Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/18/21

Pope Francis’ recent clampdown on the Latin mass continues to draw the ire of conservative and traditionalist Catholics. I became an altar boy while in fifth grade and had to memorize all of the Latin responses for the mass liturgy. When I was in seventh or eighth grade the parish switched over to the “Novus Ordo” English mass liturgy. This article reminded me of the very popular joke told by Catholic children when all masses were said in Latin and phone numbers at the time had word prefixes:

Question: What’s God’s phone number?
Answer: Et cum spirit 2-2-0.

That was a play upon the Latin exchange between priest and congregation at mass:

Priest: Dominus vobiscum (The Lord be with you)
Congregants: Et cum spiritu tuo (And with your spirit)

Funny yet sad because we Catholic children never heard the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone at mass or at parochial school.

Catholic priest and chaplain of the NYFD, Mychal Judge, was the first recorded casualty of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Judge had worked with HIV patients and was open about his homosexuality. Those advancing the LGBT agenda within the RCC are pressing the Vatican to canonize Judge.

It’s interesting how future-pope, cardinal Jorge Bergoglio’s rise in status within the RCC hierarchy was partly the result of the reaction to 9/11.

When I was a young student at a Catholic parochial school back in the 1960s, the nuns regularly held up Ireland as a wonderful Catholic country where people took their religion very seriously. Irish public sentiment turned radically against the church with revelations of widespread abuse at church-run residences for unmarried mothers and their children.

The conflation of faith and nationalism has been an extremely popular paradigm in America ever since the Puritans established the Massachusetts Bay Colony four-hundred years ago.

Back on August 30th, 2020, influential pastor, John MacArthur, of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles declared from the pulpit that “there is no (COVID-19) pandemic.” In the same statement, he told his congregation that public health safety mandates were largely a demonic-orchestrated effort “to shut down churches that preach the gospel.” Use of PPE and social distancing were discouraged at the church and associated ministries. Last December and January, Pastor MacArthur was absent from the pulpit for several weeks. It was announced that MacArthur just needed some rest and was preparing for a conference. On August 29th, 2021, MacArthur admitted to his congregation for the first time that the real reason for his extended absence eight months previous was because he had contracted the COVID-19 virus. That information had been deliberately suppressed in an effort to sustain the “there is no pandemic” paradigm at GCC. Such calculated deception is not praiseworthy.

Back on July 4th, I reported that Joe Burress, my former pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Henrietta, New York was arrested for sexually abusing two children and pled guilty to one charge (see here). On September 2nd, Burress was “sentenced” to six years of sex offender probation. Probation? People are routinely sent to jail/prison for crimes much less serious than the sexual abuse of children.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/18/21

  1. Thanks for highlighting this variety of issues. Disgusting and outrageous “sentence” that “Pastor” got. The lifetime psychological effects left on children are horrific. Which brings to mind the abuse of children by clerics here in Ireland… no, it’s hardly surprising that people are becoming secular now. We can only reach out and be faithful witnesses of our Saviour who loves them. On the issue of McArthur and his attitude… unfortunately I have seen this same scenario played out in so called Evangelical circles… but more so north of the border. There has been a high uptake of the vaccine amongst people in the Republic of Ireland and therefore currently many less deaths per head of population than up north. The attitude of many “evangelicals” in the past couple of years has been far from exemplary.

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m bewildered at the pastor getting just probation. Hard to understand.
      Regrettably many believers bought into conspiracy theories in connection with the pandemic, bringing disrepute upon the Gospel.

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  2. John MacArthur definitely went too far in belittling the seriousness of Covid-19. It’s even worse that he covered up his illness at the time he had it, and that the church contrived the deception they did to cover it up. I’m sure he, and they, have learned from the experience. Thanks for posting this very intriguing item, Tom.

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    1. Thanks, David. I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water because MacArthur has done tremendous good in 50+ years of ministry, but he didn’t do well with regards to the pandemic.

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  3. Thank you always for sharing these things about the RCC that clearly go against the One True God!! 🙏🏻❤️
    I haven’t read it fully yet but will!!!

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  4. Good Round Up Tom. I have to agree with David, re John MacArthur. I now firmly believe that too much notoriety contaminates a ministry, pride aeeps into the pulpit.
    When the church grows to be a business, the Holy Spirit is no longer in charge but trustees, board of directors, and legal advisors.
    “Such calculated deception is not praiseworthy.” You said it brother.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa Beth! Many pastors got drawn into pandemic denial and conspiracy theories but MacArthur’s denial and subsequent cover-up was very, very bad. He influenced many.

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      1. Tom, I’ve been in ministries and seen n others that a pastor or leader’s intense popularity and financial wealth pumps up his flesh. They lose godly discernment and humility and lose the favor of God. It is a sad progression.
        Those around him will spin stories to explain indiscretions and sin….I was in such an international ministries and with disbelief and heartbreak, watched it implode.

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      2. Thanks, Lisa Beth. Someone at Grace Community Church should press John MacArthur and the rest of the leadership on why the C-19 outbreak there was covered up, including the official alibi that JMac was resting during his absence. Deceit has no place in ministry. But I doubt anyone will speak up. MacArthur endangered his entire congregation and himself with his “there is no pandemic” madness.

