Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/30/22

Pseudo-Christian mass murderer, Vladimir Putin, attended the Russian Orthodox Easter service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow on Sunday, April 24th (photo above). See the one-minute video here. Putin can be seen piously “blessing himself” by making the “sign of the cross” with one hand as he sanctimoniously holds a candle with the other. Irony? The loss of life, misery, and destruction in Ukraine since Putin ordered Russian troops to invade nine weeks ago is incalculable.

Pope Francis invoked the promises of the supposed Marian apparition at Fatima in 1917 when he consecrated Ukraine and Russia to the “immaculate heart of the blessed virgin Mary” on March 25th. Many Catholics joyfully assumed a peace would miraculously transpire following the consecration, but one month later the Russians continue with their bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Roman Catholics are required to consume the consecrated Jesus wafer at least once per year under threat of acquiring a mortal sin. Catholics who opt for the once-per-year minimum are encouraged to “discharge their obligation” at Easter mass, hence the phrase, “Easter duty.”

“The Chosen” streaming show aimed to present the story of Jesus and the apostles in a “hip,” contemporary way. A few misguided bloggers encouraged me to watch, but a quick google search showed that the LDS/Mormon church was involved in the production. The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, recently opted to utilize an “edgy” reverse-marketing campaign using billboards appearing to be vandalized by anti-(c)hristian haters and orchestrated by Satan. The entire “The Chosen” project is demonic.

Last Sunday, Roman Catholics celebrated “Divine Mercy Sunday.” What’s that? A Polish nun, Maria Faustyna Kowalska (d. 1938), claimed to have been visited by Jesus regularly. The ersatz-Jesus allegedly gave Maria Faustyna instructions on a cultish “divine mercy” painting and a “divine mercy” collection of rote prayers to be recited with the rosary beads. All of this as part of meriting salvation. Fellow-Pole, Karol Wojtyla aka pope John Paul II, had Kowalska canonized as a saint in 2000 and the cult within a cult continues to grow.

It’s surprising that the “hate speech” charges against Finnish parliamentarian, Päivi Räsänen, were withdrawn. Räsänen spoke out against same-sex marriage as contrary to Biblical teaching. This is only a short respite. The L*** steamroller steadily advances.

Conservative Catholic prelates around the world have been nervously observing the German Catholic church’s Synodal Path initiative (2019-2023), which is discussing multiple radical reforms. The possibility of schism within the RCC stemming from the synod is very real.

Controversial U.S. representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, raised the ire of Roman Catholics this week when she stated “Satan (is) controlling the (Catholic) church” because it’s soft on illegal immigration. Greene qualified her remarks afterwards, saying they were directed at the American Catholic bishops, not the rank-and-file Catholic laity/voters. Actually, the Roman Catholic church is demonic because it propagates a false gospel of salvation by sacramental faux-grace and merit.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/30/22

  1. For Putin to be responsible for such incredible human suffering in and at the same time claim Christ (we know he really doesn’t) is mind boggling. And to have so called Evangelicals admire him is beyond my comprehension.“ I wonder what will happen if Trump ever got back into office. Should the Lord tarry I can’t imagine how bad things will get especially in the “church” world.

    My son started to watch The Chosen. It was recommended to him. I don’t know if he still is or not but he didn’t receive it when I told him it was biblically inaccurate.

    All these things are in God’s hands. We look up…

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    1. Amen to all of your comments. Trump’s admiration of Putin, which spread to Trump’s evangelical followers was/is incomprehensible.

      I generally keep quiet regarding national and world politics, but this ongoing massacre in Ukraine for no reason other than one crazed dictator can’t be ignored.

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  2. I stopped at the Chosen article, too outrageous to restrain myself. If God inspires some creative initiative, why would anyone contaminate it with worldly marketing strategies?
    I detest marketed Christianity and how it robs ‘believers’ of their own discipline to seek and study the Scriptures themselves and hear from God.

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  3. That image of Putin is sickening I agree. My daughter, who works in Tel Aviv also now works with refugees coming into Israel. She talked of how she had cried when she’d met an elderly man (93) who reminded her of “grandad” – my father, who died some years ago. This man’s home having been destroyed in Ukraine, he made his way to Israel. He had nothing left but the clothes and shoes he was standing there in. Thousands of civilians have been mercilessly murdered, maimed or displaced in that country. Anyone who condones this serves the “god of this world.”

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Amen to your comments. The misery caused by Putin is incomprehensible. 4 million refugees, most with little or nothing as exemplified by the man you mention.

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  4. Bashar Assad has called Putin the ‘Only Defender of Christianity.’ I guess we only need to consider the source. The short video was very interesting but not surprising. It seems Putin likens himself to another Vladimir. The following article says that “In 988 Vladimir king of the Rus was the first Christian convert. In Kyiv he summoned the whole city to the banks of the Dnieper River for a mass baptism. Holy Mother Russia was born.”


    Who knows what he is thinking but there is certainly a severe disconnect between his beliefs and the true gospel. His actions have been evil. Of that there is no doubt. Your assessment of the results of his actions are spot on, Tom.

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    1. Chris, thanks for the good comments and the enlightening article. Putin certainly sees himself as a Russian “messiah,” returning the country to its former glory and using religion as a tool.

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  5. 1. As I read more about Russia’s nationalism I’m blown away how much Christianity is appropriated for political purposes and Putin does the same.

    2. The Chosen was a Trojan Horse

    3. Wow Marjorie Taylor Greene….

    4. Every week we see more intolerance by the L**T community

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: Russian nationalism and religion
      So much evil in mixing politics and religion. Putin is as much a Christian as the pope.

      RE: The Chosen
      It’s telling that TBN totally endorses it.

      RE: MT Greene
      Many of her conservative Catholic constituents probably agree with her. Her remarks were made to a very sympathetic conservative Catholic internet gadfly.

      RE: L*** intolerance
      Sodom and Gomorrah reblooming before our eyes.

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      1. Believe it or not MT Greene once added me on FB; this was before she got big on the news; but when she got big somehow her personal fb was eventually deleted or she removed me.

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