Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/15/22

The top article provides a good summary on how the RCC is gradually shifting towards full embracement of practicing LGBTers. The second article examines a recent detail of that ongoing shift.

Within the RCC, the chasm is widening between conservatives/traditionalists and liberals/progressives.

Poland is the most Catholic country in the world. To be Polish is to be Catholic. But the younger generation is increasingly turning away from the Polish Catholic church with its strong ties to the conservative government.

We’ve been periodically checking on the Synodal Path (German: Synodaler Weg), a reform movement by the progressive German Catholic church. The SP began in December 2019 and will end in 2023. Demands expected from the SP include the ordination of women, married clergy, the full acceptance of practicing LGBT members, including the blessing of gay weddings, and Catholic-Protestant intercommunion. The demands may be “too much, too soon” even for the progressive pope Francis.

It’s ironic that progressive pope Francis condemns the current “cancel culture” because over the course of his papacy he has removed from prominent Vatican positions several conservative cardinals (Müller, Burke, Sarah) who opposed him. It’s also ironic because for 1500 years of its history, the RCC “cancelled” all non-conformists via sword-bearing armies and magistrates.

Progressive pope Francis correctly views the Latin mass as a bastion of his militant, anti-Vatican II, conservative and traditionalist opposition and there is zero chance that he will reconsider his decision to eliminate it.

There was a lot said in the media a couple of weeks ago regarding the one-year anniversary of the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Few remember that the “Jericho March” held a few weeks earlier on December 12, 2020 set the stage for the Jan. 6 events. The “Jericho March” was the name for multiple ecumenical marches and gatherings of politically conservative-minded evangelicals and Catholics held on December 12th in Washington, D.C. to show support for then-president, Donald Trump, and to protest the alleged fraudulent election of Joe Biden. See my relevant weekend roundup report on the Jericho March here. At the march’s “Let The Church ROAR” concluding rally, emcee, Eric Metaxas, shamelessly deferred to his Catholic co-marchers. It was regrettable that genuinely born-again Christians participated in those ecumenical and temporal-focused events. Scripture tells us that we are to be ambassadors and emissaries of the Lord and His Kingdom rather than passionately-invested, temporal citizens, yoked together with the unsaved.

35 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/15/22

  1. Hi Tom, I read through this post including the previous post you linked to in it. I don’t recall reading the post of the “Jericho March” and if I missed that, I am really sorry that I did. It’s hard to adequately describe how distorted the reasoning of some segments of “representative” Christianity has become. The deeper one digs, the more distorted it gets. And yet, hard as it is to believe, there is still even more. I do know this. I am indebted to you for the dedicated hard work that you do and so very thankful. I just need you to know that. Blessings brother.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Bruce. This weekend roundup comment was already written when I read your excellent recent post on Christian Nationalism. Our thoughts are the same on this and that’s an encouragement to me. I hesitate in commenting on this topic because the majority of Christians living in America take for granted Christian Nationalism to some degree and any criticism is perceived as blasphemy as I’ve mentioned before.
      Thanks, brother, and I truly appreciate your efforts along these same lines.

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    1. As far as the same sex issue-they have to keep the money flowing in some how-instead of preaching the truth they steal peoples money and damn them with their antichrist preaching 💔
      Harsh words? To some maybe but to you and I and several others that have been set free from the bondage of the RCC the truth is LOVE found through Jesus alone- NO MONEY NEEDED- 🙏🏻❤️
      That being said many would rather fight the truth then be set free 😞💔

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      1. Thanks, Beth. You make a very valid point. Pope Francis is pragmatically trying to stem the decline in church attendance – and funds! – by being more accommodating and inclusive. He guilefully lifted the ban on the sacraments for remarried divorcees and he’s supporting to a degree Catholic liberals who are demanding the RCC fully accept practicing LGBTers.
        Yes, praise God we are freed from all of this through Jesus Christ!

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  2. My husband just asked, “why are you going “agh!” so much? What are you reading?”
    One thing that always grabs me is the deceiving vernacular (word engineering) used to describe sin.
    “…a more inclusive and pastoral approach to gay and lesbian people…” More “inclusive and pastoral” sounds so caring and loving. In truth, “a more profound way to justify sin by compromising scripture to the dishonor of God”.
    Then re the whole Jan 6th debacle… Eric Metaxis in the pulpit was a significant gauge of apostasy in my now former church. Agh! Discernment gone!
    Press on brother!

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    1. Thanks so much for the good comments, Lisa Beth! I got a chuckle out of your initial “agh” comment. I can relate.
      Yes, progressively pragmatic Francis’ “inclusive and pastoral” approach is just code for accommodating sin as you mentioned.
      Eric Metaxas is definitely one of the chief propagators these days of ecumenism with Catholicism.

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  3. So sad for the people who identify themselves as LGBTQ that the pope continues to go this direction. How can a person repent and get right with God if their religious leader acts like this? As long as this pope is “in office” there will be no change. Well, maybe there will be change in the ungodly direction. The pope is hurting these people, not helping them. They are in bondage.