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  5. 1. Funny joke!
    2. “When I was in seventh or eighth grade the parish switched over to the “Novus Ordo” English mass liturgy.” This reminds me what my mother in law tells me of how she saw the change in Romanism…one of the reason why she left and became a Born Again believer.
    3. Wow a L*bT Catholic saint?? Crazy. I know its not yet but won’t be surprised it will be soon possible…
    4. Wow didn’t know JMac got the Rona.
    5. I do think crimes against others involving sex and position of authority should have a higher penalty…I mean back in the OT time it was a death penalty to show us how severe God think of it

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: joke
      Waiting for and listening to the “joke” at Latin mass was the only enjoyable part of the painfully boring ritual for us kids.

      RE: changes
      Yes, there were so many changes resulting from the Second Vatican Council. It was very disconcerting for many. Glad your MIL was saved!

      RE: gay priest- 9/11
      I noticed several flattering references to Judge as part of the 9/11 commemorations on TV.

      RE: JMac and C-19
      I suspected JMac had contracted C-19 when he was absent for several weeks at the start of the year. I’m not a fan of how he reacted to the pandemic with this cover-up and in general.

      RE: probation
      The criminal justice system is a mess for this abuser to go scott free with six years probation.

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      1. Wow Judges spoken favorably on 911 commeration? That would up the incentive of Roman Catholicism to make him a saint…you’re right criminal justice system a problem. I didn’t know JMac got sick and I remember last summer they said almost no one got Covid

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      2. Thanks, brother. Hope you’re having a good Sunday! Hope you had enough time to do sermon prep. Getting back from vacation and dealing with the time zone change had to be disconcerting. I’m a bit behind on WordPress because of work but I’ll get caught up tomorrow.

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  6. Tom, I must admit a “gay RCC saint” never crossed my mind. We sure live in crazy days!!
    The article for point number three was interesting to read.
    I agree with David’s comment on point number six.
    Thank you Tom. Another informative weekend roundup.

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  7. A gay saint totally fits the narrative. Perhaps this will bring a true split to the RCC?! I agree with your stance on JMac and I also thought he had Covid earlier this year. JMac knows better than to lie and deceive others. I will confess, I have been wondering if JMac would call for his congregants to pick up arms when persecution comes rather than endure/persevere and trust God.

    Come on Chargers! How was work?!

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    1. Yup, I can easily foresee the unrelenting rainbow steamroller eventually causing a split within the RCC.

      I’m very disappointed in JMac and his reaction to the pandemic. The denial and deception/cover-up are manifestations of a cultish mentality at GCC as bad as what I experienced when I was in the IFB. I used to regularly listen to JMac’s sermons and read his books but I cut all ties after August 2020.

      Argh. Both the Eagles and the Chargers took it on the chin yesterday. It was a good work weekend, thanks! For the 2nd weekend in a row the workload was manageable. How was your weekend?

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      1. I have never been a MacArthur “fan.” I do not like his arrogance in both his written and verbal communication. Not being a MacArthur supporter for many, many years has definitely put me at odds with many folks. My Greek professor attended Master’s for a semester than transferred. He found it disingenuous that it’s MacArthur’s name on the front of his books but he isn’t the one who writes them. In all fairness, JMac isn’t the only one who does this (Chuck Swindoll also) and it’s a stain on the name of Christ. They could at least make references to those who write, help with research, transcribe sermons somewhere.

        Yeah, rough day for football for sure! So glad you had another good weekend at work! I was praying for Corinne on my walk this morning. I know I get more stiff when the seasons change and I cannot imagine how much more so for Corinne. Are you mowing today?!

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      2. Yup, I understand what you’re saying about JMac’s arrogance. It’s the standard “style” within the IFB that he came out of. The Babylon Bee did a funny satire on JMac’s arrogance back when I used to read it. The thing that I really appreciated about JMac was his uncompromising stand against Roman Catholicism and ecumenism.

        I mowed the front yard before my weekly zoom call with my oldest sister regarding the status of my sister-with-dementia’s house sale. The paralegal is coming over tomorrow for me to sign the papers and the closing should be very soon.
        Thanks about work! And thanks for your prayers about Corinne. She hasn’t complained about feeling worse in the cold weather. The discomfort is in her head, neck, and back and it seems to be a year-round thing rather than something that’s aggravated by cold weather.

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  8. “Et cum spiritu tuo” … what a blast from the past! I had all but forgotten those words. Billy also was an altar boy. I can’t say it enough, how wonderful it is to be out of that system. Thanks for another roundup Tom.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. Anticipating and hearing “God’s phone number” during the Latin mass was the only satisfying part of sitting through the hour-long ordeal. Looking back, I’m mystified at why I became an altar boy and even wanted to be a priest when I was in 3rd and 4th grade. It’s not that I was a particularly “pious” child, but I think I was attracted to all of the pomp and ceremony. Yes, how wonderful it is to be out of the snake pit.

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