The Byrds’ Top 25 Songs – Index

As the final dotting of all of the i’s and the crossing of all of the t’s in our six-month-long Byrds’ Top 25 Songs series, I present the index below, with the interlude and books resources posts also included. Thanks for reading, listening, and commenting!

#25 “Gunga Din” by Gene Parsons from “Ballad of Easy Rider”

#24 “Bad Night at the Whiskey” by Roger McGuinn and Joey Richards from “Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde”

#23 “Changing Heart” by Gene Clark from “Byrds”

#22 “Lover of the Bayou” by Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy from “Untitled”

#21 “Jamaica Say You Will” by Jackson Browne from “Byrdmaniax”

#20 “She Don’t Care About Time” by Gene Clark released only as a single

#19 “Bugler” by Larry Murray from “Farther Along”

#18 “The Bells of Rhymney” by Idris Davies and Pete Seeger from “Mr. Tambourine Man”

#17 “Natural Harmony” by Chris Hillman from “The Notorious Byrd Brothers”

#16 “If You’re Gone” by Gene Clark from “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

#15 “My Back Pages” by Bob Dylan from “Younger Than Yesterday”

#14 “Time Between” by Chris Hillman from “Younger Than Yesterday”

#13 “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” by Bob Dylan from “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”

#12 “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better” by Gene Clark from “Mr. Tambourine Man”

#11 “What’s Happening?!?!” by David Crosby from “Fifth Dimension”

The Byrds Top 25 Songs – Interlude

#10 “Chestnut Mare” by Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy from “Untitled”

#9 “Everybody’s Been Burned” by David Crosby from “Younger Than Yesterday”

#8 “Tribal Gathering” by David Crosby and Chris Hillman from “The Notorious Byrd Brothers”

#7 “5D (Fifth Dimension)” by Jim McGuinn from “Fifth Dimension”

#6 “Renaissance Fair” by David Crosby and Jim McGuinn from “Younger Than Yesterday”

#5 “Change Is Now” by Chris Hillman and Roger McGuinn from “The Notorious Byrd Brothers”

#4 “Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan from “Mr. Tambourine Man”

#3 “Turn! Turn! Turn! adapted by Pete Seeger from “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

#2 “So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” by Jim McGuinn and Chris Hillman from “Younger Than Yesterday”

#1 “Eight Miles High” by Gene Clark, Jim McGuinn, and David Crosby from “Fifth Dimension”

Books for Byrds Nerds

Below is a link to the index of my reviews of all of the Byrds’ twelve albums that I published back in 2018:

The Byrds’ Albums: 1965-1973

16 thoughts on “The Byrds’ Top 25 Songs – Index

  1. I was alive during the Byrds heyday but I was too young to know much of their material. That “said,” so much of their stuff has been played long after it first appeared that I do have some familiarity with the group.
    I know that posts like this take time so I hope others interested in the Byrds music see this post and appreciate the compilation you’ve made, Tom.
    “Turn!, Turn!, Turn! would have to be my favorite in spite of any political or philosophical intentions there were behind the song. At face value, it is a great song. Words from Ecclesiastes are a bonus as the tune by itself makes it my favorite of the Byrd’s songs I have heard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Chris. Yup, this six-month series did take some effort. Turn! Turn! Turn! is definitely a great song. Byrds bassist, Chris Hillman, has stated that it was the band’s best tune. I wonder how many young people opened a Bible for the first time in search of the passage? I’m sure many.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, Tom. The words in the song are very clearly sung and the memorable melody surely caused many to look for the source of the words.

        Liked by 1 person

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