    I agree with your statement on the January 6th event, Tom. Just this week I was called a “snowflake” by at least 10 people on facebook who took offense with my opinion that a Dad who got up at a school board meeting to rant and call people names wasn’t a hero. The guy told everyone how great a dad he was and never explained what he was upset about and you should have seen the adulation! The political landscape is so ripe with bitterness that it’s hardly possible to have a civil disagreement these days.

    I would be one of the first to get up at a school board meeting and express my horror over the teaching of something like CRT (which this dad never mentioned). I would not make personal attacks but would express why I was very unhappy about something so wrong being taught to children. If someone is that upset with a school board or a member of a school board we still have a democratic process (local elections) where people can work to make change. Ranting and raving and name calling gets us nowhere which was my main statement. It always surprises me how few people are willing to run for the school board. The dad called it a “paid” position. He must live in a different part of the country than I do.

    The break in at Congress was pathetic. I know that the vast majority of the people that day went home peacefully and that isn’t stressed enough. At the same time I think that every person who illegally entered the building that day should be fined and, in some cases, jailed. I’ve seen the videos of people breaking windows and pushing the police around. Last I heard, only 30 some people have been jailed. I think we have been way to lenient on those who damaged and broke things and hurt people, just like we were way to lenient on those who damaged and broke things and shined lasers into the eyes of police in Portland.

    Well, I’ve said my two cents and I’m glad we live in a country where that is still possible. I really don’t get the surge in popularity of certain ideas like socialism.

    Appreciate keeping me up to date on the RCC. It is sad but we need to know what’s going on.

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    1. Thanks, Chris, for all of the good comments! Christians should not be known for “ranting,” but that’s exactly what we’re known for lately.
      Thanks for the support and encouragement!

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  4. 1. This pope is so L*BT friendly..
    2. I barely remember about the Jericho March and also Eric M’s speech for that event. Honestly I think Eric Metaxas’ been a disappointment…and at the same time the writer of the Christianity Today piece is RUSSELL MOORE whom I am also disappointed with too with his tweet that appeases to the world and he plays politics so much himself and never says things that the world would find unpopular…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Yup, Francis is pragmatically friendly. He’s definitely “elevated” the papacy in the eyes of the world with his “pastoral” and “inclusive” approach.

      I’m not a fan of Russell Moore, but I included the article because he does make some good points about some believers’ association with radical Christian Nationalism. Russell Moore is as ecumenical as Eric Metaxas although they approach it from different angles.

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      1. I’m not a fan, but I give Moore credit for opposing the conflation of faith and politics, not a popular viewpoint in this country.


      2. It sounds hypocritical to approve Moore’s views in this article but to not call out how Moore supports more progressive theology and politics. I have been praying a lot that when you retire you will join a local body of believers because you can’t love Christ and not to be part of a body. I know you are very sensitive to anything that looks ecumenical; however, to reject being a part of a local church even if it does things we do not prefer is disobeying Christ. Genuinely praying for you and Corinne.


      3. Thanks for the comments. I’m aware from several discussions in the past that you’re deeply invested in the Christian Nationalist paradigm and take great umbrage to criticisms of it. I fully realize that my views regarding Christian Nationalism are in the minority among Christians living in America.

        RE: hypocritical
        Have you ever referred to a source on a particular issue that you were not 100% in agreement with on all views and doctrines. I’ve referred to Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Charles Spurgeon many times although I don’t agree with them 100% on all of their views and teachings.

        RE: you can’t love Christ and not to be part of a body.
        Hmm. My criticisms of Christian Nationalism now shift to something personal. So I don’t love Christ? You don’t know all of my particulars. I won’t respond eye for an eye.


      4. Thank you for sharing what you think of me! I am not a Christian nationalist. The Lord knows my heart and those who know me and I say with peace in my heart, “I am not a Christian Nationalist!” What I am saying is that we are called to be part of the local church. Yes we call out sin and I appreciate that you spend as much time as you do exposing the state of the Church and Churchianity today. Trust me, I get the church is a mess! We can’t tell Jesus we want Him and then say to leave His wife at home. I did not mean that as a personal attack; I can absolutely see how it came across that way.


  5. Thank you Tom for all your hard work compiling these news .
    Surprised to learn that
    Poland is the most Catholic country
    in the world.
    With the pope nothing surprises me
    Have a blessed Sunday .

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! Poland went through the wringer for 200 years beginning at the end of the 18th century because of its unenviable position between its aggressive neighbors, Russia and Germany/Prussia. Because of the severe persecution, the Polish Catholic church became the repository of the Polish national identity.

      Thank you and have a blessed Sunday as well!

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  6. “Scripture tells us that we are to be ambassadors and emissaries of the Lord and His Kingdom rather than passionately-invested, temporal citizens, yoked together with the unsaved.” I totally agree!

    I didn’t know about the Jericho March. I have to read your post. Eric Metaxas is bad news. He mixes with my former church too. Where is the discernment?

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. I understand that Christians living in America have been force-fed this Christian Nationalist paradigm from pulpits for 400 years, but yeah, how about a little Biblical discernment?
      Billy Graham set the stage, but ecumenism really picked up steam with Falwell’s “Moral Majority” and evangelicalism’s embrace of politics to get Reagan elected.

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