Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #119

Today, in our ongoing “Truth from Arkansas” series, we’re featuring two new sermons from the brethren down under.

First, we have Pastor Roger Copeland of Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana, preaching from Proverbs 3:5-6 on “Trusting God in the New Year.”

Next, we have Pastor Cody Andrews of Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Star City preaching from Romans 6:1-10 on “New Year, New Me.”

Both of these sermons were delivered on Sunday, January 2nd.

Pastor Roger Copeland – Trusting God in the New Year

Pastor Cody Andrews – New Year, New Me – The sermon begins at the 9:30 mark

12 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #119

  1. Trust in God: That is an important theme. Proverbs is a great place to see that too. I appreciate his point that everything God has written in the Word is for us to trust in God. Good exhortation

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      1. Thanks, brother! It’s a great blessing that we are able to listen to preaching together. It helps us to “be on the same page” foundationally when trials and difficulties come along.

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