Hurrah! My posts showing up in followers’ reader feeds once again!

Last week, one of my blog follower-friends, David, alerted me to the fact that he was not receiving my published posts in his reader feed. Hmm. Then Crissy wrote to say the same. Then Bruce. Then Cathy. Well, this was a disconcerting pickle. I’d been regularly posting articles on my blog every day except for Sundays, but many follower-friends were not receiving them. I dug into some of the behind-the-scenes data and discovered many of my followers had not seen any of my new posts in their feeds for the last 12 days, just as Bruce had mentioned. How did that happen? I hadn’t changed anything in my settings.

I contacted WordPress Help yesterday and a rep suggested I clear the cache and cookies from my Chromebook. That didn’t make any sense to me because my Chromebook is only a few months old, but I did it anyway. Bruce also suggested that I switch my general setting from “Public” to “Private” and back again to jolt/reset the software, in accordance with the first rule of repairing malfunctioning electronic gizmos, “Turn it off and then turn it back on.” I also did that.

So, this morning I published my usual Tuesday “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series” post with bated breath and, what do you know, it actually fed to my follower-friends! I know that because yesterday I became a follower of my own blog in order to test if I would receive the next new post in my reader feed. As the above graphic shows, instead of indicating that my blog was last-updated 12-days ago, it now shows as minutes ago.


Thanks to David, Crissy, Bruce, and Cathy for alerting me to the problem and thanks to the WordPress rep and to Bruce for the suggested fixes. I don’t know which option corrected the problem, but “it” worked.

Thank you, God!

19 thoughts on “Hurrah! My posts showing up in followers’ reader feeds once again!

  1. Glad you settled this, Tom! Now, however, another problem: In order to comment I have to fill in email, name, and website. Very annoying. Check your settings under “comments” and see if you fix up this problem. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks, David, and thanks for the new heads up! I went to settings-discussion and turned off the switch requiring commenters to submit all of that information. How did that happen? Sheesh! A person needs an IT degree to be a blogger.

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  2. I always look for your posts, Tom, and when I didn’t see that your Weekend Round Up in my reader, I went to your site to find that it was, indeed, up. Glad that you were persistent and figured out the problem.

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      1. I’m very curious whether “the fix” was clearing the cache and cookies as WordPress recommended or flipping the on/off switch as Bruce suggested, but, alas, it’s impossible to determine.

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