Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/23/21

Pope Francis has mandated that all Vatican employees, including the Swiss Guards, must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and he’s not allowing any religious exemptions. In contrast, Timothy P. Broglio, Catholic archbishop for the Military Services USA, has issued a statement encouraging Catholic military personnel to claim a religious exemption if they are troubled that cell lines of pre-borns aborted decades ago were used in the development of the vaccines. I’m all for vaccine mandates. Vaccines don’t work if not enough people get them, as we saw with the C-19 surges this past summer. Vaccine mandates are nothing new. General George Washington issued an order in February 1777 requiring that the entire Continental Army be vaccinated for smallpox. Massachusetts set precedent in the 1850s by requiring all public school students be inoculated to slow the spread of smallpox. Since then, vaccinations for measles, meningitis, polio, chickenpox, whooping cough, and hepatitis have been required for students across the nation for decades. My employer, a military contractor, has mandated that all employees be vaccinated for C-19 by December 8th or they will be terminated. The majority of people in my department are saying they will forfeit their job rather than get vaccinated. A friend at work misguidedly believes the vaccines are the “mark of the beast” and is attempting to get a religious exemption.

In the diocese of Catania in Sicily, the birthplace of the “mafia,” the Catholic bishop has suspended the practice of including godparents at infant baptisms. Sicilian families often select the local mafia “dons” as godfathers in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with the mob bosses. As in all of Catholicism, religious ritualism and ceremonialism are highly revered, but there is no sign of the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. Infant baptism is contrary to the Bible and the Catholic tradition of godparents is a sham (see here). Trivia note: The word “mafia” derives from the Sicilian adjective “mafiusu,” which, roughly translated, means swagger/boldness/bravado.

Although recent popes have specifically stated that women will never be allowed to be priests, social pressures are moving the RCC in that direction. The New Testament declares that sacerdotal priestcraft was ended by Jesus Christ (see here).

In contrast to the U.S. Catholic bishops, who are in the process of formulating policy to deny the Jesus wafer to Catholic politicians who support abortion genocide, pope Francis will be meeting privately with abortion supporter, President Joe Biden, on October 29th during his visit to Rome for the G20 Summit. The two will undoubtedly be discussing the advancement of progressive political initiatives.

The missionaries abducted in Haiti are affiliated with Christian Aid Ministries run by the Amish and Mennonites. Let’s pray for their safe release.

Owning a business today means bending the knee to LGBTQ+ social engineering or being sued or fined.

Lol! We can laugh, but the LGBTQ+ crusaders are deadly serious.

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/23/21

    1. Thanks, David. I remember that post and agree that according to Scripture the mark of the beast will be required after the Antichrist is revealed but my friend believes this has to be the MOTB because employment and the abilities to buy and sell are being affected.

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    1. RE: co-worker.

      He has a letter from his pastor and is by far the hardest worker in the department so it will be interesting to see if he gets a religious exemption.

      Biden and the pope are on the same page religiously and politically so it will be a lot of backslapping. I think the pope is using this meeting to demonstrate to anti-Biden conservative American bishops that he supports Biden 100%.

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  1. 1. Wow Catholic Swiss guard not listening to the Pope with the vax? What a time we are living in.
    2. Social pressure with female priests might also have the support of the reality of lack of priests…
    3. Didn’t know the origin of the name of Mafia!
    4. Sad to hear about the situation with Hobby Lobby; prayed for them jsut now!
    5. Those hostage takers need to be careful; with the US out of Afghanistan and Iraq our Tier 1 Special Operators are freed from a busy rotation schedule; they were originally formed to rescue hotages; won’t be surprised if SEALs or Delta kicked down the door to rescue these hostages…

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Pope and Swiss guard
      So many Catholics defying the pope these days.

      RE: Social pressure and women priests
      Good point about shortage of priests being a factor in ordaining women. A couple of years ago the pope wouldn’t cave to ordaining married men in the Amazon when many thought he would. But the priest shortage “crisis” is unrelenting.

      RE: mafia
      I didn’t know the meaning either until I did a little googling after reading the article.

      RE: missionaries
      Good insights. Yeah, I’m sure special ops already has a plan in place.

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      1. I wonder if the priest shortage will also contribute to the liberalizing of Roman Catholicism too in other ways such as less rigor for the priesthood; either way left or right wing all the spectrum needs the Gospel

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      2. Good thought. The RCC is in deep crisis because the religion is so dependent on the shrinking number of priests. Pope Francis just began a two-year church-wide synodal process in an attempt to get more lay participation.

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  2. Oh, boy. Mr. Biden is meeting with the pope tomorrow. Looking forward to all the wonderful progress that comes from that event.
    Years ago I saw a short documentary on how they make the uniforms for the Swiss Guards. No expense is neglected. The picture you’ve posted makes them look nicer than I remember, Tom.
    They have been made the same way for years.

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    1. Biden and Bergoglio don’t need to discuss much because they’re already in agreement on most issues.
      That documentary about the Swiss Guard sounds interesting. Another worldly Catholic tradition without Biblical support. We can’t imagine the apostles Peter or Paul with a formal military guard.

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      1. So true, Tom. Biden and the pope seem on the same page.
        I can’t imagine an angel of God leading a Swiss Guard out of a jail just because he was wearing some fancy (some would say clownish) garb.

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      2. Thanks, Chris. It’s absolutely impossible to imagine the apostles and the New Testament church as described in Acts and in the epistles in the context of the Vatican.

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