A mysterious drop in views

It may seem a bit tacky for a blogger to write about their blog stats, but I experienced a very strange phenomenon last year. I’ve been blogging here at WordPress for seven years and there was a noticeable increase in views from year to year over that span, until last year. As you can see from the WordPress graph above, this blog had 70K views in 2020, but “only” 45K views in 2021, a 36% drop! That’s pretty significant. The number of published posts did drop from 338 to 284 from 2020 to 2021 due to some upheaval in my personal life, but that’s only a 16% decrease. The content from year to year was pretty similar. So, what happened? I have my theories.

At excatholic4christ, many of my posts examine the Roman Catholic church and its false gospel of salvation by sacramental pseudo-grace and merit. We live in an era marked by rising intolerance for anything deemed to be “intolerant.” I’m sure many Roman Catholics and non-Catholics who are sympathetic to ecumenism would interpret my critical posts as “hate speech.” Even believers are losing their stomach for discernment material. Social media platforms are increasingly monitoring and filtering content that they consider to be “hate speech.” The EU and Canada are a bit farther ahead of the U.S. in this social media censorship. I don’t wish to be paranoid about this. Perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe the huge drop is attributable to other factors.

I surely don’t hate Roman Catholics. I was a Catholic for 27 years and many of my family and friends are still Catholic. For 1500 years, the RCC violently suppressed all opposition and non-conformists and led billions to hell with its false gospel. Yet for pointing that out, I’m the alleged “hater.”

Don”t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the 45K views last year and especially for all of my friends and readers here at WordPress who support this blog and its “controversial” content. We know the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone is bound to offend, as will the calling out of false churches and false religions.

24 thoughts on “A mysterious drop in views

  1. We continue to share the Gospel Truth, Tom! It is not the quantity but the number of believers who received it, repented, and have a right relationship with GOD through the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Thanks, Kent. I totally agree that we are to be faithful to the Lord rather than “number chasers,” but it appears from the data that something unusual happened between 2020 and 2021 that was not insignificant.

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    1. Thanks, David! Yup, I would have changed the content of the blog several years ago if I wanted to accumulate numbers. But the data does show “something” significant happened in 2021.

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  2. I agree Tom. I had to close one of my social media accounts as something similar was happening to me. Later it was brought to my attention that Biblical posts were being filtered and many times not even publish as it was going against their rules and regulations. Also my followers kept diminishing. As we continue to proclaim Truth, there will be persecution, whether online, physical or like in my case last Friday verbal.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy. I read an article recently about how the EU is cracking down on social media to filter out “hate speech” including as it applies to “anti-religious” “hate speech.” One immediately thinks of all of anti-Semitic vitriol on the internet, but of course Catholics would consider my posts anti-Catholic “hate speech.”

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  3. Hi Tom, I’ve noticed the exact same decline. Numbers of followers are increasing but actual views and visitors are declining by approximately the same percentage that you are experiencing. I’d have a tendency to think that this is attributed to a number of factors. I’ve noticed that a significant number of bloggers that I follow, haven’t been making posts as of late (we’re talking double digit months). Interesting enough, countries like mainland China and Russia still continue in the hundred of views annually (China is actually increasing), as are a good number of Arab Muslim countries, which I find encouraging. Considering the control that is exercised in China with regard to Internet access, that is noteworthy. North Korea continues to be totally blocked. Response to searches originated by others continues to draw in the most visitors and views but this is marginally down also. Possibly we are talking about stricter control with regard to content by some of the search engines like Google, but as of yet I haven’t experienced any censorship that I am personally aware of. I repost all of my posts on Facebook and as of yet, I have not been “flagged” for any content that I have reposted. Same thing with Twitter. Not once. What I do find encouraging is that I do continue to get visitors and viewers from almost every country in the world each year.

    If I was guessing I would say that the primary cause of the decline is due to Covid 19. Very close behind that would be anything that could or may be viewed as unpopular “negativity”, which could easily be assigned to Christianity or criticism of almost any nature. I can easily see this as part of the great falling away or hearts turning cold, that Jesus told us about. The visible Christian Church (in all of its various flavours) has not exactly been a shining example of encouragement as of late and the fallout of cynicism should not take us by surprise.

    I don’t put too much stock in numbers, as always, there is a small core of people who I frequently interact with (like yourself), and then there is the vast majority that I never hear from. I’m grateful for the fellowship and encouragement that I do receive from that core. I see your work as a much needed necessity and I know that it is not always easy. Right now the door is open and I can plant seeds, just like you are doing. God gives the increase as He sees fit. I can live with that because as Jesus says, we are either with Him or against Him and I know in my heart why I do what I do, as I am sure you do too. Be encouraged, you’ve been led by our Lord to work on a part of the vineyard that desperately needs the attention you are giving it. Blessings brother!

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    1. Thanks, Bruce. I do remember your post where you expressed similar thoughts. One would think there would be more views resulting from COVID-19 with more people at home and more “idle time.” I wonder why the high views in 2020, a COVID year, but a huge drop in 2021? I saw an article saying the EU was demanding social media companies filter out “hate speech” which prompted my speculation. I could be totally wrong. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, brother! We’ll keep blogging for the Lord!

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  4. Dear Tom, I am not baffled by this phenomenon, it totally reflects God’s prophetic declarations.
    “…a time will come when men will not pit up with sound doctrine…They will turn their ears away from the truth…”
    If we are living in the ‘great falling away era and continue to post the truth, we will have less following.
    But, I believe, the fellowship we do have will be richer.
    Press on brother, post on Tom! May the Lord inspire and encourage us all.

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  5. Sorry to hear of your 36% drop. That is quite a large figure. I notice it seems many conservative Christians’ wordpress also had a drop for 2021. Myself included. I just did the math and have a 13% drop. I think the views would be much lower if I didn’t have a presence of mewe and other alternative social media app as I noticed Twitter these days have algorithim that seems to be against faith, along with facebook but facebook doesn’t seem that bad as Twitter.
    Still I am thankful for the times God has given views on the blog

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    1. Thanks, brother. Yup, it was a very significant drop and the drop will be even lower for 2022. The last five months show an average of 2900 views/month, which works out to 35K for the year. So my views have been cut in half since the end of 2020. Most of my views, by far, come from hits on older posts, so something dramatic happened and I strongly suspect filtering algorithms as you mentioned.

      Yup, I’m grateful for any and all views.

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