Legion #5: “A Choice of Destinies”

It’s the start of a new month so time for some comics frivolity. Let’s board our time bubble for another adventure with that crime fighting team of the 31st Century, the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Legion of Super-Heroes #5: A Choice of Destinies
Writer: Paul Levitz, Pencillers: Yildiray Cinar and Francis Portela
DC Comics, November 2010

5 Stars


On Earth, a starliner transport crashes into a Titanfall refugee camp, but was it an accident? A Legion contingent of Colossal Boy, Sensor Girl, Sun Boy, and Timber Wolf responds to the crisis, but the situation quickly goes from bad to worse when an army of Earth Firsters attacks.

On Naltor, Dream Girl, Dawnstar, and Gates watch as Dyogene arrives and selects Professor Harmonia Li of the Time Institute as the next Green Lantern. She angrily declines, but…

Back on Earth, the small Legion squad valiantly battles the xeno army, but are close to defeat until Earth Man suddenly shows up with a squad of reinforcements – Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, Phantom Girl, Quislet, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, Tellus, and Ultra Boy – and the Earth Firsters are subdued.

Confident that the other Legionnaires can handle the xeno army, Brainiac 5 remains at Legion HQ and continues repairing the Time Bubble recently used hard by the Ranzzes, assisted by his former teacher, Chronarch.

The anticipated conspiratorial attack against Earth begins as a shape-shifting Durlan takes the form of Science Police Chief Zendek.

Earth Man leads the Science Police to the xeno leaders responsible for the assault on the refugee camp. Impressed by his demonstrated loyalty to the Legion, Shady throws caution to the wind and begins a romantic relationship with enigmatic Earth Man.


Levitz continues some interesting plot lines with this issue. Is the unpredictable Earth Man sincere in his loyalties to the Legion or is it all a deception meant to gain the trust of the heroes? Will Professor Li end up accepting the Green Lantern ring? Then what? How far will the Durlans get in their clandestine attack against Earth?

I enjoyed this issue a lot. There’s actually some decent character development interspersed amongst the action. It was comical watching Brainy react jealously to Chronarch’s praise of Professor Li. Last issue, I pondered when Levitz would introduce the three remaining unnamed Legionnaires and we saw Violet in this story, leaving two others yet to be revealed.

14 thoughts on “Legion #5: “A Choice of Destinies”

      1. Indeed it’s becoming also a long time since I went overseas and I saw wonder if I can ever go back to certain countries again with politics, Covid and increase surveillance

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      2. Yeah, travel’s getting more iffy. Our son was going to return to ROC after retiring from the AF in 2023 because he doesn’t like the heat in Florida, but he hooked up with a girlfriend whose parents live close to her in Tampa. She’s not going to want to move to ROC.

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  1. Earth Firsters Sounds like thinly veiled reference to MAGA type nationalists?
    Seems there is a lot more setting of action with this LSH issue with earth or concerning the Earth! Love you making bold the names of characters brother! Love also the mystery of Earth Man

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    1. I believe you’re right about the thinly-veiled reference to anti-immigrant nationalists. This comic was written in 2010, one year after the rise of the Tea Party. Yup, Earth was definitely the focus in this “interlude” issue.
      Thanks, man! I highlight the Legion members’ names because I realize the large Legion roster is tough on non-fans. RE: Earth Man
      Great suspense. I’m expecting Earth Man to betray the Legion and rejoin the Earth Firsters soon.

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      1. Thanks! These LSH reviews will be monthly. I have 75 LSH comics left to review from that 2010-2013 time period so I’ll be writing monthly reviews for the next six years!

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