Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #107

Today, in our ongoing “Truth from Arkansas” series, we have a new sermon from the brethren down under.

Pastor Roger Copeland of Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana, preaches from Luke 15 on “God’s Lost & Found.” This sermon was delivered on Sunday, October 10th.

Pastor Roger Copeland – God’s Lost & Found – Sermon begins at 16:30 mark.

17 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #107

  1. Love the opening with the lost phone when the guy is one it! Good opening!
    Love also Luke 15!
    I also like the preacher’s application question if we get jealous when others succeed. May it never be!
    I love hearing the parable of the Prodigal Son no matter how many times I hear others preach it and teach on it! SO thanks!
    Powerful ending…very Gospel driven to call people to trust in Jesus. Love it

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      1. Thanks! Between Northern Hills sometimes neglecting to upload their sermons to YouTube and Wally not being able to regularly record and upload his church’s sermons, the Tuesday Arkansas sermon series is no longer routine.

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