2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #2

In my 2021 Leaf Campaign Week #1 kickoff update, published Sunday Nov. 7, I reported that the leaves on our oak trees remained stubbornly affixed to the branches. I had hauled only two tarps of leaves to the curb at that point compared to twenty-five tarps at the same time last year. Not an auspicious start.

Things improved a teeny bit last week. On Monday, I collected the small amount of leaves that had fallen over my work-weekend, just one tarpfull.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had some great weather in Rochester with warm temps and lots of sunshine that began to loosen the leaves’ grip on their branches. There was a noticeable change in the color of the leaves from green to amber-green. A slight breeze periodically blew through the tree tops and a noticeable amount of leaves rained down.

On Thursday morning, I got out my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and corralled three tarpfulls of leaves, making four tarps for week #2 and six tarps so far for the 2021 Campaign. That means there’s still around 54 tarpfulls of leaves still on the trees. Not good. At this time last year, just about all of the leaves had fallen (see photo above).

Postcript: It was cold and wet over the weekend while I was at work and A LOT of leaves came down. Rain is forecast for today and Thursday, so it looks like my window to collect leaves this week is going to be tomorrow and Wednesday.

29 thoughts on “2021 Leaf Campaign – Week #2

    1. Thanks! The backyard was covered with leaves so I started up my leafblower at 11AM and dragged the last tarp, #12 for the day, to the curb at 3PM. The leaves were wet and heavy because of intermittent drizzle and snow. Couch duty from 3:45 to lights out.

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      1. Thanks for the interesting video! We’ve already seen so much good tech come about for believers such as Bible apps and sermons available via podcast and video. Even blogs here at WordPress to share ideas. The AI “monk” at the Buddhist temple was a bit jolting as was Santo the AI saint statue developed in Poland. I’m thinking Catholics will be more open to these kinds of AI aids “down the road” because they already heavily rely on statues and other sacramentals aka religious props.
        It does seem a bit far fetched for people to gather at a temple or church to hear an AI priest deliver a canned sermon/homily when they can get similar content sitting at home via streaming/podcasts/video.

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  1. Responding to your comment: I bet you are super exhausted with your leaf operation! I’m tired from the weekend and not the same kind of tiredness you have, more tied from little sleep. Let me read this post!

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    1. Hope you get to catch up on some sleep! It wasn’t smart to haul 12 tarps in wet weather yesterday, but I feel like I have a much shorter window of opportunity for attacking the leaves this year.

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      1. I think my record is 13 hauls in one day, which I did last year. Too much. Yeah, the leaves and even the tarp were much heavier because of the rain and snow. The tarp is also harder to drag on wet grass as opposed to dry grass.

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    1. Yesterday’s marathon makes 18 tarps total = 30% of campaign done. The leaves are finally coming down at a pretty good clip. I’ll probably be able to collect multiple tarpfulls today and tomorrow. Yeah, I was totally done at this time last year, while I still have 70% of the leaves to contend with this year.

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  2. I’m trying to keep up with the leaves here in the Arkansas woods myself, Tom. I’m on an acre and one-half filled with pine, oak, and hickory trees. Several of the oaks are beautiful trees, one in particular. The pines are pretty awesome too and I love the color of the hickory leaves this time of year.
    I’ve been using the push mower with a grass catcher to take up most of them. I don’t know how many full bags I’ve filled and dumped on the garden but I will have no weeds next spring when it is time to plant tomatoes again. I had a decent crop this year and still have quite a few in the garden. We’ve been down to freezing only one night thus far and the tomatoes made it through. Just in case, I picked all of the larger ones and brought them in even if they were green. Many of them are ripening nicely.
    We’ve got another cold night coming at the end of the week so I’ll probably go out and pick what’s left out there and then I’ll plant garlic.
    Picking up the leaves as I do serves more than one purpose. I get some much needed exercise while accomplishing something helpful at the same time. I do mulch some of the leaves into the yard. It is the only fertilizer I ever use.
    I wish you a good day and God’s blessing…

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    1. Thanks for the “leaf camaraderie,” Chris! I whine about the leaves, but I do enjoy being outside and the exercise is undoubtedly better than sitting on the couch.
      Thanks and have a good rest of your day as well!

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      1. You’re welcome, Tom. When I was a kid I used to love to cut the lawn. After I got old enough to do it safely, I don’t think my Dad ever had to do it again. I was the oldest of four boys so they picked up where I left off.
        For some odd reason, I haven’t had that same feeling about my own yard until this year. I have a rider but why use that when I can get a good walk in and chop up leaves and grass for the garden?
        Our mild weather has lasted longer than it does in many years so I have had the chance to get some other stuff done as well.
        Thank you for your kind words.
        God’s blessings…

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