Responding to “Meeting the Protestant Response”

We recently completed our nine-month series in which we examined Catholic philosopher and apologist, Peter Kreeft’s book, “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic” (2018). I was mulling over several Catholic apologetics books for our next series and stumbled upon…

Meeting the Protestant Response: How to Answer Common Comebacks to Catholic Arguments
By Karlo Broussard
Catholic Answers Press, 2022, 288 pp.

As some of you may recall, we examined Broussard’s previous book, “Meeting the Protestant Challenge: How to Answer 50 Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs” (2019) a couple of years ago.

This new book is divided into twenty-four chapters by subject matter, which include seventy-seven “common Protestant comebacks” to Catholic apologetical arguments, followed by Broussard’s responses. We’ll examine and answer one of Broussard’s counter-arguments every Friday.

Unlike Kreeft’s “shoot from the hip,” personal philosophical style in “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic,” Broussard uses ample Bible proof-texts throughout this book, so my responses will require much more research and preparation.

I hope you’ll join me over the next seventy-seven weeks as we respond to “Meeting the Protestant Response.”

23 thoughts on “Responding to “Meeting the Protestant Response”

      1. Your comments actually motivated me to go back and check the publishing credits and I saw I had incorrectly spelled his name as Karlos instead of Karlo, so thanks!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! 77 weeks is a load, but the good thing is the 77 distinct points means my research will be in doable slices rather than trying to examine and break down thick chapters.

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  1. A good chunk of his tic tac toe apologetics can be cut down with Lumen Gentium 16. Look at our friend Dave Armstrong’s response or rather lack of response to it LOL!

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      1. Ah I understand; made me think about falling asleep on my keyboard from exhaustion a few night ago in the middle of writing a refutation of a bible contradiction and blowing a fuse in me

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