Car advertising hokum

Car dealerships are going through a very tough time right now because of inventory shortages due to the lack of computer chips at the factories. We have a multi-site dealership here in Rochester, Bob Johnson’s, that started out strictly as a Chevrolet franchise, but has been scarfing up less-solvent local dealerships of various automobile makes.

Bob Johnson Chevy came out with a television advertisement jingle twenty years ago that it’s been running ever since. That’s right, for at least twenty years Rochesterians have had to listen to this jingle, sometimes multiple times during a single half-hour television program:

You’ll get more for your money,
You’ll get much greater value,
You’ll talk to kind, courteous people,
Who really care, they’re so sincere,
I recommend them to my family, recommend them to my friends,
They’ve gone way above and beyond my great expectations,
Bob Johnson Chevrolet,
Bob Johnson Chevrolet,
Bob Johnson Chevrolet.

Every adult Rochesterian can sing that catchy ditty blindfolded. The writer deserves a huge bonus.

What annoys me about this commercial jingle is its claim that Bob Johnson’s employees “really care” and …ach!…that they’re “so sincere.” There’s a degree of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” in this self-attestation of caring and sincerity. I have no doubt that BJ’s employees treat their customers with a degree of kindness and courtesy. That’s a must in any type of sales and service company. However, Bob Johnson’s employees are also focused on delivering as much profit to the company as possible. If they did otherwise, they would be quickly replaced.

Car dealerships will take advantage of naive and unknowledgeable customers, both in the selling and servicing of cars. Can a car dealership service manager retain his position without being a bit of a flim-flam artist? Methinks not. I don’t believe for a single second that Bob Johnson’s management and employees are above the stereotypical car dealership scams, despite the “we are so sincere” protestations. I believe that Bob Johnson’s knows that we know that, but they’re counting on the advertising hokum rubbing off on us subliminally.

“As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.” – Romans 3:10

6 thoughts on “Car advertising hokum

  1. Catchy tune indeed! And, it does seem to draw me in there! They look so “sincere” and “caring” to me. 😀
    Last time I bought a car I was armed with the Costco auto discount info. After all the caring and stroking I asked, “can you beat this price?” No.
    Thanks for the peek at Rochester life, trying to get that jingle out my head!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa Beth! I was aiming to sell my sister’s car to Carvana, but they have a policy of not buying from a power-of-attorney person. I went to the dealership where she bought the car and had to play the “let me talk to my boss” game.

      You are now an honorary Rochesterian after listening to the Bob Johnson jingle! Take two aspirin and call the office if the melody persists 🎵.

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  2. Catchy jingle! These are tough times economically and otherwise…I don’t know how many business have been surviving these days, even if things don’t get costly there’s a “shrinkflation” with quantity and quality and I don’t doubt car salesman are in the front with uhm, incomplete info marketing…

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    1. RE: tough times for businesses
      Yeah, when I sold my sister’s car at the dealership, there were zero new cars in the showroom and only a few on the lot.

      I admit it’s very tough being a salesman, pleasing the customer and the boss. But I know service managers and their assistants scam customers on a regular basis. A good friend finally had to quit as a dealership’s service manager because he hated pressuring people to spend money on repairs/maintenance they really didn’t need.

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