much of evangelicalism has betrayed the Gospel and embraced RC-ism, but held the line at Mormonism and Watchtower-ism. But with people like Jenkins, even that rampart is being breached.

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